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Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1899-1911

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1899-1911

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[handwritten text: January 28 -- 1907 ]. [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: Mrs. White presiding -- minutes & usual reports accepted ]

[handwritten text: December Kindergarten collections $109.45 -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb talked on rural schools & the libraries for them -- Feb. [February] 22 -- has been adopted by Ga. [Georgia] Federation of Clubs as Library Day and on that day all club members are expected to lend one or more well-selected books for these rural school libraries -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb spoke also of Barbecue Day having been adopted as a feature of

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the work April 20 having been selected for this festivity -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Thos. Dixon was asked to speak of her husband and his work -- This she did quite charmingly -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Levington then spoke in most delightful and graphic manner of Australia -- ]

[handwritten text: Very delicious refreshments were served at the close of the program. ]

[handwritten text:

Treas. [Treasurer] report.
Amt [Amount] in bank5.50
Pd. [Paid] Fears (crackers)7.10
Brandt (gold buckle)3.00
Bal. [Balance] --6.40


[handwritten text: Mrs. J. D. Moss Sec. [Secretary] ]

[handwritten text: Feb. [February] 25 [added text (appears to be different ink and hand): 1907 ] ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: Mrs. White called club to order -- after minutes & treas [treasurer] ' -- report ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Taylor chairman Civic Section reported notable progress -- ]

[handwritten text: The Street committee from City Council had met with her and promised an extra garbage wagon if the demand were great enough to warrant it. -- Mrs. White spoke with enthusiasm of the meeting of Club presidents 57 out of the 75 clubs in the state having been represented -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb spoke of the proposed Christmas Bazar [Bazaar] in Atlanta, the proceeds of which will go to the rural schools. ]

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[handwritten text: Mrs. White reported 250 books sent in on Feb. [February] 22 and more to come. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Conway reported $56.00 Kindergarten fund -- Expended 45.00 leaving $10.00 -- ]

[handwritten text: Prof. [Professor] Sylvanus Morris arrived and was presented to Club -- His lecture on the heroic epic Izdubar was most edifying -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. John D. Moss Sec. [Secretary] ]

[handwritten text: Mar. [March] 26. [added text (appears to be different ink and hand): 1907 ] ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: Club met at usual hour -- ]

[handwritten text: Pres. [President] in chair. ]

[handwritten text: Minutes adopted -- ]

[handwritten text: Kindergarten fund $110.89 -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs White reported 500 books sent in on Library Day -- They were shipped to Mr. Ayers for the Danielsville school. It was decided to observe April 13 as Barbecue Day for Athens. ]

[handwritten text: The Club then listened with great pleasure to Miss Lucy Shanton as she talked of The French Salons also to Mrs. James White's very able and interesting paper on The Jew. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. John D. Moss Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[printed text: After attending to the usual routine business the meeting was adjourn [adjourned]. ]

[printed text: ATHENS WOMAN'S CLUB. ]

[printed text: The Athens Woman's club met [deleted text (overstrike): yesterday ] [added text (appears to be different ink and hand): May 26 ] at the home of the president, Mrs. H. C. White. ]

[printed text: The reports of the secretary, treasurer, and chairman of the kindergarten committee were read. Mrs. White, as president, gave a resume of the work done by the club this year. The West Athens Kindergarten, which is now a part of the school system, was organized by the club. ]

[printed text: $100.00 has been contributed by the Athens Woman's Club for rural education in the state and over five rundred [hundred] books given to the Federation School at Danielsville. ]

[printed text: At the various meetings the club has been addressed by Prof. [Professor] Sylvanus Morris, Mrs. W. H. Felton, Mrs. Thomas Dixon, Mrs. Livingston, Mrs. Walter B. Hill, and three times during the year by Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb. ]

[printed text: The Civic Section, Mrs. Frances Long Taylor, chairman, has done excellent work. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Walter B. Hill spoke most interestingly of the School Improvement Club of Georgia, giving the history of its organization and some of the things it has accomplished. ]

[printed text: The president appointed Misses Wilkins, Hill, and Lyndon as a nominating committee. The following officers were elected for the year 1907-'08 : ]

[printed text: President -- Mrs. H. C. White.
Vice President -- Miss Woodberry.
Recording Secretary -- Mrs. Hoke.
Coresponding [Corresponding] Secretary -- Mrs. J. J. Stickland.
Treasurer -- Mrs. Peeples.

