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Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1912-1920

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1912-1920

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[ Note: This document contains handwritten, typewritten, and printed text. ]

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[handwritten text: Minutes of Athens Woman's Club.
January 22nd 1912 [View the meeting summary].]

[handwritten text: The regular meeting of the Athens Woman's Club was held with Mrs. A. O. Harper at 3:30. It was the first meeting of the new year and also the first meeting with our new President. The roll was called and thirty members were present. Mrs. White told of the Convention which will be held in San Francisco next June and any one [anyone] who would like to take the trip can get information about it by giving Mrs. White your name. Mrs. Lipscomb made a motion that each member pay an extra ten cents as dues which would pay our national dues, making $1.10 instead of $1.00 as dues for the year. The motion was seconded and carried. Mrs. Hart then presented the following resolutions: -- "Whereas it has become necessary in the proper course of time to elect a new president of the Federation of Clubs in Georgia and]

[handwritten text: Whereas it has been the pleasure and wisdom of the entire state body of Women's Clubs to select unanimously Mrs. H. C. White, the present President of the Athens Woman's Club to that honor and responsibility, and ]

[handwritten text: Whereas by law and constitution no member of a club can hold two offices at one and the same

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time, for which reason Mrs. H. C. White must withdraw from her office in the Athens Woman's Club: -- ]

[handwritten text: Be it resolved --
That the Athens Woman's Club yields to the pleasure of the state with both reluctance and pride, commending warmly the choice of the new State president. and]

[handwritten text: Resolved --
To assist in every possible way the new state president in her very arduous and important duties and to bid her God speed in her work.]

[handwritten text: Resolved --
To place a copy of these resolutions on the minutes of the Athens Woman's Club."]

[handwritten text: Signed.

[handwritten text: After they were read a motion was made to publish the resotutions [resolutions] in each of the town papers. It was seconded and carried. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. R. D. Mure was made chairman of a committee of five to appoint committees for the year. The following will be named: Programme and Entertainment: Educational Committee & Tallulah Falls Circle: Infirmary: Civics: Legislative & Compulsory School Attendance: Public Health: Philanthropic: Home Economics: Press: Local Finance: Kindergarten: Gift Scholarship and Students aid and Library.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Ora Hart Avery recited beautifully "The Musicians" followed by a pleasing encore. Mrs. Conway's report. ([added text (appears to be different ink): $] 21.58) ]

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[handwritten text: It was decided that the Entertainment Committee should see Dr. Harry White and see when he could give his lecture on "Peace Movement." ]

[handwritten text: There being no other business a social half hour was enjoyed. Delightful refreshments were served. ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully submitted, ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Dan Du Pree.
Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: February 8th 1912 .] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: A called meeting of the Athens Womans Club was held with the President, Mrs. A. O. Harper. About twenty-five members were present and several visitors. ]

[handwritten text: The Tribune Contest was brought before the Club. The requirments [requirements] to enter the contest were explained fully and a motion was made for the Club to enter the contest. It was carried and almost every woman [added text: present] gave her consent to help with the work. ]

[handwritten text: The following new names were presented for membership. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Max Michael, Mrs. Marvin Maynard, Mrs. Louie Funkenstein, Mrs. Carlton Jester, Mrs. L. L. Hendren, and Mrs. J. Van Straatan. They were unanimously elected and heartily welcomed into the Club. ]

[handwritten text: A letter was read to the Club from the Commissioner of Education urging a large representation from Georgia to the 15th convention for Education of the South, which will be held in Nashville, April 3- 4- 5. Mrs. F. L. Taylor gave a report of the work done and being done by the Civic Club.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Mure read the names of those who are to serve under the different committees. So much time was consumed in discussing the Tribune Contest, not much was left for anything else. The meeting then adjourned. Delightful refreshments were served. ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully submitted, ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Dan DuPree. Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: February 19 -- 1912 .] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The regular meeting of the Athens Woman's Club was held with the president, Mrs. A. O. Harper. The meeting was opened with the Lords Prayer, led by Mrs. Frank Lipscomb. The roll was called and about twenty members were present. The minutes of the last meeting read and approved. Treasurers report given. ]

[handwritten text: Two new members were present, Mrs. Caroll Proctor and Mrs. Bickerstaff. The Club is delighted to have them and each member heartily welcomes them. ]

[handwritten text: "Side by Side" was beautifully read by Miss Alama Steele. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb talked most interestingly on "Woman's Work". ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. T. F. Green gave a talk urging the support of the Club in the contest and also read the names of the merchants and business men who have helped us in this contest. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. White read a paper on the work done by women. How women first began to work and some of the things accomplished by the Federation of Women's Clubs. ]

[handwritten text: Each member present was asked to report the work she had done in the Tribune Contest. ]

[handwritten text: It was voted that a note of thanks be sent to Mr. Geo. Crane for some typewriting he has done for the club. ]

[handwritten text: A girl who needed and

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wanted an education was reported and the matter was turned over to Mrs. H. C. Conway for investigation.]

