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Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1899-1911

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1899-1911

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[handwritten text: Jan [January] 27th 1908 ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met in regular session at the home of the Pres. [President] Mrs. White on Jan [January] 27th -- There was a good attendance -- Reports were called for by the Pres. [President] & Sec. [Secretary's] Report read & approved -- Treas. [Treasurer] report read & approved, Mrs. Conway presented as Chairman of the West Athens Kindergarten the following report. ]

[handwritten text:

One picnic held, 90 children attending 
Refreshments for Mothers meeting in Sep. [September] 1.50
" " " [Refreshments for Mothers meeting in] Nov. [November] 1.00
Thanksgiving party for Mothers & Children [added text: [unclear text: Ref. ] ] 3.00
Christmas tree for 115 children 
40 dolls3.00
Cash by Mrs. Welch 3.00
" " [Cash by] Miss Rutherford 4.00
Apples [added text: 2.00 ] Horns [added text: 3.00 ] fire crackers [added text: 4 00 ] 9.00
Bananas [added text: 1.50 ] Tree [added text: 50 ] Box rent to -- co1.50
Total for first half of Woman's Club Year for work in West Athens$3 [deleted text (overstrike): 2 ] [added text: 0 ] .75


[handwritten text: Pres. [President] reported that the home for colored Children was in good condition 9 children at present in the home -- ]

[handwritten text: The City Federation was discussed & Miss Lyndon was requested to write an article for the Banner explaining the idea of the federation. Mrs Lipscomb presented to the Club a request from the "Medical fraternity," to take charge of the movement for erecting a monument to Dr. Crawford W. Long in this City-- the Pres [President] appointed Miss Lucy Linton Chairman of a committee of five, the other members of said committee to be selected by

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Miss Linton to write to every Dr. [Doctor] in the State explaining the movement & soliciting contributions. Dr. Goss has now on hand a fund of $200.00 which he wishes to turn over to the Club as a nucleus -- Miss Shepperson requested that Library day for the State Normal School be postponed until the middle of March. Mrs. White requested that the "Federation Library day," be devoted to books for Children & the same be sent to the Kindergarten schools in the City. Miss Shepperson thinks that the movement for the Normal Library may grow into a Carnagie [Carnegie] Library & she wishes the Womans Club to have the credit of starting the work. Business being over, Mrs. White invited those present into the dining room, where most beautiful & delicious refreshments were served -- after refreshments with Miss Hull as accompanist Mrs Hugh Gordon sang most beautifully "Daisies" & "Good bye summer" & for an onchore [encore] which was irresistable [irresistible] she gave a lovely little Lullaby -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Luke Johnson then gave one of her most thrilling talks on the "Human Forests", & the danger unless wisely & unselfishly handled, in the great Masses of ignorant immagrants [immigrants] to this Country-- & Mrs. Burton Smith who was present asked that Mrs. Johnson would deliver the same talk to the Atlanta Club. Mrs Lipscomb urged that the Club join the National Federation, so that it would be in touch with all the great Womans movements of the Country -- Mrs. Burton Smith was asked to give her opinion & she heartily seconded Mrs. Lipscomb. ]

[handwritten text: On motion the Club adjourned -- K. F. Hoke. Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: March 1908 -- ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met on Monday afternoon, March 23rd at the Villa -- Mrs Lipscomb presiding. ]

[handwritten text: The motion was made & unanamously [unanimously] carried, to send a note to our President expressing the sympathy of the Club for her in her illness & in her recent bereavement -- Reports were made by the Treasurer and by the Committee having in charge the work of the Colored Children's home -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Luke Johnson, Miss Parish, & Miss Lollie Smith were appointed to represent the Club, at the National "Child Labor Convention" which will be held in Atlanta -- Miss Smith told of the meeting of the "Mothers Clubs" of the State, which will occur in Athens in May -- bespeaking the interest of this Club in the meetings -- ]

[handwritten text: The Chairman of the Crawford Long Monument Committee, reported that 2494 letters were ready to be mailed to the physicians of the State -- one, the form -- being read before the Club-- ]

[handwritten text: After the business of the Club had been disposed of, delicious refreshments were served, after which there was an interesting exhibition of the "Water Color paintings" of Mr. Lewis of Boston-- The meeting then adjourned -- ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully sub [submitted] -- ]

[handwritten text: K. F. Hoke Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: Athens Womans Club April 28th ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met on April 28th at the Villa, Vice Pres. [President] Miss Woodberry presiding -- Sec [Secretary's] report read & approved. Treas. [Treasurer] Report also approved -- Mrs. Conway-- Chairman of the Kindergarten Committee had a most excellent report of that work, also of the Mothers, & Garden Club of West Athens . ]

[handwritten text: The Chairman of the Civic sec [section] reported 179 calls for the City Carts, & also stated that the Mayor would lend the Club the carts for three days in May-- ]

[handwritten text: The Com. [Committee] on home for Colored Children reported the work in a very satisfactory condition -- Miss Linton reported over 4000. letters written & more than half of them sent, in regard to the Crawford Long Monument -- Dr. Goss said that the Dr's [Doctors] of the State at their annual Con [Convention] were delighted at the idea of a monument to Dr. Long-- Mrs. Lipscomb asked each member to read the "Club Year Book --" ]