[printed text: DELIGHTFUL OCCASION ]

[printed text: Last evening at the home of Miss Ellen Mell on Hill street, the members ]

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[handwritten text: [added text (appears to be different ink and hand): 1907 ] ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met in its first regular session for the club year, on Sep [September] 23rd 1907 at the residence of the Pres. [President] Mrs. White ]

[handwritten text: Sec. [Secretary] report read & approved -- ]

[handwritten text: Pres. [President] called on Mrs. Conway to give an account of the settlement work done in West Athens-- Mrs. Conway announced that Mr. Libbets the Supt. [Superintendent] of the Mill, says he will pay the salary of the Night School Teacher at West Athens, & will allow the Club to select the Teacher. Mrs. White gave a talk on the Settlement Work & what she thought would be a good form of work for the Club for the year -- Mrs. Lipscomb-- Federation Pres. [President] called attention to the Annual Meeting to be held at Tifton on Nov [November] 7th -- said she had held a number of conferences & she believed the report from the Athens Club, would be the very best at the meeting & she hoped it would be so. On Library day, the Club sent a fine Library to the Danielsville School-- The Executive board of the State wishes to hold a Christmas Bazarrh [Bazaar] -- The Atlanta Club will receive & sell the things & Mrs. Lipscomb urged this Club to make contributions -- Mrs Lipscomb also told of the efforts made by the Executive Board to have the "Compulsory Education Bill passed. Pres [President] called for Treas. [Treasurer] Report which was "no money on hand & 2. [added text: $ ] [deleted text (overstrike): 00 ] in debt. Mrs. Strickland, Chairman of the Literary Section suggested that the Literary program be given after the business meeting, & it was decided to try this plan for a while ]

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[handwritten text: Pres [President] called for the election of delegates to go to Tifton & Mrs Stickland & Mrs. John E Talmage were elected. It was decided to leave to the discression [discretion] of Mrs. Lipscomb, whether or not the next annual meeting should be invited to come to Athens -- ]

[handwritten text: There being no further business the meeting adjourned ]

[handwritten text: K. F. Hoke
sec. [secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: Oct [October] 28th ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club held the regular meeting on Oct [October] 28th at the residence of the Pres. [President] Mrs. White. ]

[handwritten text: Before the business session, delicious refreshments were served by Mrs. White, assisted by Mrs. Homer Black & Miss Bloomfield-- The first business taken up was the West Athens Kindergarten-- Miss Ruby Harbin represented the school in place of Miss Virginia Bryan who was unable to be present. They are very anxious to get a new piano for the school as one is very much needed -- Mrs. Lipscomb said she would write the different manufacturers, & see at what price a piano could be secured -- A committee consisting of Mrs. Lipscomb & Misses Munday & Harbin was appointed to confer & report at the next meeting what they considered the best means of raising the money. Miss Bryan & Mr. Libbetts think it advisable to wait until the first of Jan. [January] to install a settlement worker as it will be at least that long before the houses are ready. The negro women of Athens petitioned the club for help in arranging rooms for a day nursery for their children while the mothers are at work -- It was favorably discussed & the petitioners told to find out the cost of rooms, no. [number] of children to be cared for &c. [et cetera] & the club would then see what could be done to help the undertaking. The delegates previously elected to go to Tifton declined so Mrs. Welch & Mrs. Taylor were elected to go. Mrs. Conway gave an interesting report of work done for the Kindergarten ]

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For Colored Children in This City, Whose Mothers Work for a Living.

