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Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1912-1920

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1912-1920

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Tribute of Esteem and Affection From the Athens Woman's Club [View the meeting summary]

[printed text: The regular monthly meeting of the Athens Woman's club was held at the home of Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb yesterday afternoon, followed by impressively beautiful memorial services in honor of Mrs. H. C. White, the late beloved president of the Georgia Federation.]

[printed text: Members of other organizations and admiring friends gathered to pay loving tribute. The business meeting was opened by the vice president, Mrs. John E. Talmadge, Jr., she read a note of thanks and appreciation from Dr. White for expressions of loving sympathy from the Athens Club. The meeting was then turned over to Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb, chairman, who presided with her usual grace, and throughout the beautiful meeting tears flowed from all eyes, and a beautiful love and a great feeling of sorrow filled the hearts of all present. In the absence of the corresponding secretary, Mrs. J. F. Hart, Mrs. W. J. Peeples was called upon to take her place, and read the minutes of the last meeting which were approved. Mrs. T. F. Green, treasurer read her report which was full of interest. Mrs. J. Z. Hoke gave a report of the sale of Red Cross seals, which was a little disappointing in its amount. Many good reasons were given for the small sale, and Mrs. Lipscomb urged each one to make a special point to do more next Christmas to swell the army of workers to wipe out the white plague and expressed an appreciation for the splendid devotion made by the late Mr. Raoul, of Atlanta, for the worthy cause and the grand and glorious work being done by Mrs. Frederick Hodgson, of Atlanta. ]

[printed text: The most important pledge of the year by the Athens Woman's Club is to build a mountain (county) school, industrial of course, at Mountain City in North Georgia to be called Ella F. White, which will be a beautiful memorial to one that worked faithfully unto the end of her triumphant life, for the uplift and advancement of education (for the less fortunate).]

[printed text: In the election of officers, Mrs. T. F. Green was elected president, Mrs. George Hodgson, vice president; Mrs. A. S. Parker, recording secretary; Mrs. J. E. Talmadge, Jr., corresponding secretary; Mrs. H. C. Conway, treasurer. ]

[printed text: The very beautiful, loving and expressibly sad memorial services followed. ]

[printed text: The tributes were among the most beautiful paid the beloved Mrs. White and in many instances the tears and sobs cut short the very lovely expressions of her splendid worth, matchless grace, and triumphant life. ]

[printed text: As Mrs. Lipscomb said the sweet spirit of the sainted woman seemed with us. Her ideal home life was spoken of, her great and small deeds, all of great consequence to mankind -- so worthy of emulation, and an incentive to spur us onward, upward. After the following program was carried out, expressions of love and sympathy were from Mrs. R. D. Mure, Mrs. Hoke, Mrs. Green and others. Eyes filled with tears and husky voices told too well the grief for their late president whose sweet fragrant memory will live forever and stimulate the club in all future work. ]


[printed text: In Memoriam, Mrs. H. C. White. ]

[printed text: Prayer. ]

[printed text: Tributes of Esteem and Affection for the Athens Woman's Club -- Mrs. John E. Talmadge, Vice-President. ]

[printed text: For the Daughters of the Revolution -- Mrs. A. E. Crawford, historian. ]

[printed text: Song -- "When the Roses Bloom." -- Miss Daisy Dunlap, general secretary Y.W.C.A. ]

[printed text: For the Daughters of the Confederacy -- Mrs. M. W. Welch, president Laura Rutherford Chapter. ]

[printed text: Mrs. E. R. Hodgson, Jr., corresponding secretary of the Georgia Federation. ]

[printed text: Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb, ex-president Georgia Federation. ]

[printed text: Song -- "I heard the Voice of Jesus Say." -- Mrs. Hugh H. Gordon. ]

[printed text: Resolutions of Esteem and Sympathy -- Mrs. J. E. Talmadge, Jr., chairman resolution committee. ]

[printed text: In the death of Mrs. H. C. Whtie [White], Georgia gives up one of her best citizens, the Georgia Federation its esteemed president, Athenians mourn the loss of a personal friend, the Athens Woman's Club grieves for the passing of one of its most able workers. ]

[printed text: She was our beloved president for many years and ever since taking up the big work of the Federation, was always interested in and ready to lend a helping hand in all we undertook. ]

[printed text: The power to inspire her fellow workers was one of her greatest contributions to our Club. She was so full of love and sweetness, of energy and ability, of hope and cheerfulness, that she drew us, one and all, closely to her. Inspiring us with courage in all new work, unselfish and zealous, she gave her life to good works. ]

[printed text: We shall miss her sweet face and her safe guidance, but her influence and example let us strive to honor. ]

[printed text: God in His All-Wisdom has called her to a higher work. Let us then follow her example and with her memory engraven on our hearts endeavor to carry on the work she loved. ]

[printed text: MRS. OLIVIA TALMADGE,
Vice-President Athens Woman's Club.]

