Document: awc001

Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1899-1911

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1899-1911

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[handwritten text: Jan [January] 17th -- Contd [Continued] -- ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: give an entertainment, the "Little Princess", it was moved that Mrs. White write to Mrs. Donahue & find upon what terms she would come &c. [et cetera] ]

[handwritten text: Mr. & Mrs. Warren of Atlanta also wish to come to Athens, & give an entertainment, Mrs. White will communicate with them also in regard to terms -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Rutherford will give her delightful lecture on Egypt, (in costume) at the Lucy Cobb on the 24th -- Mrs. Lipscomb told of receiving a check for 15$ form [from] our beloved Miss Watt of Boston, for the Talluluah Falls school. Mrs. White read a most beautiful piece from the Atlanta Constitution, written by Mrs. Lipscomb. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Anderson wished to know if the Club would take up work for the "Juvenile State", which was voted down for the present at least -- ]

[handwritten text: There being no further business the Club adjourned -- ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. Z. Hoke.
sec. [secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: Feb [February] 28th 1910 ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met with the Pres. [President] Mrs. White on Feb [February] 28th ]

[handwritten text: Fifteen minutes were spent in an informal social manner, the "tea hour" being presided over by Mrs. McPherson, when the meeting was called to order by the President. ]

[handwritten text: Sec. [Secretary's] Report read & approved -- ]

[handwritten text: Treas [Treasurer's] Report accepted -- Miss Linton treas. [treasurer] stated that "the Club had met every promised obligation for the year." -- Mrs. Donahue will not come to give the entertainment she wished to give -- Since the last meeting Mr. & Mrs Warren, with Mrs Wright & Mr ---- gave a most charming entertainment, at the Lucy Cobb Chapel under the auspices of this Club-- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb now gave a verbal report of the Tallulah school -- ]

[handwritten text: This Club has paid $51.00 only promised [added text (appears to be different ink): x ] 50. -- This is the first Club to redeem its pledge to this school -- Pres [President] asked Miss Harrison & Miss Lucy Linton to draw up suitable resolutions of thanks to Miss Mildred Rutherford for her charming lecture on Egypt, which was given in the Lucy Cobb Chapel, in an elegant Egyptian Costume, brought from that land of charm & mystery by Miss Rutherford herself -- The motion carried to ask the people of the town, through the columns of the Banner for used school books & other books also to be sent to the Clarke Co. [County] schools Books to be sent to the residence of Mrs. Hoke for distribution. No further business the Club adjourned -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs Hoke sec [secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: March 28th 1910 ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met at the home of Mrs. Lipscomb, Mrs. White Pres. [President] presiding -- ]

[handwritten text: Sec [Secretary's] report read & approved -- ]

[handwritten text: Treas. [Treasurer] was absent -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Muire of Charleston, a valued ex. member, wrote asking for a renewal of membership in this Club, & her application was enthusiastically received. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. White gave an account of the play, "Alice in Wonderland" to be given, & chaperones were appointed for the three performances. One of our loved ex. Presidents Miss Woodberry, was with us, & told of some of the work being done by the Atlanta Club. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs Lipscomb told us of the work [added text (appears to be different ink): x ] of Mr. Thos. Early of the W.G. who has gone to Tallulah to plant an apple orchard for our school there. Mrs. Hoke reported 185 books received in response to the notice in the Banner," & they have been distributed between the Winterville Oconee Heights, Tuckston, Bucks' Branch Lampkins & Princeton Schools. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hill was then introduced & gave a resumé of the work being done by the rural schools over the state, after which the ladies were invited into the dining room where most delightful refreshments were served. ]

[handwritten text: after which the Club adjourned. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs Hoke
Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: September 17th 1910 ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: A called meeting of the Athens Womans Club was held at the residence of Mrs. Lipscomb on Sep. [September] 17th. 32 members being present -- The Pres. [President] Mrs. White introduced Mrs. West, who outlined a plan for the cooperation of the Club [added text (appears to be different ink): x ] with the Wesson Cooking Oil Co. for a profit sharing demonstration to be held during the entire week, beginning on Monday Sep [September] 19th-- The Club only to furnish table Cloths, & committees of five ladies for each day, & young ladies to help serve & sell oil. proceeds from all the oil sold, & 10¢ out of every lunch sold to go to the Club -- price of lunch .25¢ -- Menu to be published each day. Committees -- ]

