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Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1899-1911

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1899-1911

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[handwritten text: Jan. [January] 1906 ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The regular meeting of the Club was held Jan. [January] 29, the President presiding -- The Secretary's report was read and received. The Treasurer's report showed $10.35 in the treasury. ]

[handwritten text: The Secretary was directed to write to Miss Carlton that after the present scholastic year the Club would not be able to assume any responsibility of providing material for employment of the children. Owing to the absence of Mrs. Hill, Mrs. E. B. Smith was chosen Chairman -- ( [Latin: pro-tem [tempore] ] ) of the Current Topics Section. ]

[handwritten text: The subject of the school at Rabun Gap was again discussed and the club again decided to help in its support. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Tom. Dozier was received as a member. ]

[handwritten text: E. J. Watt ]

[handwritten text: Feb. [February] 1906 ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The regular meeting of the Club was held in Feb. [February] the President in the chair. ]

[handwritten text: The report of the Secretary was read and received. ]

[handwritten text: The report of the Treasurer showed $15.85 in the Treasury. ]

[handwritten text: The request from the President of the Federation for an appropriation for the Model School work at Danielsville, Floyd County and Cass Station already supported by the Clubs of the state was read and it was voted that $15 the usual amount be appropriated for that pu [added text: r ] pose. ]

[handwritten text: The President reported that Dr. White would addres [address] the Club on [deleted text (overstrike): d ] the following Thursday -- ]

[handwritten text: E. J. Watt. ]

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[handwritten text: Mar [March] 1906 ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The regular meeting of the Club was held in March the President in the chair. ]

[handwritten text: After the reading of the minutes the President introduced Mrs. Ritchie of the Rabun Gap school who addressed the meeting in the interest of the work there. ]

[handwritten text: E J Watt. ]

[handwritten text: Apr. [April] 1906. ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The regular meeting of the Club was held Apr. [April] 23, the President presiding -- The report of the Secretary was read and received. ]

[handwritten text: The report of the Treasurer, showing a balance of 85 cts. [cents] in treasury was received. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. White, Chairman of Kindergarten Committee reported that the work in East Athens had been endorsed by Prof. [Professor] Bond and that an effort would immediately be made to secure help from the Public School Board of Education in order to establish another Kindergarten in the vicinity of the Batting Mill. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hoke, representing the Art Section urged that a committee, from the Club be appointed to petition the City Council to buy the lot of land at the junction of Meigs St. [Street] and Prince Av. [Avenue] that it may be used by the city for a Park. The President appointed the members present a Committee to [added text (appears to be different ink): present request to the Council. ] ]

[handwritten text: [added text (appears to be different ink): Mrs. Lipscomb stated that the piano which she had secured from the Knabe Co [Company] would be presented to the Raban Gap school as her gift. ] ]

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[handwritten text: [added text (appears to be different ink): Mrs. Peebles reported that $20 had been sent by the Club for the same school. The discussion of plan by which $80 could be raised for this school resulted in the appointment of a committee composed of Mrs. White, Mrs. Hoke and Miss Shepperson to confer with the D.C.'s in regard to securing their cooperation. ] ]

[handwritten text: [added text (appears to be different ink): Miss Parrish and Mrs. Ed. Dorsey were elected delegates to the Congress of Mothers convening in Atlanta. ] ]

[handwritten text: [added text (appears to be different ink): The President urged that the Mothers' Club of the Normal School be federated. ] ]

[handwritten text: [added text (appears to be different ink): By vote the Club decided to withdraw from the General Federation, and retain membership only in the State Federation ] ]

[handwritten text: [added text (appears to be different ink and hand): E. J. Watt
Sec. [Secretary] ] ]

[handwritten text: May 1906 ] [View the meeting summary] [View Progressive Era events from this month]

[handwritten text: The last meeting before disbanding for the Summer was held on 4th Monday Miss Woodberry presiding -- ]

[handwritten text: Minutes read and approved. ]

[handwritten text: Treasurer was absent but Pres. [President] reported that the $20.00 sent Mr. Ritchie was gratefully acknowledged. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hoke reported from the Art Section-- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Taylor was appointed by the president, chairman of the Civic improvement section. ]

[handwritten text: It was was [was] decided to petition the Mayor and Council to clean the streets immediately. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Mure gave an account of the work of the Civic Club in Charleston-- ]

[handwritten text: Pres. [President] spoke of the hearty endorsement given Mr. Ritchie

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by the women of Atlanta. ]

[handwritten text: Word was received from Mrs. White that there was every prospect of the establishment of a Kindergarten in West Athens. ]

[handwritten text: Pres. [President] appointed Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Dorsey & Mrs. Hoke to present nominations for new officers as a result the following nominees were elected Mrs. H. C. White Pres. [President]
Miss Woodberry Vice Pres. [President]
Mrs. John Moss Cor. [Corresponding] & Rec. Sec. [Recording Secretary]
Mrs. Peeples Treas. [Treasurer]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hoke
Sec. [Secretary] [Latin: pro tem. [tempore] ] ]

[View the meeting summary][handwritten text: [added text (appears to be different ink and hand): October 22. 1906 ] The first Autumn meeting of A.W.C. was called to order by Mrs. H. C. White at 4 o 'clock, in her home ]

[handwritten text: After a few words of graceful acknowledgement of her election to the presidency the Pres. [President] went into the business of the hour. ]

[handwritten text: Minutes read & approved ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Taylor reported some progress for Civic Section. Mrs H. C Conway & Miss Woodberry were elected delegates to the Macon Convention with Mrs S. V. Sanford & Miss Mary Lyndon alternates. ]

[handwritten text: Treas. [Treasurer] reported bal [balance] -- .40 ]

[handwritten text: Account of the establishment of the West Athens Kindergarten followed it being the direct result of the work of Mrs. White & Mrs. Conway -- $192.73 had been

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expended and there is a donation of $500.00 and a lot for a permanent building. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Bryan gave an interesting outline of her work as Kindergartner -- ]

[handwritten text: Miss Marion Carlton gave a brief account of her efforts in child-training in the East Athens Kindergarten . ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Rhodes Brown of Columbus, Ga. [Georgia] spoke of the work of the clubs in her city -- The following committees were appointed


Mrs. H. C. Conway
" [Mrs.] Crawford
" [Mrs.] Welch
" [Mrs.] Hart
" [Mrs.] Sanford
Miss Lane

Current Topics

Miss Woodberry


Mrs. Lipscomb
Mrs. Crawford

Letters & Art

Mrs. J. J. Strickland

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. D. Moss Sec. [Secretary] ]

[handwritten text:

Nov. [November] 28 Treasurer's report.
Bal. [Balance] in bank.40 
Paid to Mrs Lipscomb20.00Federation
Fed [Federation] dues3.00. 
Bal [Balance] 2.50 


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[handwritten text: [deleted text (overstrike): Dec. [December] ] [added text (appears to be different ink and hand): 1906 ] ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: Pres. [President] in chair. Minutes read and approved -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Conway's Kindergarten report read by Mrs. White -- $14.33 had been expended for improvements and refreshments in the West Athens Kindergarten during the month. The school opened in Sept. [September] now has 36 enrolled with 26 regular attendants. Miss Sadie Nolan is giving her services for the training she gets. ]

[handwritten text: Thanksgiving exercises were pleasing. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Rosa Woodberry told of the Federation at Macon -- ]

[handwritten text: The Christmas trees for the two Kindergartens were discussed -- ]

[handwritten text: Club adjourned to meet in January. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. D. Moss Sec. [Secretary] ]

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