[printed text: (By Mrs. A. E. Crawford.) ]

[printed text: In memory of Mrs. Harry C. White. ]

[printed text: To one who was "faithful, loyal and true." ]

[printed text: "Death lies on her like an untimely frost upon the prettiest flower. ]

[printed text: We wish to add an additional tribute, to the many lovely and loving tributes already offered to the memory of one, who so recently dwelt among us in all the fullness and beauty of her womanhood. ]

[printed text: Alas! We did not realize how much she was to us until her gentle spirit had taken its flight into the realm of perfect bliss. Possibly there was no phase of our diversified nature that Mrs. White had not looked into, and that had not worked upon her sympathies. This was just because she had gone into such wideness of sympathy with all classes, had touched so many sides of human life, had identified herself with so many interests of human nature. She had wept with those who weep, and rejoiced with those who rejoice. She was ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the toiler, side by side with the sufferer. ]

[printed text: Then again with the bright and cheerful throng of her numerous friends by whom she was so often surrounded. her very cordial and genial manner, merry face and sweet smile gave pleasure to all and was an evidence of the pure and happy heart within. All this made her a true type of a noble woman -- rarely found -- and never excelled. We cannot understand the mysterious and inscrutaable [inscrutable] providences of God concerning us. Still sometime, not now, but in the coming years it may be in the Better Land, we'll catch the broken threads again, and finish what we have begun. We'll read the meaning of our tears, and then, oh then, we'll understand. ]

[printed text: Now the sweet spirit which gladdened here [her] home life has gone. The spirit which gave a life long [lifelong] service to her beloved church, which also gave a consecrated work to the uplifting and upbuilding of the less privileged ones, in her vast and beautiful club work, of which she was not only a leader, but a prime worker. Though we shall see her no more in the body, her shining virtues will ever live in our memories to gladden our hearts and to beckon us onward and upward to "a land where they say the sun shines brighter than any sunshine here, and where there is always a sound of singing and nobody sheds a tear." Dear friend -- just over in that morning land we hope to clasp your hand in love's sweet greetings. Till then, farewell, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. ]


[printed text: (By Mrs. M. W. Welch.) ]

[printed text: "In the midst of life we are in death," seemed never more forcibly illustrated than when the sad tidings reached Athens that Mrs. Harry White was dead. Somehow death had not been associated with one so full of life. Her loss is most keenly felt, and must be through the coming years, not only by the patriotic organizations which were honoured [honored] by her membership; but those of her sister societies of which she was not a member. The recent convention of the U.D.C.'s found in her sympathy and co-operation [cooperation]. And each occasion was graced by her charming presence. ]

[printed text: Her life has been an inspiration to those who are to follow in her footsteps. ]
[printed text: May we in some measure, measure up to her ideals. ]

[printed text: I can not say, I will not say, ]
[printed text: That she is dead -- she is just away! ]
[printed text: With a cheery smile and wave of her hand, ]
[printed text: She has wandered into an unknown land. ]
[printed text: And left us dreaming how very fair, ]
[printed text: It needs must be since she lingers there. ]
[printed text: And you, O, you who widely yearn ]
[printed text: For the old time step and the glad return; ]
[printed text: Think of her faring on, as dear ]
[printed text: In the love of there as the love of here. ]
[printed text: Think of her still as the same, I say ]
[printed text: She is not dead, she is just away. ]

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[printed text: Never was a secretary more fortunate than I in having served under such a president as Mrs. White. My [damage] were too slight to [unclear text: mention] [damage] help to me has been in-[damage] ]

[printed text: [unclear text: In every] point of contact in our lives she has been the friend indeed. When I have needed advice she gave it with frankness and wisdom; when I have needed encouragement she gave it most convincingly and all with that kindly smile and pat on the back which made working with her a pleasure. ]

[printed text: In spite of her most remarkable executive ability, in whatever was going forward, Mrs. White always carried the largest part of the burden. ]

[printed text: We realize now as perhaps not before how she carried the responsibilities of everything. ]

[printed text: There are few women I think who are willing to admit the superiority of another woman at almost every point, but with Mrs. White those who worked with her recognized that her tact and wisdom in commanding, her broadness and foresight in planning her unlimited capacity for work placed her first, an ideal to which to aspire. ]

[printed text: MRS. E. R. HODGSON, JR.,
Corresponding Secretary.]