[handwritten text: Miss Prentice gave a short talk on the Burrough's nature Clubs that have been organized and told something of some of his books. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Harper suggested that it would be nice to give Dr.& Mrs. Burrough's a reception while in Athens but no action was taken on the subject. ]

[handwritten text: There being no other business the meeting adjourned to the dining room where delightful refreshments were served. ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully submitted, ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Dan Du Pree,
Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: March 25 -- 1912 .] [View the meeting summary] [View Progressive Era events from this month]

[handwritten text: The regular meeting of the Athens Woman's Club was held at the home of the President. It was opened with the Lord's Prayer led by Mrs. H. C. Conway. The roll was called and 27 members were present. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Treasurer reported $5.00 in the treasury. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Harper told the Club that the manager of the Tribune Contest wanted to extend the time for the Contest. Mrs. White made a motion, which was carried, that we object to the continuation. Mrs. White talked of the trip to San Francisco to the Convention and presented printed matter which she had on the subject. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. F. L. Bartow read a letter from Dr. Conway giving the correct information of the double-barrelled [barreled] cannon. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. E. A. Crawford rendered beautifully a paper on "Woman's Work". Mrs. Geo. Hodgson also read an interesting selection. ]

[handwritten text: This was followed by a talk from Mrs. W. E. Shepherd, of Madison, Vice President of the 8th district of Womans' Clubs. She told very interestingly of the work they had done and were doing in her town. Of the struggles they had had, but of the good accomplished. Her talk was enjoyed and every member of the Womans Club was delighted to have her with us.

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Mrs. Conway handed in the following report. To the mother's meeting in West Athens. $1.00 for last month and the same for this month. 12 books valued at 50 each. She also reported she had investigated the matter in regard to the girl who wanted an education and found that she could not be spared from home to attend school.]

[handwritten text: After some discussion of the Contest the meeting adjourned. A social half hour was spent in the dining room where delicious refreshments were served. ]

[handwritten text: Resp. [Respectfully] submitted, ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Dan DuPree.
Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: April 28 -- 1912.] [View the meeting summary] [View Progressive Era events from this month]

[handwritten text: The Athens Woman's Club held its regular monthly meeting with the President at 4:30. Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb presided, opening the meeting with the Lord's Prayer. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved. Treasurer gave a very interesting report and said that after all pledges were paid we would have $500.00 left over. It was then put before the Club, whether we should deposit the money in the bank in the savings department or lend it for six month [months] at a good per cent [percent]. It was moved and seconded that the $500.00 be turned over to the treasurer to be invested at the best per cent [percent] possible. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb suggested that a resolution of thanks be presented to those who worked so hard in the Contest for the automobile. At the request of Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Green the resolution of thanks was omitted. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Conway reported $49.44 spent in different ways in West Athens. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Mure reported work done by the Press Committee and urged the members of the Club to aid this Committee by sending in all the clippings they could get that would be appropiate [appropriate] for the club page. ]

[handwritten text: The different pledges made by the Club were then read. ]

[handwritten text: A motion was made by Mrs.

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Conway that $1.50 be given Miss Mary Lou Weir each month for Mother's meeting in West Athens. It was seconded and carried.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb talked of the work at Cass Station and the money needed there. A motion was made seconded and carried that we raise our pledge from $10.00 to $25.00. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Patman gave a report of her work which was very encouraging. As Mrs. Parker was not present no report from Hiawassee Settlement was given. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Welch and Mrs. Green talked of the U.D.C. convention which will be held here in October.]

