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Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1899-1911

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1899-1911

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[handwritten text: February 27th 1911.
Roll. ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met on Monday 27th at 4 p.m. at the residence of the Pres [President] Mrs. H. C. White ]

[handwritten text: The meeting was particularly pleasant, being the first to be held in the handsome new home of Mrs. White-- Sec. [Secretary] made a report of the notes written in appreciation of the many courtesies extended to the visitors of the Club during the Annual session held in November. ]

[handwritten text: The one important item of business was arranging for the luncheon on Infirmary day. Mrs. Chamberlain graciously offered the use of her building on Clayton St. [Street] for the Luncheon, which was accepted with thanks -- The Cafe's also offered 10% of their sales for the day -- Mrs. Ora Avary & Miss Lydia Hutchins [deleted text (overstrike): were ] [added text: are ] to be in charge of the Committee at the Caf&133; Royal, & Miss Rosena Thomas of the Committee at Costa's. -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Conway reported $6.00 contributed for the West Athens Kindergarten ]

[handwritten text: By the wise provision of a thoughtful hostess Miss Callie Sosnowski was the reader selected to charm the large & appreciative audience present -- her subject, for which she is so peculiarly well adapted, (being an artist of no small fame herself) was the life & works of Corot. the celebrated French Artist. Miss Sosnowski & her ability to charm an audience, & make them see the things she describes is too well known to the Club to elaborate upon -- "The dance

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of the Nymphs" done by herself from a reproduction of the original, which hangs in the Louvrè was shown the guests & proved a delightful treat to the entire Club -- ]

[handwritten text: Delightful refreshments were served -- (during the examination of the pictures -- ) by Mrs. J. H. T. McPherson Mrs. E. H. Dorsey & Miss Coates Benedict. ]

[handwritten text: The Club adjourned to meet again the fourth Monday in March. ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. Z. Hoke sec. [secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: March 28th 1911. ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met at the home of the Pres [President] Mrs. White ]

[handwritten text: There was an unusually good attendance including several distinguished visitors from different States -- After the reading of the last minutes of the last meeting Mrs. Hull read the report of the Treas. [Treasurer] of the Infirmary day ( Mar [March] 2nd) ]

[handwritten text: Chairman of the Kindergarten Committee absent -- Miss Bryan urged that help be given the West Athens settlement worker -- A motion was made by Mrs. Lipscomb that this Club give five (5$) per month for next year, beginning Sep. [September] 1st-- motion carried -- A letter was read from Mr. Burnet of the N.Y. [New York] Library asking the members of this Club to help in entertaining the members of the State Library Association which will meet in the near future in this town. Mrs. Roberts of Philadelphia [deleted text (overstrike): was ] a sister of Mrs. White-- was then introduced to the club & the members settled themselves to thoroughly enjoy the treat in store & a rare treat it proved to be -- Mrs. Roberts is a world traveler, who sees, thinks, investigates, & rarer still is able to talk in such a way that her hearers almost see the things she describes. Her picture showed the contrast in the condition of the women & children in Turkey & Jeruselam [Jerusalem] between the years of 1900, & 1910-- In 1900 Mrs. Roberts traveled over these eastern bands & found herself in the vanguard

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of the foreign Missionary movement: she said it seemed so hopeless, & not being particularly interested, she thought there was not much chance for them, but after ten years she took the same trip again, met many of the same men & women missionary workers she had known on her former trip, & of the wonders these men & women had accomplished in the uplift of the women & children, & consquently [consequently] the general betterment of these countries, she could never find time to tell. So clear were her descriptions & so enthusiastic is her interest that every one [everyone] present felt with the speaker that the betterment of humanity, brings the highest joy ]

[handwritten text: After the close of Mrs. Roberts talk a social half hour was spent during which delightful refreshments were served -- ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. Z. Hoke sec. [secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: May 1911 -- ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met at the home of the Pres [President] Mrs. White on Milledge Ave [Avenue] -- ]

[handwritten text: Sec. [Secretary's] report read & approved -- ]

[handwritten text: Treasurer reported all assessments met -- it was decided that the $25 00 promised to the Tallulah Falls home be left unpaid until September. ]

[handwritten text: A petition was presented from Miss Annie Sue McKie for help to the Cooking Class of the Night School at East Athens -- Miss McKie has been giving her services every Friday night since December, & she wishes help in the way of materials -- The Club voted to give $10 00 to Miss McKie for help for her services & asks for volunteer contributions -- several volunteering to send something -- ]