[printed text: IN MEMORIAM.
Mrs. H. C. White, Our Leader and Friend.

[printed text: (By Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb.) ]

[printed text: "Blest be the hands that toil to aid
The great world's ceaseless need."]

[printed text: Today we sit under a shadow of a great sorrow; a sorrow both general and personal, for suddenly and without warning our leader and friend has been taken away. We who loved her and worked with her are wondering at the work she had planned and accomplished. There was scarcely any organized work either in her town or state that her life had not touched. No public enterprise was ever started but that she was first enlisted. Untiring in her efforts there was no limit to the amount of work she accomplished. Today we are thinking of the many phases of this useful life that has just gone out. We recall her wonderful skill in leadership; her capacity for work; her endurance and strength; her remarkable system; her unvarying cheerfulness and good humor; her kindness and goodness and faith in God and love for her fellowman. Born a leader success crowned every effort of her life. With willing heart and ready hand she stood waiting to serve wherever service was needed. She was never too busy to lend the helping hand either to individuals or organizations, and in consequence, her life was full of work. Had she not been a woman of wonderful system and executive ability she never could have accomplished what she did accomplish. Every duty had its place, it [its] hour; and with absolute regularity each duty was discharged. No day was a lost day with her, but every day was marked by some good work planned, some kindly word spoken, some friendly favor done. ]

[printed text: Few women have ever accomplished so much as she accomplished. In private life no duty was ever neglected. The home was her first care and the comfort of her husband and family the pleasure nearest her heart. It was here that the beauty of her character shone brightest. Outside of the home she found her work in charity, philanthropy and good citizenship. How the poor loved her and how she loved them! For more than a score of years her power in church work has been felt. When called upon to take the presidency of the Woman's Federation of Clubs, and told that the duties were so onerous that she would have to give up all other work, she shook her head and replied: "All but my church work. I cannot give up that." Nor did she give up this work, nor other work dear to her heart. And so in the full harness of work she has suddenly and triumphantly passed to the Great Beyond. ]

[printed text: "Blest be the hands that toil to aid, The great world's ceaseless need." ]

[printed text: Truly she lived to bless others and in blessing others she herself was blessed. Today as we sit in the shadow of this great sorrow, thinking of the unselfish, consecrated life, the shadow falls behind us and sunshine spreads about us and we see our friend, our leader once more in the light of a new and beautiful and glorified life. ]

[printed text: Resolutions of sympathy and esteem adopted by the Athens Woman's Club January 27, 1913, on the recent death of Mrs. H. C. White, president of Georgia Federation of Woman's Clubs. Whereas it has seemed best to our Heavenly Father to remove suddenly from our midst our beloved state president and, whereas our departed leader was for many years the president of this, our Athens club, and from its very beginning was an earnest member and co-worker [coworker], be it resolved:]

[printed text: 1st. That in the death of Mrs. H. C. White the Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs has lost a wise counselor, a safe leader, an enthusiastic and inspiring worker and an earnest, loyal friend. ]

[printed text: 2nd. That this Athens Club, of which she was such an important part, to which she gave so much of herself and to which she was so dear, do greatly deplore her loss and keep fresh the memory of one who has ever been the inspiration in our work; that we bind ourselves closer together in the bonds of friendship and go forward in the duties she has appointed us to do. ]

[printed text: 3rd. The we extend to her bereaved husband and sorrowing household our tenderest sympathy and assurance of our appreciation of the beautiful and lovable character of our coworker and friend. ]

[printed text: 4th. That a copy of these resolutions be incorporated in the minutes of this meeting and sent to the family of our deceased president and friend. ]

[printed text: Respectfully submitted, ]

[printed text: MRS. JNO. E. TALMADGE,

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[handwritten text: March 23, 1914.]

Mrs. Lipscomb Talks.