[handwritten text: Monday.
Mesdames Darwin-- Hoke. H. C. White Jas. Hart & Miss Camak-- ]

[handwritten text: Tuesday
" [Mesdames] Earnest, T. F. Green. Brooks. E. R. Hodgson Jr. Miss Lucy Linton W. F. Davis -- ]

[handwritten text: Wednesday --
E. R. Dorsey, Sanford. White -- Avery -- Rowe ]

[handwritten text: Thursday--
J. F. Hart -- Hoke -- Woofter -- Harper & Frank Lipscomb. ]

[handwritten text: Friday
Brand -- T. F. Green -- Branson -- Earnest J. T. Anderson, & Martin-- ]

[handwritten text: Saturday --
Darwin -- Carithers -- Muire -- White Hart, Stevenson -- Lipscomb -- ]

[handwritten text: Treasurers for the entire week. Mrs. F. L. Taylor & Mrs H. C. Conway ]

[handwritten text: The following young ladies

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were requested to assist in serving & selling oil -- ]

[handwritten text: Misses Ida & Annie Dorsey L. Darwin -- L. M. Hull -- Alice Briggs Lucy & Isabell Fleming -- Marion Gerdine. Boling & Martha Phinizy Julia& Lluella Brand-- Edith Branson Frances Burnett, Lil Hodgson -- Nell Hodgson -- Katie Dearing -- Mattie Wilson & Jennie DuBose-- Lidia & Laura Cobb Hutchins -- ]

[handwritten text: Plans were discussed for entertaining the State Federation which meets here in Nov. [November] 2, 3, 4. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb will give a large evening reception. Misses Gerdine & Brumby have tendered the Lucy Cobb Chapel for the use of the convention, & will entertain with an afternoon reception -- other arrangements will be made later -- The following names were presented, & elected to membership in the Club & the Sec. [Secretary] requested to notify them of same -- Mesdames D. G. Anderson McBride Howell -- Walter Jones -- Harper Bartow -- Fullilove, Chamberlain, Brantly Dozier -- Guinn -- P. F. Brown Walter Childs -- Dobbs. Dr. Harrell Richardson -- Constant Miller Armstrong Miss Lizzie Carithers ]

[handwritten text: After social half hour during which fruit punch & crackers were served, the Club adjourned. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs Hoke
Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: Sep [September] 26th ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The regular meeting of the Athens Womans Club called to order by the Pres. [President] Mrs. White. The report from the Wesson Oil Demonstration was received with great satisfaction, the amount to date received $126 00 with a considerable amount of oil on hand. Mrs. Lipscomb moved that the Club return thanks to Mrs. White for her valuable assistance during the demonstration, also to Mrs. Jas. West who so ably demonstrated the many uses of Wesson Oil. also to Mrs. McKibben -- to Mr. J E Talmadge who disposed of so much of the oil -- to Mr. Earnest E. Dallas who made it possible & to Mr. Pratt for a generous donation of the Wesson oil -- ]

[handwritten text: The following committees were appointed for work in regard to the Annual Convention -- ]

[handwritten text: Committee on letters --
Madam's [Mesdames] Harper -- Taylor. Geo Crane Muire -- ]

[handwritten text: On Homes --
Madam's [Mesdames] Darwin -- Conway -- Hutchins, Hull. ]

[handwritten text: Badges.
Madams [Mesdames] Hart. Dorsey, M. G. Nicholson ]

[handwritten text: Pages
Ma'd [Mesdames] -- E. R. Hodgson, Jr. Preston Brooks. ]

[handwritten text: Stationary -- Mrs. Harper. ]

[handwritten text: Bids for luncheons -- Madam's [Mesdames] Hart -- Peeples, Dorsey, Conway. ]

[handwritten text: Meeting adjourned to meet on Oct [October] 6th at Mrs. A. O. Harper. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Muire
sec. [secretary] [Latin: pro tem [tempore] ] -- ]

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[handwritten text: Oct [October] 6th 1910. ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met at a Called session on Oct [October] 6th at the residence of Mrs. A. O. Harper. Minutes read by Mrs. Muire. ]