[printed text: Some weeks ago I was seated at the table in the dining room of the Villa at work, answering my mornings mail, when there came a light rap at the door. ]

[printed text: Looking up I saw Albon Holsey's wife standing in the door-way [doorway]. I know her better as Martha Bass, a seamstress, who had done a good deal of sewing at the Institute for the girls in former years. Realizing, by her manner, which was hesitating and embarrassed, she had a request to make I asked: "Did you wish to see me, Martha? What is it I can do for you? "I have come," she said, "to ask a favor of you. I didn't know how you would take it, but several white ladies told me to come to you for they thought you might help me." Then in a simple, honest way she told her story. Some time ago three little colored orphan children had been thrown in her way to be cared for. She did not know where to turn for help. She went to Mrs. Luke Johnson and asked for advice and assistance. Mrs. Johnson wrote to the charaties [charities] all over the state, and other states, but learned there was no place that would undertake the care of three little colored children. ]

[printed text: The helpless condition of children of her own race suggested to Martha Holsey that some place should be provided for motherless children, and for those whose parents earned their living by going out in service. The more she thought of it, the more she longed to be the instrument in the establishment of such a home. She talked with a number of her white friends who sympathized with her in her desires and plans. Finally, through the advice of her white friends she came to me for help. After she had presented her plan I asked: Have you not a Woman's Club among the colored people? It seems to me that this would be good work for your club." "We have a Woman's Club,' she answered, "but they have no money, and so I have come to the white ladies for help." It was the first time that such an appeal had come to me from the colored people I could not refuse the plea because it seemed to have come from suffering humanity, and was a test of that "Charity which suffereth long and is kind, is not easily provoked and thinketh no evil." ]

[printed text: "Go and talk with Mrs. White, the president of the Women's Club, and if your cause meets with her approval we will bring it before the club at the next meeting, which will occur in about two weeks. I will help you," I said, "and I believe the Athens Woman's Club will also help you." Martha was encouraged and went away happy. She did go to see the president of the Woman's Club many times, and from her received much encouragement and help. Martha was instructed to search for a suitable house, and a competant [competent] colored woman to take charge of the work, so as to make a report of expenses at the meeting of the club. Two weeks later we met at the home of the president. There were about thirty-five members present. Mrs. White presented the cause and the plan of the work which is as follows: A nice clean cottage is to be rented for the home, and a competent colored woman put in charge of it; mothers who go out to service will be allowed to bring their little children there early in the morning on their way to their work; the children will be cared for and given two meals during the day; they will be kept out of the streets and taught how to "do things" by the woman in charge; and at the close of the day the mothers or fathers who have been at work will call for the children and take them home for the night. ]

[printed text: The plan is to form a "Mothers Club" of those who are in service, and open the doors of the Home to the children of those mothers. This will give an opportunity to many mothers, who have been bound down at home on account of their children, to go out and earn an honest living for them. They can do their work with an easy heart, knowing their children are being cared for. Children who of necessity have been roaming the streets while their parents have been at work, will thus be saved to the town, and the chances are will grow up to be respectable colored citizens. "As the twig is bent, so will the tree incline." A number of short talks were made by the ladies at this meeting, notably among them, one by Mrs. Luke Johnson, who spoke of this enterprise from the broadest plane of philanthropy and Christian charity. Mrs. White put the question of helping the colored children's home to the club, and the motion was carried almost without opposition. Pledges were called for and in a few moments sufficient money was promised to launch the enterprise. The colored mothers who place their children in the Home to be cared for will be required to pay a small sum each month, which amount will go toward the support of the Home. This sum will be supplemented by the Athens Woman's Club. When Mrs. White informed Martha Holsey the next day that the home for colored children would be established under the auspices of her white friends, she was a very happy woman. ]

[printed text: In a few days there came a request that some of our Club women would speak to a mass meeting of the colored women interested in the movement. Accordingly last Sunday afternoon a number of ladies and gentlemen went down to the colored Athens Baptist church to present the plan of the work. We recited the story of the movement; showed the good which might result to the children, and the advantage to the working mothers; gave the practical plan of the work, told them what would be expected of their people toward the support of the Home; urged them to train their children into habits of work; showed them that all honest labor was honorable and that idleness and vagrancy only were a disgrace. We assured them of our friendship and interest in the colored race, and asked their help in training the present generation in such a way as that crime would be abolished, and that their children would grow up to be useful and respectable citizens. ]