[printed text: "Our Ella White Memorial School" at Mountain City, and some other of the vital interests of the club were touched upon with interest and tenderness by Mrs. Lipscomb, in the following statement: ]

[printed text: "Madam Chairman and Members of the Athens Woman's Club: ]

[printed text: "Your [You] know and I know that the true club spirit is one of helpfulness, and unless you and I are possessed of that we are not good club women. ]

[printed text: "When we come to work in this organization it must be with an unselfish spriit [spirit]. We must make up our minds to lay aside all personal likes and dislikes and work together for the common good. ]

[printed text: "Our constitution tells us that we are non-sectarian, non-political and I might with propriety -- add -- non-selfish ]

[printed text: "The doors of our club are open to every woman who has the true spirit of altruism, one who really wants to help some other woman. ]

[printed text: "We were organized to secure better homes, better schools and better laws. If we are carrying sunshine into a home by giving the mother or sister something to interest them something to do, something to brighten the drudgery of every day [everyday] life; if we are working to make better the methods of education for our children; if we are laboring to get the children of the poor and ignorant in school; if we are building schools for the places that have no schools; if we are using one influence for better laws to govern our people; if we are doing them unselfishly we have the true club spirit. ]

[printed text: "Our Athen's Woman's Club has this year organized three great departments of work, under which the various committees will work. ]

[printed text: "First of all, there is civics, under which everything that can make for the beauty, the good and greatness of Athens belong. Civic pride is what we should all have, and whenever anything comes up that will help Athens, we should join hands as one single person and work to make it a success. Don't let us stop for one moment to question the motives of our leaders, but let us put on the harness and work with the Athens spirit which is the true club spirit. Let us work for a cleaner, healthier town; let us work for the city-beautiful. That is what we are organized for. ]

[printed text: "Then there is household economics, a subject in which I believe we can interest every man in this town. ]

[printed text: "Our committee has undertaken to study out the problem of housekeeping and reduce the cost of high living. A difficult task do you say? Yes, but I feel with your help our committee will be equal to it. Everyone [Every one] of you housekeepers can contribute something to this department from your personal knowledge and experience. ]

[printed text: "We have undertaken to solve the problem of how to live well, and cheaply, how to keep the husbands out of debt, how to protect our merchants from bad debts, and how to avoid much of the unhappiness which comes to many of the homes from living beyond one's means. ]

[printed text: "Next is the department of education. We use the word in its broadest sense. This afternoon we will present on one program, two phases of it: Art as a means of education and the great peace movement to be taught in our schools and colleges. ]

[printed text: "This afternoon the chairman of education, Mrs. Hope Green, has arranged the program. She has asked me to say something of our Ella F. White Memorial School, to speak of the progress we have made, and to tell of the plans we have for future success. For many years education has been the slogan cry of the Georgia Federation. The building of schools and maintaining them, the raising of money to educate poor boys and girls, the obtaining of free scholarships in one [our] leading schools and colleges, the improving our school systems, the helping wherever we found that we could help, this has been the work of the educational committees of our Women's Clubs. Two years ago I said to Mrs. Green, who was then the president of this club: Why not take as our special work the building of a mountain school? If the Athens Woman's Club could do that thing, we would accomplish something that no other club has done. The idea struck her and she at once, let us do it. ]

[printed text: "At once she began the work, and no one person was more deeply interesttd [interested] than our state president, Mrs. H. C. White. Before, however, the work was launched death came to our ranks. The state federation to do honor to our noble president began the task of raising a state endowment fund in her honor. All other work was laid aside to make a success of the woman's edition of the Constitution, which was to begin this endowment fund. You know the result. ]

[printed text: "When our members met with me, in my parlor for a little memorial service, you will recall that at that time we decided that no more beautiful monument could be made to her memory than the establishment of a school, where our mountain boys and girls were to be educated, that school to be known as the Ella F. White Mountain school. ]

[printed text: "We decided that no more needy place could be found than that of Mountain City, a community where there are a number of children to be educated and a very poor school building. The fact that there are a number of our Athens people who go there in the summer, who could look after the building of the school and its interest after it was built, led us to this decision. ]

[printed text: "From personal experience I know it has been a good thing to have some one on the spot to look after the interests of our Tallulah Falls Industrial school. Today we wish you to know what has already been done toward building that school, and to invite your co-operation [cooperation] and help to carry it. If you will join hands and pull together, we can make a success of it. ]

