Document: awc001

Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1899-1911

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1899-1911

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[handwritten text: Report of Woman's Club for months April and May -- ]

[handwritten text: At beginning of mo. [month] we had a deposit of $8.03. ]

[handwritten text: The Easter egg hunt receipts were $9.65 --
Total $17.68 ]

[handwritten text: Of that amt [amount] these were special contributions --

Miss Annie Camak =$5.00
Mr. Brightwell =.50
Mrs Katie Thomas =.60
Mrs. Crawford =.25
Gate receipts =3.30


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[handwritten text: Donations to Kindergarten work during the two months

Mr. Lipscomb =$10.00
Chas. H. Phinizy Jr. =5.00
A friend =5.00
Judge Howell Cobb =1.00
Miss Millie Rutherford =10.00
Dues collected =1.00
Previous amt [amount] =17.68


[handwritten text: Expenses ]

[handwritten text: Two months salary to Miss Carltan = $30.00. ]

[handwritten text: $6.00 turned over to Miss Carltan for current expenses ]

[handwritten text: Leaving a balance to our credit of $13.68 ]

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[handwritten text: The [deleted text (overstrike): se ] following articles were donated to the Easter egg hunt -- Talmadge Bros. [Brothers] 1 large basket of cakes.
Mrs. Billups Phinizy 2. gal's [gallons] of ice cream
Mr. McGregor = books and paper for the children
Mr. Flannigan street car [added text: [ Note: checkmark ] ] to and from the hunt.
Eggs -- from members of Womans club.

[handwritten text: Ida Brand Peeples
Treas. [Treasurer] ]

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