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Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1899-1911

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1899-1911

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[printed text: Savannah, Ga. [Georgia], February 11. -- (Special.) -- Topics bearing on the educational missionary work in the mountain districts of Georgia were discussed at considerable length at the annual meeting of the State Association for the Education of Georgia Mountaineers, held in St. John's Parish hall yesterday. ]

[printed text: The meeting, which was largely attended, was one of the most enthusiastic and interesting held during the four years' existence of the association. A discussion of plans for the distribution of the money now in the treasury of the association took up some time, it finally being decided to wait until after the whist tournament, which is to be held February 7 to raise funds for the association work, before a distribution is made. ]

[printed text: All of the reports of the officers showed that the last year was the most successful since the association was organized. The treasurer, Mrs. Otis Ashmore, made an especially interesting report, which showed that a substantial sum is now in the treasury waiting to be distributed. The prospects are good for realizing a considerable sum from the whist tournament. The president, Mrs. S. B. C. Morgan, told of the work of the association during the year, and suggested that even better work be done the coming year. ]

[printed text: The object of the State Association for the Education of Georgia Mountaineers is indicated by the name. Besides the awarding of scholarships to deserving mountain children and the donation of money to institutions engaged in the education of the mountaineers' children, the association is doing a great work in a variety of other ways. The association stands, it was explained, for the uplift through education of the mountaineers of Georgia. The striking need of education for the young mountaineers is being felt more and more, it was pointed out. ]

[printed text: The election resulted in several changes. Mrs. Morgan, who has been president since the organization, was re-elected over her protest, Mrs. Robert Waller announced that she could not serve any longer as recording secretary, and Miss Mary Ellis was elected to succeed her. Mrs. L. G. Young was elected corresponding secretary to succeed Mrs. Montague Boyd, who declined re-election. ]

[printed text: Following are the officers of the association for the ensuing year: ]

[printed text: President, Mrs. S. B. Morgan. ]

[printed text: Vice Presidents -- Mrs. J. J. Wilder, Mrs. I. P. Mendes, Mrs. F. F. Reese, Mrs. W. L. Wilson, Mrs. J. K. Ottley and Mrs. Frederick Pope. ]

[printed text: Recording Secretary -- Miss Mary Ellis. ]

[printed text: Corresponding Secretary -- Mrs. L. G. Young. ]

[printed text: Treasurer -- Mrs. Otis Ashmore. ]

[printed text: Board of Managers -- Mrs. Raymond Demere, Mrs. R. G. Clark, Mrs. Harvey Granger, Mrs. Henry Levy, Miss Catherine Latham, Mrs. William Garrard, Miss Sadie Anderson, Mrs. C. C. Ely, Miss Fannie Glover, of Marietta; Mrs. T. W. Godfrey, of Covington; Mrs. Edwin Parsons, of New York; Mrs. Charles Huston, of Coatesville, Pa. [Pennsylvania] ; Mrs. H. C. White, of Athens; Mrs. Montague Boyd, Mrs. Robert Waller, Mrs. Frank Arden, Mrs. Anton P. Wright, Mrs. George T. Cann, Miss Abbie Orme, Mrs. J. H. Hunter, Mrs. William Davidson, Mrs. Marie L. Myrick and Mrs. Charles Malone. ]

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