[printed text: "It has been proposed that we form a mountain association, such as the Georgia State Association for the Education of Mountaineers, conducted by the ladies of Savannah, and use the money collected for the purpose of establishing mountain schools. This committee will work outside of the club for members, either men or women, to be a local organization and not interfere with the state association members of the Woman's Club: Let's do this work. I want to have a part in it. It is the greatest home mission work we can accomplish. ]

[printed text: "It will be work right under our own eyes. We can see it; we can see to it; we can look after it; we can call for it. Our mountain boys and girls are among the greatest assets of our state. Massachusetts puts a much higher value upon her boys and girls than Georgia. Let not that ever be said in the future history of Georgia. When we give the opportunity of education to all our sons and daughters then and not 'til [until] then pronounce Georgia as Miss Millie is, wont to pronounce it." ]


[printed text: The first meeting of the executive board of the Athens Woman's Club for 1914 was held at the home of the newly elected president, Mrs. J. Z. Hoke, Sr., Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock. The other members, composing the board, present were: Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb, ex-president; Mrs. T. F. Green, ex-president; Mrs. J. S. Stewart, treasurer; Mrs. C. A. Whittle, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Cobb Lampkin, recording secretary; Mrs. H. C. Conway, chairman of Student Aid.]

Ella F. White School.

[printed text: The board is enthusiastic in its efforts to raise a sufficient amount of money to build and equip Ella F. White School at Mountain City. Last year the whole membership of the club voted to give their strong support to this undertaking. The Mother Goose Pageant promises to be a great success, the proceeds of which will be directed to this enterprise. ]

Departments of Work.

[printed text: The board is formulating plans, whereby it may be possible to unify the efforts of the women in club work, by the organization of departments under one president. Careful consideration will be given to a new department, Home Economics. ]

General Meeting.

[printed text: At an early date, a general meeting will be held. Interesting addresses will be delivered. A glimpse of the past history of the club, and its great scope of works for the future will be given. Following the business session the president complimented the members of the board with a beautiful luncheon. ]

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[handwritten text: January - 27 1913]

[handwritten text: The regular monthly meeting of the Athens Woman's Club was held at the residence of Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb, Monday January 27, Mrs. John E. Talmage, Vice President, presiding.]

[handwritten text: As this was the date set for election of officers, and Mrs. Lipscomb being chairman of the nominating committee, she was asked to take the chair, presiding throughout the meeting in her usual graceful manner -- ]

[handwritten text: Before going into business of the club she read a letter from Dr. White and the Misses Benedict expressing thanks and appreciation for the beautiful floral tribute of the Woman's Club and their many tokens of love in their bereavement -- ]

[handwritten text: In the absence of the Secretary, Mrs. J. F. Hart, Mrs. Peeples was asked to read her report of the last meeting which was approved. ]

[handwritten text: The Treasurer, Mrs. Green, gave a brief but splendid outline of work accomplished in the past year showing one thousand four hundred and forty dollars having passed through the Club in scholarships alone. She also told of the money loaned the three girls in the business school, thirty dollars to one, thirty-seven to another, and eighty-five to another --]

[handwritten text: In the Normal school scholarship she had loaned one hundred dollars, all this to be returned as soon as positions were secured -- ]

[handwritten text: The Club heard with pleasure that Prof. Severn would allow each girl attending his school through the Club, twenty-five dollars on tuition --

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She showed and deposited in bank from dues etc [et cetera], $172.30 paid out, $133.81 leaving a balance of $32.49]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Wey, chairman of Students Aid promised to give scholarships when practicable. ]

[handwritten text: Pledges were discussed but were passed till next meeting. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hoke reported $58.00 received from the Red Cross Seal sale and regretted their in ability [inability] to dispose of the hundred dollars until sent. They were advised by merchants to have these stamps sent one month earlier in the coming year --]

[handwritten text: A note of thanks was given to Mrs. Geo. Hodgson and Mrs. Van Straaten for their valuable assistance in placing these stamps. ]

[handwritten text: It was decided to collect twenty five [twenty-five] cents, amount assessed, for Federation endowment fund at next meeting. Mrs. Lipscomb expressed her great delight over the magnificent gift of the late Mrs. Raoul, for the aid of the Tuberculosis fund, also of the untiring devotion of Mrs. Fritz Hodgson to this worthy cause -- ]

[handwritten text: In a previous meeting of the Womans Club it was agreed to take as its special work this year a mountain school, this school to be located at Mountain City. As a work of love, it was decided no more beautiful or fitting tribute could be paid our departed friend and leader, than to build and name it the Ella F. White Memorial .]

