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Georgia Reference Shelf: Criteria for Resource Selection

April 21, 2005

The DLG Georgia Reference Shelf connects users to an online collection of ready reference materials pertaining to the state of Georgia, and particularly to its history and culture.

The DLG Georgia Reference Shelf provides answers to Georgia-related questions, and helps users to interpret and understand the primary sources and other types of collections that comprise the Digital Library of Georgia.

Resources chosen for the ready reference shelf should:

  • Provide general information about Georgia history, culture, geography, government, and related topics.

  • Support the use of DLG collections by providing supplemental and reference information to foster their efficient use.

  • Highlight Georgia Government Publications resources of particular public interest and usefulness.

  • Serve the mission of the Georgia HomePLACE initiative by providing links to relevant state and local history resources, as well as Web content on family history.

The content categories applied to these resources should meet the same criteria.

The Digital Library of Georgia gives preference to resources published or hosted by authoritative sources, such as educational and cultural institutions, governmental agencies, and other well-established organizations.

The Digital Library of Georgia will continue to add content categories and individual resources as needed, based on the discovery of new web-based content by DLG personnel and through the suggestions of other stakeholders.