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Audience of the Digital Library of Georgia

In order to guide the activities of the Digital Library of Georgia, the following audiences or market segments have been defined.

Casual User

Similar to a museum visitor viewing an exhibit, or the library patron browsing the stacks, seeking general information, or recreational reading or viewing materials. Casual users are usually interested in browsing for information.

Student/K-12/Lifelong Learner

This group is usually seeking information for a specific purpose to support their learning goals, advance their career, or for general enlightenment. This group includes undergraduate and graduate college and university students and students in grades K-12, as well as teachers and instructors who may be using digitized resources in the classroom.

Information Seeker/Hobbyist

The hobbyist or information seeker desires more in-depth information on a particular topic. This group includes genealogists, amateur historians, and others who desire information on a narrowly defined topic or set of topics. This class of users is interested in searching for specific information.


The scholar or researcher desires in-depth information to support scholarship and research in support of scholarly publication.

Government/Business Community

The government or business community is interested in obtaining information to support government activities or business initiatives.

The development of this document was guided by work done by the Colorado Digitization Program

July, 2001