[handwritten text: The old business over, the following officers were elected for the ensueing [ensuing] year.

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President, Mrs. Thomas F. Green
Vice " [President] Mrs. George Hodgson
Rec. Sec'y [Recording Secretary], Mrs. A. S. Parker
Corr. [Corresponding] " [Secretary] Mrs. John E. Talmadge
Treasurer, Mrs. H. C. Conway.

[handwritten text: The Club was asked to rise in prayer with Mrs. Lipscomb, and such a prayer, so full of tender love and sorrow for the friend whose spirit must have been hovering over this meeting. A tribute of love and appreciation from the Womans Club was read by Mrs. John E. Talmadge, showing what an inspiration Mrs. White had been to each member of the club and how earnestly she had encouraged and elevated humanity. Mrs. E. A. Crawford, Historian of the D.A.R.'s paid a glowing tribute to her enthusiasm and wonderful work in every walk in life in which she was so vitally interested. Miss Dunlap of the Y.W.C.A. sung most feelingly "Where the Roses Bloom" -- Mrs. E. R. Hodgson, with tears in her eyes and lips quivering, told of what she had been to her in an official way. A tribute from Mrs. Welch for the U.D.C. touched all hearts as she so feelingly expressed her love. She is not dead; she has only gone before us to our Fathers Home. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscombs personal tribute to our dear friend and leader brought tears & sighs and she told of her death as a great tragedy, of her splendid womanly worth, her matchless grace and triumphant death. She was one of whom

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it could be truly said, she had no lost days in her life, but each day marked some good deed done, some kindness shown. Mrs. Hugh Gordon sang most beautifully the old sweet song: "I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say" -- The special exercises being over, expressions of love were asked from members of the Club. Mrs. Green and Mrs. Hoke told, not of the larger things accomplished by this gifted woman but of the marvelous skill and talent in doing the little things worth while [worthwhile] and the sympathy and love so unsparingly given to aid the struggling in whatever condition of life they were placed. Mrs. Frank Lipscomb, Mrs. Muir and Miss Dunlap spoke of her work as Y.W.C.A. President and urged that this organization neither falter nor fail in carrying out every plan and desire of her heart.]

[handwritten text: A motion was made and carried that the tribute of the Woman's Club be placed upon the minutes and a copy be sent to the bereaved family -- ]

[handwritten text: The meeting adjourned, each one feeling she had been blessed in calling this woman friend. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. W. J. Peeples,
Sec'y [Secretary] [Latin: Pro-tem. [Pro tempore] ] ]

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[handwritten text: February 24 -- 1913] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The regular monthly meeting of the Athens Womans Club was held Monday afternoon, Feb 24 -- 1913, at the home of the new president, Mrs. T. F. Green --]

[handwritten text: Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved -- Treasurers report read and accepted -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Geo. Hodgson brought the matter of a lecture to be given by Miss Rutherford for the benefit of the "Ella F. White Memorial School" fund before the Club -- On motion of Mrs. Muir a committee was appointed to investigate the advisibility [advisability] of giving this lecture and report to Executive Committee -- ]

[handwritten text: Letter from Mrs. Tift was read in reference to the Memorial Fund of $25,000. (twenty-five thousand) This sum to be a permanent endowment fund for the furtherance of the Georgia Federations work in every direction. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. E. R. Hodgson, Jr. read a letter from the Memorial Endowment Committee asking the co-operation [cooperation] of this Club in the publishing of the Special Edition of the Constitution which is to be published for the benefit of this fund -- ]

[handwritten text: On motion of Mrs. Lipscomb a committee was appointed to confer with Mrs. R. B. Parker and pledge to her our hearty support of the undertaking. ]

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[handwritten text: Mrs. E. R. Hodgson, Jr. read a very beautiful paper on the value of the School Garden in the training of the child -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. Z. Hoke moved that the club accept the budget for the year 1913 which was done --]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hoke also made a motion to the effect that every woman use her influence to have a law passed that there must be an Industrial School for wayward girls -- ]

[handwritten text: Col. Snelling and Mrs. R. Orr gave interesting talks on conditions and needs at Mountain City where we are to build a school building this year --]

[handwritten text: A campaign for new members was launched amidst great enthusiasm. After the choosing of sides by the leaders Mrs. J. Z. Hoke and Mrs. A. S. Parker, the meeting adjourned -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. A. S. Parker --
Sec'y [Secretary] ]

[printed text: MEETING OF THE WOMAN'S CLUB. ]

[printed text: Th [The] Woman's Club held its monthly meeting yesterday afternoon, February 24th, at the home of the new president, Mrs. T. F. Green.]

