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Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1899-1911

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1899-1911

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[handwritten text: Jan [January] 25th 1909 ][handwritten text: -- ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met in Science Room, at state Normal School-- The Pres. [President] Mrs. White being absent, Mrs. Lipscomb presided. ]

[handwritten text: Sec. [Secretary's] report read & approved. Treas. [Treasurer] reported $7.00 paid for East & West Athens Christmas tree ]

[handwritten text: New members enrolled Miss Linton-- Mrs. McMahan, Mrs Troutman, Mrs Martin, Mrs T B. Hinton-- Mrs. Lipscomb reported that the School House at Tallulah, was almost completed & she gave an account of the work being done -- ]

[handwritten text: $22.50 was cleared from the sale of "Red Cross stamps" for the cure of Turbuculosis [Tuberculosis], this money is sent to the State Federation who hope to provide enough funds for a Camp --]

[handwritten text: After the business session Miss Sosnowski gave a most delightful talk on a trip through Italy, which was illustrated by most beautiful slides given by Proffessor [Professor] Earnest. ]

[handwritten text: After a most delightful afternoon the meeting adjourned -- ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully ]

[handwritten text: Mrs Hoke
Rec. Sec. [Recording Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: Feb [February] 22nd 1909 -- ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Womans Club met at the home of the Pres. [President] Mrs. White ]

[handwritten text: On account of the very inclem [deleted text (overstrike): ment ] [added text: ent ] weather there was not a quorum of regular members, so the business session was dispensed with, & the members & a few visitors present, spent a most delightful afternoon -- the chief interest being a very interesting account of the meeting of the National Federation at Boston, by Mrs. Roberts of Philadelphia, a sister of Mrs. White-- ]

[handwritten text: At the conclusion of Mrs. Roberts talk, delicious refreshments were served -- ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. Z. Hoke.
Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[printed text: MRS. ROBERTS' TALK. ]

[printed text: Yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. C. White, on Milledge avenue, was held a most interesting meeting of the Athens Woman's Club. In spite of the inclement weather quite a number of ladies were present at what turned out to be a most charming and delightful meeting. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Roberts, of Philadelphia, sister of Mrs. White, made a most interesting talk to the club, one that was enjoyed intensely by all the ladies present. She told about the meeting of the Biennial convention of the General Federation of Women's Clubs in Boston last summer. This was one of the most important gatherings of club women ever held and Mrs. Roberts gave a most thorough and graphic account of it. She also told of the elegant club home that her club is now building and gave her ideas of the best ways in which to raise money for this and other objects. Mrs. Roberts is a fluent and delightful talker, a woman of the utmost culture and possessed of a great store of knowledge from which she gave her hearers many most interesting and most helpful suggestions. ]

[printed text: Delicious refreshments were served at the conclusion of Mrs. Roberts' talk. Miss Louise Morris and Mrs. Charles M. Strahan poured tea. ]

[printed text: CONFIRMATION CLASS. ]

[printed text: The Confirmation Class of Emmanuel Episcopal church will meet this afternoon at four o'clock in the vestry room. ]

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March 22nd 1909 [View the meeting summary]

The regular monthly meeting of the Athens Womans Club was held at the home of the Pres. [President] Mrs. White on March 22nd-- The Treasurer gave her report & collected several dollars in dues --

Mrs. Conway, chairman of the Kindergarten committee reported that the piano had been given to a school near Jefferson, which supplies a great need -- She also asked for $2.00. for the purchase of eggs for the East & West Athens Kindergartens -- for an easter egg hunt, which was given -- The pres. [president] reported the offer of three scholarships to deserving young women, in [added text (appears to be different ink): x ] the Business College of this City, provided certain requirements were met.

This matter was referred to the following Committee for consideration, Mrs. Cobb Lampkin Misses Lilly Moss, & Dessie Sellers.

A Committee for the investigation & study of taxation was appointed, consisting of Miss Parish, Mrs. W. B. Hill, & Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb-- A letter was read from Mrs. Lila Richardson Legg, offering to give a reading in this City under the auspices of the Club It was decided that this matter be postponed until fall.

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The Club was given a treat in having Prof. [Professor] R. E. Park speak -- His subject was true greatness, the elements of which are simplicity common sense & human sympathy

Miss Parish in behalf of the Club thanked Prof. [Professor] Park for his address -- she also spoke of the social service which each one present was able to render to individuals & the state --


Mrs Hoke
Sec. [Secretary]

Kindness Mrs. Lampkin.

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[handwritten text: 1 -- The Breath of the Gods.
2 -- The House of Mirth.
3 -- Comrades
4 -- Kingsmead
5 -- Violett
6 -- Janice Meredith.
7 -- Concerning Isabel Canaby.

[handwritten text: From -- Mrs. T. J. Nichols.

Ruby Jankower
2 Book Course in English
Child Life.

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[handwritten text: Mrs M. A Lipscombs contribution
Library Day.