[handwritten text: Letters from Wesson Oil Co. [Company] read by Mrs. White, who reported something over $152 00 cleared for the Club at the recent Demonstration of Wesson Oil given under the auspices of this Club. Mrs. Harper reported that [deleted text (overstrike): all ] [added text: all notification ] letters, in regard to the coming Federation meeting, had been written -- Mrs. E. R. Hodgson. Jr. has secured the promise of 24 girls to act as pages. This Club requests the Chamber of Commerce to give "Souvenirs of Athens", for distribution during the convention. ]

[handwritten text: Hostesses are urged to write to their prospective guests, & also to meet them at the trains. ]

[handwritten text: It was carried, that arrangements for the Club luncheon be left with Mrs. White & a committee of her selection. Mrs. Hart V. P. [Vice President] appointed to represent this Club as delegate at the coming meeting, with Mrs. Darwin as alternate. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Muire was appointed Corresponding Sec. [Secretary] with power to employ a typist when necessary -- ]

[handwritten text: The following Committees were wanted to serve in arranging for Convention-- Central Committee Mesdames White, Welch, Harper, Taylor Muire & Hoke--
Finance Com. [Committee] Miss Lucy Linton Mrs Peeples, Mrs Darwin ]

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[printed text: THE ATHENS WOMAN'S CLUB. ]

[printed text: The meeting of the Athens Woman's Club held yesterday morning at the home of Mrs. Lipscomb was well attended. The report from the committee on the Wesson Oil demonstration was highly satisfactory and votes of thanks were offered to Mrs. H. C. White for her untiring efforts to bring about the success of the demonstration for the benefit of the Woman's Club, as well as for making it a pleasure to all who attended. Thanks were also extended to Mrs. James West, who demonstrated skilfully [skillfully] the many delicious dishes that can be made with Wesson Oil; to Mrs. McKibben, who ably assisted Mrs. West; to Mr. Earnest E. Dallas, who made the demonstration possible; to Mr. Pralt, who gave a generous donation of the Wesson oil; and to Mr. J. E. Talmadge for kind assistance in disposing of the oil. The club has still three cases they wish to dispose of. ]

[printed text: The next important move was to take up the question of the meeting of the Federation in Athens November 2nd, 3rd and 4th. It is expected that there will be about 150 delegates. For these, homes must be provided, so a committee was appointed to call on friends of the club to entertain them. This will be a notable assembly of Georgia women. Mrs. Philip Moore, president of the Federation of Woman's Clubs, will be here, the guest of Mrs. Lipscomb; also other distinguished guests will attend and make addresses on important subjects. The committee on homes is: Mrs. Darwin, Mrs. Hutchins, Mrs. Conway, Mrs. Hull. ]

[printed text: The next meeting of the club will be at Mrs. A. O. Harper's, Thursday, Oct. [October] 6th, 4:30 p. m. ]

[printed text: MRS. J. Z. HOKE, Secretary. ]

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[handwritten text: [added text (appears to be different ink and hand): 1910 ] ]

[handwritten text: To meet trains Mrs. Davis Chairman Mrs E. R. Hodgson Jr. Mrs Chamberlain Mrs Carithers-- Mrs. Beacham-- Mrs Webb. " [Mrs] J E. Talmadge Jr. Mrs McPherson-- Mrs Harper Miss Lillie Moss.
Mrs. Rowe Chairman -- Mrs Griggs Mrs Stephenson, Sanford, Dorsey & Fullilove
Press --
Miss Mary Lyndon Chairman, Miss Lucy Stanton, Mrs. Rowe, Mrs. Troutman ]

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[handwritten text: Oct [October] 24th 1910 ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: Athens Womans Club met in regular session, at the home of Mrs. Lipscomb-- Badges delivered & collected amount for Club Luncheon for 10 new members -- Minutes read & approved -- Resolutions of sympathy [deleted text (overstrike): expressed ] passed, & Mrs. Hart appointed to express same to Mrs. [unclear text: Mintuth ] & Mr. Capps on the death of their loved one, & our esteemed member, Mrs. W. A. Capps Mrs. Lipscomb appointed to express sympathy of Club, at death in Atlanta of Mrs. R. E. Park-- ]

