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Digitization Nomination Form

The Digital Library of Georgia is currently building a list of potential materials or collections that may be digitized in the future. All suggestions are welcomed via this form. Selections of materials or collections to digitize will be made in accordance with the Digital Library of Georgia's Collection Development Policy and will depend on the availability of resources and funding.

1. Collection Name: Name of collection, materials, or item(s) proposed for digitization (include dates):

Repository Name: Name of repository where they are held:

Repository Contact: Name of a contact at the holding repository and telephone number:

2. Collection Type: Type of collection, materials, or items(s) (Check all that apply.)

Manuscript (handwritten documents, letters, etc.)
Typescript (typewritten documents)
Other (Please describe in detail below)

Collection Type Details: If photographs or Maps/Broadsides/Posters is checked for question 2, provide the type and average size. If audio or video is checked, provide specific information on the format (tape, record, disc, etc.), technical aspects of the format (size of tape or disc, playing speed, etc.), and equipment needed to play the format.

3. Collection Information: Information about the collection, materials, or items(s) proposed (indicate extent of the collection/number of items, date or date range, creator, the collection and/or series names, box, folder, and/or item control numbers or equivalent, and bibliographic citation or other information).

Collection Metadata: Is the collection, materials, or items(s) described by:

A catalog record in GIL or another system?
A finding aid?
Another descriptive format or record(s)? Please describe:

4. Publication Status: Are the materials

Published? Date(s) of publication:

5. Transcription Information: Does a transcription of the materials exist in paper or electronic form? If in electronic form, please list the format.

6. Nomination Reason: Describe why the materials are important, who might want to use them in a digital form, and what usages are likely if they are digitized.

7. Restrictions: Indicate if you are aware of any reason that the materials should not be digitized, such as copyright or other legal restrictions, contractual, or ethical reasons, or issues of cultural sensitivity.

8. Preservation Concerns: Are there any preservation concerns associated with the collection? (Rapidly deteriorating materials or formats, materials that require special handling, etc.)

9. Skills: Please indicate if you have any special knowledge or skills that might be shared during the selection process - can you provide descriptive information, historical background, or are you aware of potential funding sources or other digital projects working with similar materials?

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