Document: awc001

Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1899-1911

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1899-1911

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[handwritten text:

Miss Woodberry =$1.00
Mrs Peeples1.00
Miss Duiando1.00
Mrs. Hoke1.00
Miss Lucy Linton1.00
Mrs Stevenson1.00
Mrs Lovejoy1.00
Mrs A. Farrell1.00
Miss Hopkins1.00
Mrs Hart1.00
Mr. Hart1.00
Mrs Stovall1.00
Miss Parish1.00
Miss Gath1.00


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[handwritten text:

Expended on Kindergarten salary =$211.85
State and Gen Fed. [General Federation] dues9.50
Broach to clubs3.00
honor graduate6.00
Xmas [Christmas] tree [added text: 223.35 ]
Paying tallyho3.00 --


[handwritten text: The balance paid out in small amts [amounts] for Kinder garten [Kindergarten] work -- Only gave large amts [amounts] expended ]

[handwritten text: We have had a very successful business year and a very delightful social yr. [year] Having had charming lectures from [added text: Mrs Roberts ] Miss SosnoskiMiss Parish Davis and Dr. Hopkins -- Mrs Jackson

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and other's -- Mrs Lipscomb has given much pleasure in her Shakespeare evening -- Mrs White entertained us at each of the gen [general] meetings [deleted text (overstrike): and ] current topic section has been beautifully entertained at each meeting. ]

[handwritten text: Quanities [Quantities] of ice cream and cake have been given for different entertainments of [added text: Kindergarten ] children -- so I think it proper just here to move a vote of thanks be given our retiring Pres. [President] for her beautiful and successful work during the year ]

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[handwritten text:

Those giving contributions during yr. [year]
Mrs. H. C. White =$5.00 
" [Mrs.] Lipscomb10.00 
Miss Camak5.00 
Mrs Conway5.00 
Miss McPherson1.00 
Miss Davis 1.00 
Mrs C. B. Griffith 4.00 
From Club 2.50 [ Note: checkmark with overstrike ]
Kings daughters8.50 [ Note: checkmark with overstrike ]
From club 1.84 [ Note: checkmark with overstrike ]
Lecturer3.25 [ Note: checkmark with overstrike ]
Egg hunt3.00 [ Note: checkmark ]
Miss Ora Hart 70.30 
Sample party50.04 [ Note: checkmark ]
Mrs Crawford 2.00 
Mrs Young 2.00 
Mrs Barnett1.00 

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