[handwritten text: Miss Ware asked that the appropriation of $3 00 per month for the Mothers Club of the West Athens School be continued -- it carried that $25 00 per term be given Miss Ware for this purpose -- Mrs. Lipscomb urged that the Club have one regular Educational rally day each year, & all money made on that day be used for educational purposes -- ]

[handwritten text: Resolutions of regret were read by the Sec. [Secretary] at the loss to the Club, by the removal from our midst of Miss Parish, one of our most valued members -- Mrs. Hoke moved & it carried that a petition from this [added text (appears to be different ink): x ] Club be presented to the City Council & the board of Education -- asking that should the County Court House be moved down town, that the

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present grounds be kept for school & park purposes , for all time.]

[handwritten text: The Sec. [Secretary] was ordered to draw up resolutions & present them to these bodies. ]

[handwritten text: The President Mrs. White asked Mrs. Lipscomb to take the Chair & conduct the election of officers for the coming Club year. It was moved & carried that as there were so few present the election of officers should be held up until the coming fall. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs White then gave the Club a most interesting account of the "Great Peace Conference, at Lake Mohawk" The personelle [personnel] of the Conference was one of the most remarkable ever held in this country -- dignitaries from all over the world being present -- Her account was most delightful but what interests this Club most is that our own Dr. White was placed on the Executive Committee of this most important & distinguished body -- After a social half hour over the tea cups the Club reluctantly adjourned until the coming fall -- ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. Z. Hoke sec. [secretary] ]

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Whereas: -- By reason of the severance of her official connection with the State Normal School/ Miss Celeste Parrish may find it necessary to remove from this community and thereby cease to be an active member of the Athens Woman's Club;

Therefore, Be it Resolved: --

1 -- That the Athens Woman's Club views with profound regret the prospective loss of one of its most highly esteemed, [deleted text (overstrike): most effici ] efficient and [deleted text (overstrike): most ] valuable members.

2 -- That the Club hereby records its high esteem of the lo [deleted text (overstrike): g ] [added text: f ] ty character and the superb intellectual qualities of Miss Parish, its grateful appreciation of the self-scarificing [self-sacrificing] zeal, the wise manner and the great success with which she has engaged, to a [deleted text (overstrike): larger ] degree, [deleted text (overstrike): perhaps, than any other member ], in the activities of the Club, and particlarly [particularly] those connected with its educational work, and its great admiration of her personality, her brilliant acheivements [achievements] and her untiring and successful efforts in the service of the women and children of the State.

3 -- That the Club extends to Miss Parish an assurance of the confidence, the respect and the abiding affection of its members.

4 -- That these resolutions be published in the Athens papers and a copy be se [added text: n ] [deleted text (overstrike): b ] t by the Secretary to Miss Parish.

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[handwritten text: October 16th 1911 -- ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: A Called Meeting of the Athens Woman's Club, Monday afternoon at the home of the Pres. [President] Mrs. H. C. White was for the purpose of electing delegates to the annual meeting, of the State Federation, to be held at Bainbridge, in November-- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. Z. Hoke was appointed delegate & Miss Lucy Linton alternate -- Mrs. White & Mrs. Lipscomb as State officers will both attend. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Patsman Principle [Principal] of the East Athens School was present & requested that the $3 00 a month which has been paid to this school be continued for the coming year. She states that these Mothers meetings have been of more help to her in every way than any one factor in her work -- The Club voted to continue this contribution of $3 00 per month. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. White then introduced Mrs. Julian, the Settlement worker for the West Athens Section, who gave an interesting account of her work. she asked for help in furnishing the model home which has been established there & many articles were contributed -- Mrs. Lipscomb then introduced Miss Folkes, a native of Louisvill [Louisville] Ky. [Kentucky] who is a graduate of Columbia College N. Y. [New York] -- Miss Folkes [added text (appears to be different ink): x ] is the recently elected Princeple [Principal] of the Tallulah Falls school, & the federation is delighted at securing this talented & highly accomplished woman for the head of this school. -- Finances were then

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discussed & it was decided to hold some kind of an entertainment in the near future, for the purpose of raising money to carry on our work. At the conclusion of the business delicious apollanarian [apollinarian] tea & cakes were served -- ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully ]

[handwritten text: Mrs J Z Hoke Sec. [Secretary] ]

[handwritten text: October 23rd 1911. ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The regular meeting of the A.W.C. was held in the home of the Pres [President] Mrs. White on Oct [October] 23rd at four oclock ]