[handwritten text: The following names were presented for membership -- Mrs. Jus. Chipley, Mrs. Carl Zirbes, and Mrs. Dr. Waters. The Club is delighted to have these new members and hope they will give us their hearty support. ]

[handwritten text: As there was no other business the meeting adjourned to the dining room for delightful refreshments. ]

[handwritten text: Resp. [Respectfully] submitted. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Dan DuPree.
Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: June 4 -- 1912.] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Woman's Club held the last meeting of the old year with the President at 4:30 o'clock. It was a week later than usual on account of interfering with Lucy Cobb Commencement. The meeting was opened by the Lord's Prayer led by Mrs. Hill. Roll was called and twenty members were present. The treasurer reported about $900.00 collected since fall with about $366.00 for expenses. All pledges have been paid except $15.00 more to Hiawassee Settlement work. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Harper read a letter from Miss Gerdine in regard to the scholarship given at Lucy Cobb by the Woman's Club. As Miss Orr has done splendid work the club has given her the scholarship for another year. ]

[handwritten text: Another letter was read by Mrs. Harper in regard to a History of the Federation Monument. The letter was turned over to Mrs. Hill who will investigate the matter and let the Club know just what it is through the newspaper, as there will not be another meeting until fall. ]

[handwritten text: The following new names were presented for membership -- Mrs. Clare Heidler, Mrs. Coleman, and Miss Mary Lou Weir. We are glad to have them as members of the Club. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb made a motion,

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which was carried, that we have an honorary membership. Mrs. A. J. Ritchie, of Rabun Gap was the only member elected at this meeting.]

[handwritten text: The U.D.C. luncheon was the next thing to be discussed. There were various suggestions but one of the main ones was this. To get one person who knows her business to take entire charge of the luncheon and pay her so much to do it. Another one was to let one or two ladies in Athens take charge of it and of course do it for nothing. Any way [Anyway], the entire Club wants the Luncheon to be a grand success and not spare expence [expense] to make it so. Every member of the Club is to be invited and we hope every one will do her part to make it a success. The treasurer wanted to know if any one [anyone] would offer any plan as to how we would raise the money for it. None was offered. Later in the meeting Mrs. Lipscomb made a motion which was carried, that every member of the Club give a dollar for the U.D.C. luncheon. There are about 150 members so we can count on 150 dollars. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hodgson made a motion which was also carried that the executive Board be given the power to get the money for the luncheon. ]

[handwritten text: The executive Board was elected consisting of seven members. The officers of the Club and three others. The following ladies then are members of this Board --

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Mrs. A. O. Harper, Mrs. Jus. E. Talmadge Jr., Mrs. T. F. Greene, Mrs. Dan DuPree, Mrs. W. B. Hill, Mrs. A. S. Parker and Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb gave a short talk of the district meeting at Madison and a very interesting talk of Mountain Schools. She got the Club so interested that over $200.00 was promised to build a school house at Mathis. We hope to be able to present this money to the Federation next November to build it immediately.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Walter Pitner and Miss Brumby are the three delegates going to San Francisco this month to the Convention. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Crawford talked for a few minutes on the value of reading. ]

[handwritten text: There was not time for any more business so the meeting adjourned until fall. Refreshments were served in the dining room. ]

[handwritten text: Resp. [Respectfully] submitted, ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Dan DuPree.
Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: September 17, 1912 .] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The first meeting of the Athens Women's Club since June occurred September 17 at the home of Mrs. T. F. Greene. It was entirely a business meeting attended by about twenty members. The secretary, [Latin: pro tem [tempore] ], read several letters; one from Mrs. Richie expressing her appreciation of her election as honorary member of the club; one from Miss Orr thanking the club for its assistance to her.]

[handwritten text: It was made known to the members that the money raised by the sale of the "Tribune" automobile was to be used for scholarships, and as a loan fund to help needy girls (only) get an education. Mrs. H. C. White spoke of the approaching Federation meeting in Atlanta, giving an outline of the programme [program] and stressing the most interesting features. The delegates elected to this meeting are as follows. Mrs. Louis Funkenstein, Mrs. A. S. Parker, Mrs. T. F. Greene, alternates, Mrs. J. W. Hart, Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. M. Nicholson. Mrs. J. E. Talmage, Jr., was chosen alternate for the president. Mrs. Greene told of conditions in regard to the proposed school at Mathis and also the school conditions at Mountain City. Upon motion, it was decided to assist the latter place at present in building a school house and suspend action at Mathis until conditions are more favorable. The plan is for the Club to take the Mountain City school under its wing until it is well established, then turn it over to the county for its support if this seems advisable. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Van Straatan told of a family at

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Demorest whom she helped by sending to them a box of clothing -- this as club work.]

[handwritten text: A letter from the Students Aid Association was read but action in regard to giving it assistance was deferred until the next meeting. ]

[handwritten text: The auto contest conducted by the moving picture houses has been entered. If the club wins the car the proceeds will be given for educational purposes. It was decided unanimously to elect Misses Brumby and Gerdine honorary members. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Jere Pound, Mrs. George Coleman and Mrs. Wardlaw were proposed for membership. Mrs. Wardlaw has accepted and it is hoped the others will. ]

[handwritten text: Plans for the luncheon to be given the U.D.C.'s in October were discussed, after which the meeting adjourned.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. S. R. Hodgson, Jr. ]

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[handwritten text: October 17, 1912] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Woman's Club met October 17th with the vice-president, Mrs. John E. Talmadge Jr. A good attendance present. Mrs. J. F. Hart acting secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting which stood approved.]