Georgia Land & People -- Mrs [ Note: checkmark ]
Silas Marner. Eliot [ Note: checkmark ]
Don Orsino-- Marion Crawford [ Note: checkmark ]
Household Economics-- Campbell [ Note: checkmark ]
Mr Claghorns Daughters. Trent.
A Golden Heart. Bertha Clay-- [ Note: checkmark ]
Echoes from a Recluse -- Earnest. [ Note: checkmark ]
Annie Dennis Cook Book. 2 [ Note: checkmark ]
Reading & Elocution [ Note: checkmark ]
Guide Book to English [ Note: checkmark ]
History of the United States. Bruce [ Note: checkmark ]
Introduction to Study of Literature Lewis [ Note: checkmark ]
As You Like It -- Shakespeare [ Note: checkmark ]

[handwritten text: Mrs J. F. Hart

The Executor
The Wooing O'L--
Entertainments for you
Far from the Maddning [Maddening] crowd
One other

[handwritten text: Ms C. D. Flanegin

The Dixie Story book--
Educational Music Book no [number] 1

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[handwritten text: Mrs. H. C. White

Shakespeare's Complete Works
Ten Years travel around the World Wells. M. D
Bible --
Poems of E B Browning 2
Longfellows Poems 11
Rhetoric -- Blains
Poems Longfellow 1
Pilgrims of the night
Advent & Christmas
The Idle Word
Poems of Ashton & [unclear text: Migher ]
Globe Readings from Standard Anthems
Historical Chart -- Lyman
Smellee's Philosophy of Nat [Natural] History
Eng [English] Literature
Spanish -- Ollendorf
The Jewish Tabernicker Newton
Songs of Seven
Waverly Novels, Count Robert of Paris
The Prophet -- Taylor
New Testament --
Words of Jesus
Robert Elsmere
Metzerott -- Shoemaker
Summer Driftwood
Websters Dictionary -- unabridge [unabridged]
Oliver Twist --
Elocutionist Annual

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[handwritten text: Mrs. Cochran --

New Educational Musical Course
Two book course in English
Foyes Ele -- [Elementary] Geography

[handwritten text: [deleted text (overstrike): Mrs Hoke ]

Adlers Method of learning German
Behind Lines -- Geo Parsons Lathrop
Robinson Crusoe [added text: 2 ] -- Defoe
First steps in Algebra -- Wentworth
Business Guide -- Nichols
Scholars Companion --
Brownie Book -- Cox
Dora Thorne -- Brance
Life in a Country Manse -- Barrie
Elements of Algebra --
The Boy Christian
2nd Music Reader
Mrs Mayburns Twins Habberton
First Lessons in Eng -- Duackenbers

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[handwritten text: Mrs Lowe

Beginners American History
Foye's Elementary Geography 2
" " " [Foye's Elementary Geography]
New Educational Music Course -- Sec. [Second] reader
Two Book course in English -- Hyde
Common School An. Arith [Arithmetic] -- Sanford
Graded Litature [Literature] Reader -- second Book
Primary Arithmetic 2
" " " [Primary Arithmetic]
Swintons Fourth Reader
Childrens Primer
New Ed. [Edition] Music course 1st reader
" " " [New Edition Music course 1st reader] 2

[handwritten text: Mrs J. B Muir

21 School Books --

[handwritten text: Mrs Reaves.

The Childrens Primer ( [unclear text: Cyr ] )
" [The] Beginners Primer, ( H Miffin & co [company] )

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[handwritten text: May 3rd 1909 ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: Athens Womans Club met at the home of the Pres. [President] Mrs. White on May 3rd -- Mrs. White presiding -- Sec [Secretary's] Report read & approved -- Treasurer reported no money in Treasury -- ]

[handwritten text: Pres. [President] read a letter from the Southern Kindergarten association, which was turned over to Mrs. Conway to answer -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Conway reported that the "Easter Egg Hunt" cost $5.50 of which this Club contributed the sum of $2.00. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lampkin reported that the Committee had found two young ladies who were very anxious to secure the scolorships [scholarships] offered by the Athens Business College ]

[handwritten text: The young ladies are Misses Parr, & Paine-- Miss Parr will begin in June & Miss Paine later. Mrs. White brought up the tariff of stockings which was discussed at some length. The School at Tallulah is about done & Mrs. Lipscomb asked for a contribution from this Club to help furnish it -- Considerable discussion was indulged in, as to whether a sum should be pledged, & an entertainment given at once for this purpose, or whether the matter should be deferred until fall, twas [it was]

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finally moved & carried, that the Club pledge $25.00 to be paid some time [sometime] in the fall. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Rutherford kindly offered to give a lecture on Egypt, & it was thought best to ask for this lecture soon after the Club shall meet in the Coming Fall, as it is thought a better attendance can be secured. ]

[handwritten text: After some discussion on Compulsory Education, the Club adjourned -- ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. Z. Hoke
Rec. Sec. [Recording Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: Oct [October] 18th 1909. ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The first meeting, of the new Club year, for the Athens Womans Club was held at the residence of the Pres. [President] Mrs White on Oct [October] 18th-- Mrs. White presiding -- ]

