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Georgia State Government

General Resources
  • Georgia Government Publications Database
    The GGP database contains more than 20,000 publications of agencies within the Georgia state government, covering the years 1994 to the present.

  • Georgia.gov
    Gateway to Georgia state government web sites and information; includes selected resources on federal, county and local government.

  • Georgia Info - Voter Information
    Includes information on voting requirements, election dates, election results, and election districts.

  • Georgia Info - Government Information
    Contains electronic versions of the state Constitution and Georgia Code, as well as extensive links to government web sites and information for each branch of state government.

Executive Branch
  • Georgia Governor's Office
    Site contains biographical information, press releases, executive orders and proclamations, and information about gubernatorial intiatives and activities.

  • Georgia Secretary of State
    The Secretary of State regulates securities, businesses and incorporation, grants professional licensure, oversees elections, and maintains the state archives.

  • Office of the Attorney General
    Available resources include press releases and information on special intitiatives such as open government and consumer protection;site includes searchable database of attorney general's legal opinions from 1994 to present.

  • Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture
    The commissioner regulates and encourages the production of agricultural products in Georgia; site includes market bulletins, food safety information, press releases, and technical information.

  • Georgia Commissioner of Insurance
    Office protects consumers and regulates fire professionals and the insurance industry. Site visitors may view information on and submit complaints about insurance providers.

  • Georgia Commissioner of Labor
    Resources for job seekers, employers, and workforce professionals, including unemployment and disability information, labor market information, and tax and wage forms, data, and filing.

  • Georgia Department of Education
    The state Department of Education web site offers information about curriculum and instruction, student testing, state regulations, and a broad variety of other topics.

  • Georgia Public Service Commission
    The Commission oversees consumer's rights to safe and reasonably priced utilities; site includes information for private citizens as well as service providers.

Legislative Branch
  • Georgia General Assembly
    Site includes the Georgia Code online, House and Senate member directories, reports and press releases; user may search legislation from 1995 to present.

Judicial Branch
  • Judical Branch of Georgia
    Home page for state courts of all levels; site has links to directories, court rules, press releases, individual court websites, and other useful information.

  • Georgia Supreme Court
    Current docket information, opinions of the court from 2004 to the present, justice biographies, and other resources are available online.

  • Court of Appeals
    Site includes calendar of pending appeals, past opinions of the court (since 2003), caseload statistics, information on judges, and information for citizens wishing to file appeals.