[handwritten text: The resignation of Mrs. DuPree as Secretary was read and accepted with much regret. The cause of resignation being removal from Athens. The club unanimously expressed sincere regret at the loss of so excellent a member. The treasurer's report for the year included collections of $935.58 and scholarships $835.00 total of $1781.88 A splendid and most encouraging report. The question of ways and means regarding luncheon to be given the United Daughters of Confederacy at the time of the approaching Convention began with talks by Mrs. White, Mrs. Lipscomb and Mrs. Green. Much enthusiasm was felt and expressed. Mrs. Green read a letter from Miss Osgood regarding an exhibit of Arts and Crafts for the Federation of Clubs convening in Atlanta very soon and reported a fine collection already gotten together for the same.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Talmadge introduced Mrs. Frederick Hodgson of Atlanta who gave a splendid talk on the need of help for the fighting of tuberculosis in the State, to which cause the selling of a million red cross seals was to be devoted, after which an open discussion by club was entertainingly entered into. Mrs. Hoke, Mrs. Green and Mrs. Talmadge speaking

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warmly on the subject.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hoke moved that a committee be appointed to take up the work in Athens -- carried -- Mrs. Hoke appointed chairman of Committee. Moved and seconded that Mrs. Green be allowed express to pay on articles sent to federation. ]

[handwritten text: Club adjourned for social hour. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. F. Hart
Sec. [Latin: pro. tem [tempore] ] ]

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[handwritten text: November 1912] [View the meeting summary]


[printed text: The Athens Woman's Club met by courtesy at the home of the federation president, Mrs. H. C. White on November 25th with about 30 members present; Mrs. White presiding in the absence of the president, Mrs. A. O. Harper.]

[printed text: After the secretary's report, which stood approved, the treasurer's report was read and heartily endorsed. The expense of the splendid luncheon given to the U.D.C. 's at their late convention in Athens was much less than had been expected. The report was greeted with applause and commendation for the efficient management of the affair. ]

[printed text: The following hour was given over to talks of the recent meeting of the Federation of Clubs, in Atlanta, and warm praise was given the president of the Federation -- the former president of the Athens Woman's Club, Mrs. H. C. White, for her splendid management of that large and important meeting. Every hour of the convention with its obligations, was promptly and efficiently met to the moment. Questions, answers, all business, rolled off in the greatest precision, without undue haste but finality. The distinguished guests of the convention, the Baroness Suttner and Mrs. Pennybacker, were pleased to say much in praise of the management of the work in Georgia, heartily endorsing and commending the many fine lines of that work. ]

[printed text: Mrs. John E. Talmadge, Jr., made a splendid report, as did Mrs. Funkenstein and Mrs. Green of the work of the convention, the three being delegates from the club. Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb, the chairman of the nominanting [nominating] committee being out of the city the called election of officers was carried over to the next meeting. ]

[printed text: Mrs. White reported that the club's usual contribution of five dollars per month to the settlement work in West Athens, had been taken from the club by the generosity of Mr. Tibbetts, thus enabling the culb [club] to devote that sum to other needs. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Hoke and Mrs. White made splendid talks on the urgent need for the suppression of tuberculosis in our midst. The need is great, and the call met with prompt response. The Athens Woman's Club will take up the obligation and do its best. ]

[printed text: A brief talk on the Federation endowment fund followed. It was carried that the appeal for such a fund was both legitimate and necessary, and the question will be fully discussed and acted upon at the next meeting. ]

[printed text: M[deleted text (overstrike): rs.] ][added text (appears to be different ink): iss] ][printed text: Wier ][printed text: reported her school grounds in a bad condition and asked the club for the amount of $4.50 to remedy the same. Carried. ]

[printed text: No further business on hand, the session adjourned for the social hour. Several delightful vocal selections were given by Miss Dunlap, accompanied by Mrs. Davis. Miss Dunlap's voice is well trained and very sweet. Her selections were greatly enjoyed and the club tendered her sincerest thanks for the pelasure [pleasure]. After a half hour over the tea cups the meeting adjourned until January.]

[printed text: MRS. J. F. HART,
Sec. [Secretary] [Latin: Pro Tem. [Tempore] ] ]

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