[handwritten text: Sec. [Secretary's] report read & approved -- ]

[handwritten text: Treas [Treasurer] reported .83 c [cents] in the treasury -- Pres. [President] Mrs. White gave cost's & skedule [schedule] of trip to Bainbridge to the meeting of the State Federation-- Note read from Mr. Conway stating that the best he could do would be 33 1/3 off on the price of telephone for Mrs. Julian at the West Athens model home, which has been made possible by the help of Mr. Libbetts & the So. [Southern] Manufacturing Co. [Company] ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb was then appointed Chairman of a committee to elect officers for the coming year, committee to be selected & report at next meeting. It was thought a good idea to hold a skating carnival for the purpose of raising money for the use of the Club. after the business was over Miss Natalie Bocock entertained the Club with a beautiful rendition from Mendelshon [Mendelssohn] -- Mrs. Ora Hart Aver then gave Kiplings L'Envoy-- & was vociferously applauded until

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she responded with "See'in things at night" -- Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Ashford & Mrs. Smith of the Watkinsville Club were then introduced & Mrs. Asheford [deleted text (overstrike): then ] the Pres [President] of that Club then told of the work of the Women of Watkinsville along the lines of Library Civic improvement & many other lines -- Mrs. Asheford is a magnetic woman & a delightful speaker & her talk was most instructive & inspiring, & it will be well if our clubs visit each other more often than they have been doing in the past -- After adjournment a delightful social half hour was spent, & it was a delight to every member present to have these visitors with us -- ]

[handwritten text: Very Respectfully ]

[handwritten text: Mrs J Z Hoke Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: November 25th 1911. ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: A called meeting of the Athens Woman's Club met with the Pres. [President] Mrs. White on Saturday afternoon at four o'clock. Sec. [Secretary's] report read and approved. Treas. [Treasurer] sent report and stated that she had been called out of town on account of illness in the family. Mrs. White read a letter from Miss Julia Pauline Leavins asking for a date to deliver a lecture. It was suggested that she be communicated with and try to arrange for an evening here. Miss Creswell being absent Mrs. White & Mrs. Lipscomb consented to tell the Club of the meeting in Bainbridge. Mrs. White then vacated the chair and Mrs. Lipscomb came forward and expressed the great regrets of the Club at the forced resignation of Mrs. White. The members of the Club then gave a rising vote of appreciation to their retiring president whom they all loved and respected. Mrs. Lipscomb was chairman of the nominating committee and had Mrs. Bocock to read the following report -- ]

[handwritten text: For President, Mrs. A. O. Harper.

" [For] Vice " [President] " [Mrs.] J. E. Talmadge Jr.
Recording Sec. [Secretary] " [Mrs.] Dan Du Pree.
Treasurer " [Mrs.] Fitzgerald Green.

[handwritten text: These names were read and the committee stated through Mrs. Lipscomb that any member was at liberty to bring forward any other nominations. As none were brought forward the above were unanimously

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elected. Mrs. White then came forward and gave a delightful account of the meeting at Bainbridge. She also [added text (appears to be different ink): x ] reminded us that we had pledged $50.00 for the Tallulah School and $25.00 for the Emily Park Memorial. Mrs. Harper then gave $5.00 for the Memorial fund. Mrs. Conway then gave a report of $20.73 which had been spent in the West Athens district. Mrs. Harper came forward and took the Presidents chair at the request of Mrs. White. The following new names were suggested for membership -- Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Will Steedman, Mrs. Griffeth, and Miss Nute. They were unanimously elected and welcomed. Mrs. Lipscomb gave a little talk on some very impressive things gathered from the meeting at Bainbridge. It was suggested that Dr. White and Mrs. Lipscomb, at some early date give us their lectures on the Peace Movement. Later it was decided to have Mrs. Lipscomb give us her address at the next meeting of the Woman's Club. The meeting in December was to be held at the home of the new Pres. [President] Mrs. A. O. Harper. During the winter months the meetings will be held at 3:30 instead of four on account of the short afternoons. There being no other business the meeting adjourned. A half hour was then pleasantly spent over the tea cups. ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully submitted, ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Dan Du Pree.
Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: December 25th 1911. ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: There was no meeting of the Woman's Club during December on account of the Christmas ho [deleted text (overstrike): l ] lidays interfering with the regular time for meeting. A meeting will be held in January. ]

[handwritten text: Resp. [Respectfully] ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Dan DuPree.
Sec. [Secretary] ]

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