[printed text: The two ministers, the minister's wife and Martha Holsey all spoke in appreciation of the help offered by their white friends and pledged their hearty co-operation [cooperation] and help. With the singing of a hymn, followed by their usual collection, the meeting was dismissed. ]

[printed text: In responding to this call for help to our colored people, we felt that we had done the right thing. These people live among us, and in a very large measure their lives and destiny depend upon us, therefore as Christian men and women we are responsible for them, and whenever a call comes from them in the proper spirit, it seems clearly our duty to respond to it. ]

[printed text: This simple story of the new work among our colored population is presented to the people of Athens in a way that the most unlearned may understand it, believing that it will meet with the hearty sympathy of every Christian man and woman in this town, within whose breast there is a heart of love for the great brotherhood of man. ]

[printed text: The home will be opened January 1st, and as soon as the plans are perfected they will be presented through the columns of the newspaper to the people. ]

[printed text: MRS. M. A. LIPSCOMB. ]

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[handwritten text: Oct 23rdContd. [Continued] ]

[handwritten text: the no. [number] of tracts sent, & others facts relative to the work. The Club expressed its sincerest sympathy for its efficient Treasurer, Mrs. Peeples, in her recent bereavement. ]

[handwritten text: Following this the Literary program was taken up -- the first paper -- "German home life" prepared by Mrs. J. F Hart, & read by Mrs. Leroy Hart, was thoroughly enjoyed by the Club-- Mrs. D. L. Earnest gave an exceedingly comprehensive paper on "German Writers" of the last fifty years, after which Fraulein von Seydlitz gave some entertaining sketches of German Life. Mrs. Florence Lucy Bartow told most interestingly of the work being done by the "Sorosis Club of Elberton. ]

[handwritten text: The club had the pleasure of welcoming the following members. ]

[handwritten text: Mesdames [added text: Wales ] Withers -- Dudley -- Boifeuillet Bond-- Hutchins-- Misses Ruby Harbin Mary Harper-- Emma Long-- & Von Seydlitz ]

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[handwritten text: Nov [November] 25th 1907 ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club, met in regular session at the home of the Pres. [President] Mrs. White, on Nov [November] 25th-- ]

[handwritten text: Members present -- Mesdames -- White Lipscomb, Luke Johnson, J. E. Talmadge E. H. Dorsey, L. C. Withers, J. Z Hoke, Euler B Smith H. C. Conway, F L Taylor, John Anderson, W. A. Capps, E. R. Hodgson Jr. W. B. Hill, Graves Stephenson, R. B. Dixon, J. F. Hart, Homer Black-Jones, Misses Lucy Linton Mildred Shepperson, Lilly Moss, Marion Bloomfield, Mary Wilkins, Celeste Parish, Lillian Middlemas, Rosa Woodberry Marion Carlton, Elizabeth Caldwell, Mary Lyndon, & "Vi" Sturges-- Sec. [Secretary] report read and approved. Treas [Treasurer] absent. Our efficient Treasurer having resigned, on account of recent bereavement, Miss Lucy Linton was nominated & elected to fill the place. Mrs. Conway, Chairman of the West Athens Kindergarten committee read several letters from the Children of that School written to Santa Clause asking to be remembered & it was suggested that these letters be published in the Banner. Miss Carlton, teacher at East Athens Kindergarten requested that contributions for their "Christmas Tree", be in money as much as possible -- Mrs. Conway consented to receive contributions for the "Trees" of both Schools -- As the Civic Section had not held a meeting, the Chairman had no regular report to make -- Mrs. Lipscomb was asked to give an account of the Gen. [General] meeting at Tifton which she did in a manner that enthused the Club. She had nothing favorable to report on the piano for the West Athens Kindergarten. ]

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[printed text: ADDRESSES
By Mr. W. D Weatherford to the Students Prove to be very Inspiring to all

[printed text: Mr. H. D. Weatherford, one of the international student secretaries of the Y.M.C.A., is spending three days in this city with the students of the University of Georgia. ]

