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Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1899-1911

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1899-1911

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[printed text: Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs
Tifton, Georgia.
November Seventh and Eighth
By Invitation of
Twentieth Century Library Club . ]

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[printed text: Officers of Georgia Federation -- 1906- 1907.

President -- Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb, Athens.
First Vice-President -- Mrs. Hugh Willet, Atlanta.
Second Vice-President -- Mrs. R. T. Humphrey, West Point.
Recording Secretary -- Mrs. Robert Taylor, Griffin.
Corresponding Secretary -- Miss Rosa Woodberry, Athens.
Treasurer -- Mrs. E. P. Dismukes, Jr., Columbus.
Auditor -- Mrs. Mallory Taylor, Macon.
State Editor -- Mrs. Oscar Peeples, Cartersville.
Directors -- Mrs. B. A. Peeples, Valdosta; Miss Louise M. Nees, Augusta; Mrs. E. B. Heard, Middleton; Mrs. W. P. Pattillo, Atlanta; Mrs. Lewis Brown, Fort Valley.
General Federation Secretary -- Mrs. A. O. Granger.
Directors for Life -- Mrs. J. Lindsay Johnson, Mrs. James Jackson.

[printed text: November 7-- Meetings.

Executive Board, 9 A. M., Supt. [Superintendent] 's Office, School Building.
Credential Committee, 9:30 A. M., School Auditorium.

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[printed text: Thursday, November 7.
Morning Session -- 10 A. M.

Invocation -- Rev. [Reverend] Henry Miller.

[printed text: Addresses of Welcome --

For the Second Congressional District, Judge James M. Griggs.
For the City -- J. L. Herring.
For the Schools -- Prof. [Professor] Jason Scarboro.
For the Twentieth Century Library Club -- Mrs. H. H. Tift.
For the Homes -- Mrs. Nichols Peterson.
Response for the Federation -- Mrs. H. C. White.
Report of Credential Committee.

Report of Officers --

Recording Secretary, Mrs. Robert Taylor.
Corresponding Secretary, Miss Rosa Woodberry
Treasurer, Mrs. E. P. Dismukes, Jr.
Auditor, Mrs. Mallory Taylor.
State Editor, Mrs. Oscar Peeples.

[printed text: Unfinished Business. ]

[printed text: Reports of Clubs. ]

[printed text: Afternoon Session -- 2:30 P. M.

Garden and Village Improvement -- Report -- Mrs. W. L. Hines.
Civic Beauty Work in the Clubs of America -- Mrs. Sam D. Jones

[printed text: The City Beautiful

Mrs. Henry B. Crawford, Columbus
Mrs. Oscar Peeples, Cartersville
Mrs. Homer V. Jones, Norcross
Miss Emma Perry, Poplar Springs

[printed text: Reports of Clubs. ]

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[printed text: Evening Session -- 8 P. M.

Address of President -- Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb.
Violin Solo -- "Zigeunerweisen" -- Sarasati -- Miss Katherine Tift.
Some Needed Reforms in School Legislation -- Prof. [Professor] T. J. Woofter.
Introduced by Superintendent W. B. Merritt.
"Blest Be the Tie that Binds."

[printed text: Friday, November 8.
Morning Session -- 10. A. M.

Invocation -- Rev. [Reverend] E. M. Whiting.
Education -- Report -- Mrs. Robert Emory Park.
Directors for Model Schools, with exhibits for prizes -- Mrs. E. B. Heard, Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb, Mrs. Lindsay Johnson and Mrs. M. L. Johnson.
Kindgergarten -- Mrs. Nellie Peters Black.
Social Service -- Mrs. A. McD. Wilson.
Club Extension -- Mrs. W. P. Pattillo.
Effects of Child Labor Legislation in Georgia-- Mrs. A. O. Granger, General Federation Secretary for Georgia.
Civil Service Work in G. F. W. C. [Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs] -- Mrs. James Jackson.
The Boston Biennial -- Mrs. Hugh Willet.
Reports of Clubs

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[printed text: Afternoon Session -- 2:30 P.M.

Library Report -- Mrs. E. G. McCabe.
School Improvement Work in Georgia -- Mrs. G. A. Alexander.
Some Georgia Hand Crafts with exhibit -- Mrs. Nellie Peters Black
The Problem of Domestic Service -- Mrs. Robert Taylor.
Report of Nominating Committee.
Report of Clubs.

[printed text: Evening Session -- 8 P. M.

Our Forests and How to Save Them -- Enos A. Mills, Government Expert in Forestry, introduced by Prof. [Professor] Alfred Akerman.
Vocal Solo -- I'll Wait for Thee -- Ashford -- Mrs. G. S. Evans.
Violin Obligato by Miss Tift.
The Story of a Mountain School -- Andrew J. Ritchie, of Rabun Gap. (By Request.)
"God Be With You 'Till We Meet Again."

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[printed text: Local Committees.

Federation Badges -- Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Chesnutt, Miss Gray.
To Meet Trains -- Mrs. Banks, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Fish, Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Golden, Mrs. Timmons, Mrs. R. D. Smith.
Entertainment -- Mrs. W. O. Tift, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Golden.
Decoration -- Misses Elma Padrick, Urma Murrow, Carrie Fulwood, Linda Hollingsworth, Mrs. J. J. L. Phillips, Mrs. Keith Carson.
Care of Stage -- Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Buck, Mrs. Fish, Mrs. Stewart.
Refreshments -- Mrs. W. O. Tift, Mrs. Vickers, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Mason, Mrs. R. D. Smith.
Finance -- Mrs. Fish, Mrs. Timmons.

[printed text: Entertainments.

Reception -- November 6-- 9 P. M.
Hotel Myon Parlors.
Tea -- November 7-- 5 P. M.
Residence of Mrs. C. D. Fish.
Lunch -- November 8-- 1 .M. [P. M.]
Residence of Mrs. H. H. Tift.
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