[handwritten text: Sec. [Secretary's] Report read & approved. ]

[handwritten text: Treas. [Treasurer] reported bal. [balance] in bank of $2.35 -- Miss Linton Treas. [Treasurer] resigned but after much persuasion was induced to continue as Treas. [Treasurer] ]

[handwritten text: Opportunity was given members to pay dues before pledges were made. Kindergarten Committee reported several calls made, but no money on hand -- ]

[handwritten text: Misses Ware & Carlton from the West Athens School, asked that the Club continue their help to the Mothers Club of that school -- the sum of three (3) dollars per month was the amount wanted, which the Club voted should be furnished ]

[handwritten text: West Athens School would like Magazines, & if sent to the school house, the Teachers will distribute at the Mothers meetings -- Miss Bryan asked for ten (10) dollars for use in W. A. [West Athens] Kindergarten, Club voted to send five, & if convenient, [deleted text (overstrike): fo ] [added text: later ] five more will be sent. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. White reported two nice boxes of books, paper, pads pencils &c. [et cetera] sent to the Tallulah school . Miss Rutherford very kindly offered to give her lecture on Egypt, for the benefit of the Club, the Pres. [President]

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Mrs White will be compelled to be absent from Town for several weeks & it was thought best to accept this generous offer after Mrs. White's return. Pres. [President] asked Miss Sarah Moss to correspond with Mrs. Legg of Macon, in regard to an entertainment here, but after discussion that was also postponed -- ]

[handwritten text: Pres [President] asked for suggestions for purely social entertainments for the Club during the Winter, & very generously offered her house at any time ]

[handwritten text: The Club expressed a wish for a talk from Dr. White, & Mrs. Hoke was instructed to invite him -- ]

[handwritten text: Pres. [President] called for nominations for delegates from the Club to the annual meeting to be held in Elberton beginning on Nov [November] 16th ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Troutman & Mrs. Sanford were elected delegates, with Mrs. Dorsey & Mrs. Conway as alternates -- ]

[handwritten text: Pres. [President] asked for a talk from Mrs. Hill who told of a very interesting district Conference for school improvement, which she had attended -- at the conclusion the Club adjourned ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully ]

[handwritten text: Mrs J Z Hoke
Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: Nov [November] 22nd 1909 ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met in regular session on Nov [November] 22nd at the home of the Pres. [President] Mrs. White ]

[handwritten text: Reports of Sec. [Secretary] & Treas. [Treasurer] read & approved -- Pres. [President] reported five new members, Mrs. McPherson Mrs. Adkins, Mrs. Branson, Ms Bond Mrs. H. P. Hinton, Mrs Geo Crane ]

[handwritten text: The following were nominated & elected at this meeting Mrs H. M. Long-- Mrs Mathis Misses Frances & Lida Fain -- ]

[handwritten text: Pres [President] urged that each member be a committee of one to bring in new members -- ]

[handwritten text: Miss Rutherford wrote, asking each member to contribute to & attend the Harvest House Festival to be held at the baptist church on Wed. [Wednesday] night. ]

[handwritten text: Pres [President] explained why the Annual meeting was invited to come to Athens next Fall, without first securing the consent of the Club. Names were taken & money collected from those who promised $1.00 each for Tallulah Falls School. Mrs. Lipscomb gave a most interesting report from the Annual meeting at Elberton-- The sec [secretary] was requested to write a note of thanks to Mrs. Westin, Pres. [President] of the Research Club of Elberton, for the beautiful hospitality and delightful lunch extended to the Athens Womans Club as a body, on Wednesday of the Annual meeting. ]

[handwritten text:

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condition of the Nantahala School and Mrs. Parker moved a committee be appointed to look into the matter -- The motion carried -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Whitlock reported the health of the city very good -- She has taken up the sale of the Red Cross Seals and wants the club interested in them -- ]

[handwritten text: The Constitution and By-Laws was changed in one detail, namely that the nominating Committee be elected in November and the officers in December instead of the nominating Committee in December and the officers in January -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Parker told of the work being done by the City Mission Board in East Athens-- They wish to have a Tree of Light instead of the usual Xmas [Christmas] tree. Mrs. Hoke moved we give $5.00 to the tree. Mrs. Parker amended Mrs. Hoke's motion to the effect that it be $10.00 the motion carried -- ]

[handwritten text: Miss Holliday, Chairman of Art Department announced the Art exhibit on Dec 4th and 5th at the Y.W.C.A. Mr. Keyser to make a talk -- ]

[handwritten text: Miss Hunnicut wanted the Womans Club to use their influence to get the stores to close all day Thanksgiving. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Parker moved the Corresponding Sec'y [Secretary] -- be requested to write a petition from the club and publish it in both papers. The motion carried -- ]

[handwritten text: Mamie E. Whittle ]

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