[printed text: Mr. Weatherford is scheduled for three addresses while here and the students are to enjoy a rare treat, for he is one of the most interesting speakers in this interesting work in this entire country. ]

[printed text: Last night at the Y.M.C.A. room in the Peabody library building, Mr. Weatherford addressed an audience of students who were delighted beyond measure with what he had to say. He spoke of the fact that no man could live wholly unto himself and of the duty students owed to one another in the many ways of college life. ]

[printed text: Chancellor Barrow made a short but highly interesting talk after Mr. Weatherford had concluded his address. Mr. Weatherford will again speak at the library building tonight at half-past seven o'clock. ]

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[handwritten text: The Club has been unable to find a suitable person to take charge of the Settlement work in West Athens, & the Cor. Sec. [Corresponding Secretary] Mrs. Smith was instructed to write to Miss Emma Tucker in regard to securing a worker. The question of the "Day Nusery" for the Children under ten years of age, of the working negro women, was taken up for discussion. Mrs. White read a letter from Miss Irma Dooly, asking for pictures of same, which was decidedly premature, as it is not yet an accomplished fact. ]

[handwritten text: It is found that a suitable negro woman can be secured to take charge of the home for $20.00 per month, & a centrally located house for $8.00 per mo. [month] Martha Holsey, the negro woman who is at the head of the "Negro Mothers Club", says she can raise 8, or 10$ per month from her club, & begs that we help her. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb says it is the first opportunity which has been given the Southern White women, to get a hold on the development of the negro race, & she urged in a beautiful & stirring address, that this Club take hold of this work -- Mrs. Luke Johnson enthused the audience with her endorsement & it was moved & carried that this work be given a thorough trial for three months, & the following voluntary contributions were given to help start the home -- Mrs. White $5.00, Mrs Lipscomb $5.00. Miss Mildred Shepperson $5.00. Miss Lillie Moss $5.00. Mesdames J. G. Talmadge $1.00 John Anderson $1.00 Conway $1.00 E. H. Dorsey $1.00, W. B. Hill 1.00. E. R. Hodgson Jr. 1.00 Johnson$1.00, Hoke 1.00 Taylor 1.00 Misses Celeste Parish 1.00 Bloomfield 1.00 Mary

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Lyndon1.00 -- The following committee was appointed to Superintend this work -- Mrs. White, Chairman -- Mrs. Lipscomb Mrs Taylor, Mrs. Johnson, Miss Woodberry Miss Lillie Moss, Miss Lucy Linton, Miss Mildred Shepperson, Mrs. Hoke. ]

[handwritten text: The following gentlemen were asked to act as an advisory committee, Dr. WhiteRev [Reverend] Luke Johnson, Rev [Reverend] Louis DuBose Mr. J. Z. Hoke, Mr. Hugh Rowe. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Emma Long offered to go to the East & West Athens Kindergarten& show the Children pictures & try & teach them something of good art. Miss Woodberry Mrs. White & Mrs. Lipscomb were appointed a committee to visit the Jewish womens circle & invite them to come into a city Federation -- There being no further business the Club adjourned. ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully Submitted ]

[handwritten text: K. F. Hoke
Rec. Sec. [Recording Secretary] ]

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[printed text: ATHENS' WOMAN'S CLUB. ]

[printed text: The Athens Woman's Club met in regular session at the home of the president, Mrs. H. C. White, on November the 25th. A large number of members were present at the meeting, which was one of the most important as well as most interesting the club has ever held. ]

[printed text: The secretary's report was read and adopted, after which Mrs. Conway, chairman of the kindergarten committee, read several letters from the children of the West Athens school written to Santa Claus. Miss Carlton, teacher of the East Athens Kindergarten, requested that contributions for this Christmas tree be sent in money if possible. Mrs. Conway consented to receive contributions for the Christmas trees of both schools. ]

[printed text: As the Civic Section had not held a meeting the chairman had no report to make, but she told of a talk she had had with the mayor regarding some of the work undertaken by this section. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Lipscomb was asked to give an account of the Federation meeting in Tifton, which she did in a most interesting way. She stated that at this meeting it was decided for each club in the Federation to hold a bazaar for the Rural School Fund if they so wished. The members of the Athens club decided not to hold a bazaar but to send their contributions to the one to be held in Atlanta. Mrs. Lipscomb had nothing favorable to report on the piano for the West Athens Kindergarten. ]