[handwritten text: All persons who have flowers are requested to send them to the Lucy Cobb Chapel & for the Luncheon at Mrs. E R. Hodgson's Jr.-- Mrs. Brooks & Mrs. Hodgson were appointed Committee to see that pages here will supplied with pads, pencils &c. [et cetera] A letter was read from the Sec. [Secretary] of Agriculture, expressing regrets at his inability to be present at the Annual Meeting-- ]

[handwritten text: Delegate to annual meeting on Nov [November] 18th instructed to offer $15 00 for building at Tallulah school-- Mrs. White reported that two girls were educated [added text (appears to be different ink): x ] & their board paid NW Co. [Company] ]

[handwritten text: Letter read offering two $25 00 scholarships & pupils could give notes for the other $25 00 payable at their convenience, by the Athens Business College. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Dorsey wished relief from this committee & Mrs White requested some one [someone] to volunteer to be chairman of the committee to secure suitable beneficiaries for these scholarships ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Campbell Avery was finally

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appointed -- Mrs. Harper, Chairman on homes for Fed. [Federation] Meeting, reported 68 homes still needed -- Letter read from Mrs. Welch inviting the visitors & officers of the Athens Club to a luncheon on the 19th to be given at her home, by the Laura Rutherford Chapter of the U.D.C's -- ]

[handwritten text: An invitation extended to this whole Club & visitors to a tea to be given at the Lucy Cobb, by Misses Gerdine & Brumby-- Also a cordial invitation to the whole Club & visitors to attend an evening reception on Wednesday evening from 8 to 11 O'clock [added text: at Mrs. M. A. Lipscombs ]. The Club was urged to go to the Chamberlain building to [added text: x ] see a demonstration of what the Athens Merchants are selling -- ]

[handwritten text: There being no further business the Club adjourned to the dining room where delightful refreshments were served -- ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully Submitted ]

[handwritten text: Mrs J Z Hoke Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: Nov [November] 28th 1910 -- ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: Athens Womans Club met at home of Mrs. Lipscomb, Pres [President] Mrs. White in the chair -- Reports of Sec. [Secretary] & Treas. [Treasurer] read & approved -- ]

[handwritten text: A note from Miss Virginia Bryan thanking this Club for $3.00 for Thanksgiving treat for Children of W.A. [West Athens] Kindergarten-- Mrs Conway reported giving Miss Ware $2.00 for W.A. [West Athens] School-- Mrs. White read letter from Miss Annie Patman asking that refreshments be furnished for Mothers meetings at East Athens School-- Also letters from Mrs. Moore Nat. Pres. [National President] & Mrs. Willett State Pres. [President] [deleted text (overstrike): for flowers ] in appreciation of flowers & other courtesies extended to them during the recent meeting of the Federation-- Also a letter from Mrs. [added text (appears to be different ink): x ] Willett in regard to the Club page of the Sunday Constitution -- Mrs. White wants regular reports from this Club to this page of the Constitution-- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb arose & plead for three things -- Scholarships for worthy boys & girls, University Infirmary [added text (appears to be different ink): x ] & East Athens School, she wants this Club to raise next year $1,000 -- for education in Ga. [Georgia] Mrs White reported a gift of $50.00 from the Colonial Homes to the Tallulah Falls School, to be used as Mrs. Lipscomb sees fit. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb, local chairman of the Infirmary Committee reported $1700.00 already paid & promised -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs White produced -- 10,000 -- red Cross stamps to be sold for the holidays & places for assigning them were decided upon. Miss Annie Patman was introduced, & told

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of the Mothers Club, in the East Athens School-- It was moved & carried that Miss Patman be allowed to call on the Treas [Treasurer] of this Club for $3 00 each school month, to furnish refreshments for said Mothers Club of E.A. [East Athens] ]

[handwritten text: The Sec. [Secretary] was instructed to write notes of thanks to the various organizations & Persons, who had contributed so much to the comfort & pleasure of our visitors of the State Federation-- ]

[handwritten text: There being no further business the Club adjourned to the dining room where a social half hour, with delicious refreshments, was enjoyed. ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully ]

[handwritten text: Mrs J Z Hoke. ]

[handwritten text: Christmas week for Dec [December] & inclement weather in Jan [January] prevented meetings during those months ]

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