Catalogue of the Trustees, Officers, Alumni and Matriculates of the University of Georgia at Athens, Georgia, 1785-1906

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As early as 1853 the University of Georgia started issuing a listing of faculty, officers and graduates, entirely printed in Latin. The work was periodically reissued with more recent graduates being added. By the time the last issue appeared in 1906, the Catalogue of the Trustees, Officers, Alumni and Matriculates was being published in convenient English and had accumulated a wealth of biographical information about the men associated with more than 100 years of the institution’s history.

Officers and faculty of the University are listed in the first 16 pages of the Catalogue, followed by graduates and matriculates arranged by class. To find the class year of an individual, check under their name in the student index beginning on page 209. A listing of honorary degrees granted will be found on page 204.

The 1906 Catalogue complements the Centennial Alumni Catalog of 1901. The 1906 publication includes more individuals, while the 1901 offers greater detail about those listed. Researchers would be well advised to check both publications. 

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