[printed text: The club has not yet secured any one [anyone] to take charge of the settlement work in West Athens, though it is hoped that some one [someone] will be secured by the first of January. ]

[printed text: The question of establishing a day nursery for negro children was fully discussed and it was finally decided to open it on the first of January and run it for three months. In this time it can be decided if it meets the needs for which it is intended and if so it will be continued. Thirty-two dollars were raised by voluntary contributions and it was decided to charge each member a small amount in order to realize sufficient money to meet the expenses of the nursery. ]

[printed text: The formation of a City Federation was discussed and a committee appointed to ask all the women's organizations in the city to become members. ]

[printed text: Mrs. W. B. Hill stated that the Current Topics Section would be reorganized in January and invited all members of the club to join it. ]

[printed text: There being no further business the meeting was adjourned. ]

[printed text: Tea, crackers and cake were served during the afternoon. ]

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[handwritten text: Dec [December] 23rd 1907. ] [View the meeting summary] [View Progressive Era events from this month]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met in regular session one week earlier than usual ( Dec [December] 23rd) on account of the holidays, meeting held at the residence of the Pres. [President] Mrs. White. ]

[handwritten text: There was a very small attendance only one over a quorum being present. ]

[handwritten text: Sec [Secretary's] Report read & approved -- ]

[handwritten text: Treas. [Treasurer] report read & approved. ]

[handwritten text: Pres [President] stated that on account of the very busy time there would be no literary feature this afternoon. Pres [President] asked that Miss Carlton be allowed the small balance she needed for the East Athens Christmas Tree, from the Treasury -- ]

[handwritten text: Twas [It was] ordered that this amount be given Miss Carlton -- Mrs. Conway reported that she had every thing [everything] needed for the West Athens Kindergarten "Tree" & $2.25, & other articles, for East Athens. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs White placed before the club, a request from Miss Shepperson that the books for " Library Day" be given to the State Normal School, Miss Parish explained the good to the Country Schools, from the use, by the Teachers, of these books, & it was suggested that a list be published, & a request that any one [anyone] wishing to give a book send one from that list. Mrs. White stated that the Federation Book day had asked for Children's books. Mrs. White read a letter from Mrs. Granger stating that 10¢ per Capita was the Gen. [General] Federation dues, also a letter from Mrs. Dismukes saying that $3.00 was the State Federation dues -- Mrs. White requested Mrs. Johnson to tell about the mass meeting at the

Page: 93   [view image] page image

Negro Church, in regard to the "Day Nursery" for small negro children -- Quitie [Quite] a number of prominent white people were present. The meeting was presided over by the wife of one of the negro Preachers, Murden. She is Pres [President] of the "negro mothers club", & she stated that in their helplessness & need, they had called on their white friends & were very grateful that the call had been answered -- Mrs. Lipscomb talked beautifully of what was intended -- Mrs. White gave them a practicle [practical], good talk, on what they should do -- Mrs. Johnson told of the start of the movement during the past summer, by Martha Holsey coming to her for help, about providing for three small negro children -- Martha told in such an earnest way of the neglected condition of the small children of her race, & appealed to her white friends for help, there were several other talks from the gentlemen present & from some of the colored preachers. one the Rev. [Reverend] Murden said that "things [deleted text (overstrike): we ] [added text: are ] getting right, when we want help, & go to the southern whites, & when they are willing to give it" -- Miss Parish moved that the Club reconsider the action taken at the last meeting, to assess the members for the maintanance [maintenance] of this home, & it was moved & carried that no assessment be levied, & that the contributions should be entirely voluntary. Mrs. White read the names of the committee & requested that they meet on the following Tuesday afternoon at 4 O clock p.m. at the Villa-- There being no further business delicious refreshments were served & the Club adjourned -- K. F. Hoke Sec. [Secretary] ]

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