[handwritten text: Miss Woodberry urged that another effort be made toward a City Federation of all the Womans organizations, & Mrs. Long suggested that the officers of all the Womans organizations be invited to meet, & discuss plans &c. [et cetera] Mrs. Crawford was appointed to extend a welcome from this Club, to the Mothers Convention, which meets in this City on the sixth of May -- ]

[handwritten text: The Sou. [Southern] Educational Convention invites this Club to cooperate with them. Mrs Hill spoke of the work being done over the state by this organization-- Miss Woodberry stated that Mr. Lampkin had kindly

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consented to take charge of the Barbecue & it was decided to have it on Sat. [Saturday] Week -- Volunteers for service ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Taylor -- Smith, Conway, Hart, Hill, Stewart, Hoke, Miss Hodgson-- It was moved & carried that the election for Vice Pres. [President] be deferred until the meeting in May -- after delicious refreshments, the Club adjourned -- ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully Sub. [Submitted] ]

[handwritten text: K. Hoke
sec. [secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: May 25th 1908 -- ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met on May 25th at the Villa -- Mrs. Lipscomb presiding -- Sec [Secretary's] Report read & approved -- There was a small attendance, & after a thorough but informal discussion of the needs & plans for the coming year the old officers were reelected without opposition with the exception of the Vice Pres. [President] Miss Woodberry -- who will in future reside in Atlanta, to the unbounded sorrow of the entire membership of this Club-- ]

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[handwritten text: Sep [September] 29th 1908 ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Woman's Club met on Sep 29th with the Pres. [President] Mrs. White ]

[handwritten text: Sec [Secretary's] Report read & approved -- ]

[handwritten text: Treas [Treasurer] absent -- Mrs. Hart unanumously [unanimously] elected Vice Pres. [President] Certificate of membership to Gen. [General] Federation received, but no money in Treasury -- Mrs. Hart was asked to take charge of Treas accts [Treasury accounts] -- until Miss Linton returned from Europe ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Cobb Lampkins name proposed, & she was unanimously elected a member of this club -- Mrs. Conway, Chairman Kindergarten committee requests a piano & some curtains for Miss Bonney -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Preston Brooks, Mrs. Wilkins & Mrs. Jarnigan were also elected to membership in this Club by a unanamous [unanimous] vote -- Mrs. White stated that we must get up at once some kind of an entertainment to pay our debts Mrs. Lipscomb offered as a suggestion an entertainment at the Opera House of "Living Pictures", & suggested a lady in Atlanta who would come over & take charge for a percent -- Mrs. Lipscomb will write her in regard to the matter. ]

[handwritten text: Moved & carried that Mrs. Hart be made [deleted text (overstrike): a ] chairman of a "Letters & Art Sec [Section] " ]

[handwritten text: Miss C. Sowsnowski has most kindly agreed to give talks to this club at any time & on any country selected. ]

[handwritten text: Dr. McPherson also very kindly consented to lecture to this body at any time & Mrs. White offered to have the club meet with her in the evening's & enjoy these talks -- Mrs. Hill asked for books for the Rural school's, & Mrs. Lipscomb told her to write to Mrs. McCabe & she

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would send books wherever wanted -- Moved & carried that the Principles [Principals] & Faculty of the Lucy Cobb Inst. [Institute] be invited to become members of this club ]

[handwritten text: After delicious refreshments the Club adjourned -- ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully Submitted ]

[handwritten text: K. F. Hoke Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: Nov [November] 30th 1908. ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met in regular session at the home of the Pres. [President] Mrs. White on Nov [November] 30th -- Mrs. White Presiding ]

[handwritten text: Sec [Secretary's] Report read & approved ]

[handwritten text: Treas [Treasurer] reported all pledges met, all bills paid & a bal. [balance] of $50.-- in the Treasury -- Mrs. White stated that it was a source of great pride to her, to be able to say that the "Athens Womans Club", had made the best showing, of any club in the State Federation -- aside from the amount of work done, it is the only Club which has met all its obligations, & has any money on hand -- Mrs. Lipscomb gave a most interesting account of the Federation meeting just closed at Valdosta -- she told of the lavish expenditure, & beautiful manner in which the women of Valdosta entertained the visitors -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. White told us of Mrs. Lipscombs attempted resignation, & of how the Federation had utterly refused to accept it -- so a beloved member of our Athens Club, is still Pres. [President] of the Ga. [Georgia] Federation of Womans Clubs. ]

[handwritten text: Cakes & Tea were gracefully served by Mrs. Black, & Miss Morris after which the club had the pleasure of a lecture on "Italian Art." by Miss Lucy Stanton -- Miss Stanton is an artist of International reputation, & a student who is

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wonderfully gifted in imparting, in a clear, & forceful way, the knowledge she has acquired in close study, in the large Art Galleries, of every nation, & the Athens Womans Club extends heartfelt thanks to Miss Stanton for her kindness in giving us this beautiful lecture. ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully ]

[handwritten text: K. F. Hoke -- Sec. [Secretary] ]

[handwritten text: No Meeting in Dec. [December] 1908. ]

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