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Georgia Biography -- Scientists and Doctors

  • Benjamin Hunt (1847-1934)
    Hunt was a pioneer of scientific agricultural techniques and livestock care in Georgia.
  • Crawford Long (1815-1878)
    Danielsville native Crawford is credited as the discoverer of anesthesia; he was the first to use sulfuric ether to prepare patients for surgery.
  • Raphael Moses (1812-1893)
    Moses was a high-ranking Confederate supply officer, and the first man to successfully grow peaches for export from Georgia.
  • Henry Clay White (1848-1927)
    An internationally-recognized chemist and university administrator, White was a Georgia agricultural science pioneer.
  • Jasper Guy Woodroof (1900-1998)
    Woodroof made seminal contributions to food science during his long and distinguished career in the field. He was also the first president of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.
  • Naomi Chapman Woodroof (1900-1989)
    Naomi Woodroof was best known for groundbreaking studies that greatly enhanched crop yields in peanuts.