[printed text: There was a fine attendance and much enthusiasm manifested by all the members. ]

[printed text: Colonel C. M. Snelling and Mrs. Robert C. Orr gave inspirational talks to the club on the subject of the new school they are planning to build at Mountain City. That will be the work of the year.]

[printed text: Plans for furthering the movement were discussed and several adopted. ]

[printed text: One that met with instant approval was the campaign for new members. ]

[printed text: Five hundred new members in the year 1913, is the slogan of the Athens Woman's Club.]

[printed text: So the members are lined up in two companies, each striving against the other to see who can win the greater number of recruits. ]

[printed text: The captain of one side is Mrs. J. Z. Hoke, and the leader of the other side is Mrs. A. S. Parker. ]

[printed text: Each side will work with much zeal in this fine cause and great results are not only earnestly hoped for, but confidently expected by the club. ]

[printed text: Mrs. A. S. Parker calls a meeting of the following committee at her home on
Prince avenue, at eleven o'clock tomorrow, Wednesday, morning. Each lady is urged to be present as plans will be matured and the work begun at that meeting.]

[printed text: The following are is [are] the committee: ]

[printed text: Mrs. J. T. Anderson, Mrs. G. C. Armstrong, Mrs. W. D. Beacham, Mrs. ]

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[handwritten text: March 24 -- 1913 .] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The March meeting of the Athens Womans Club was held Monday afternoon March 24 at the Episcopal Parish House --]

[handwritten text: The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Mrs. Charles A. Whittle, acting Secretary during the absence of Mrs. A. S. Parker -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. S. Stewart, taking the place of Mrs. H. C. Conway as treasurer gave her report which was accepted as read -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Cobb Lampkin gave a very interesting report on the work of the Students' Aid -- ]

[handwritten text: Reference was made by Mrs. Green to the recent membership contest and Mrs. Geo. Hodgson in a few well chosen words told how to lose gracefully. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. W. H. Davis reported three subscriptions [deleted text (overstrike): of] for the Ella F. White memorial fund -- ]

[handwritten text: At a recent meeting a committee was appointed to see about securing the Colonial Theatre for a lecture by Miss Rutherford -- Mrs. Geo. Hodgson reported that there would not be a vacant date until June --]

[handwritten text: The attendance at the club meetings has been increasing monthly and a convenient place for the meetings having been discussed, Mrs. McDorman reported that Mr. Beatty would be very glad to have the Club use the Parish house -- A standing vote of thanks to Mr. Beatty was made and the Recording Secretary requested to write him expressing the appreciation

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of the Club for his courtesy.]

[handwritten text: A motion was made by Mrs. [deleted text (overstrike): H.] Cobb Lampkin that a note be sent Mrs. H. C. Conway expressing the sympathy of the Club during the illness of Mr. Conway. ]

[handwritten text: The regular business being finished, Mrs. Green introduced Mrs. W. E. Shepherd who made a short but enthusiastic talk on the Federated Clubs -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. R. B. Parker of Knoxville Tennessee, Business Manager of the Special Edition of the Atlanta Constitution, was next introduced and told briefly some of the benefits we would derive from this Edition and how best we could work to make it a success -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb told of the great work being done by the Club in educating boys and girls and of the interest now being taken in the proposed school at Mountain City. ]

[handwritten text: A discussion was entered into about the circulation of the Special Edition and it was moved and seconded that every woman present phone five people and ask them to take the paper and to also phone five others. This was carried unanimously -- ]

[handwritten text: On motion of Mrs. Muir the meeting adjourned. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Charles A. Whittle
Secretary [Latin: Pro-tem. [tempore] ] ]

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[handwritten text: April 28 -- 1913] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The monthly meeting of the Athens Woman's Club was held with the President Mrs. Green, Monday April 28.]

[handwritten text: After the reading and approval of the March minutes, Mrs. Green introduced Miss Mary Bacon who gave a very interesting talk on reverent topics, touching among other things on Japan and the tarriff [tariff]. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Carolyn Cobb was introduced and told us of the Drama League, the good it has done and the good it will do, and as a result of the talk the Club unanimously voted to join the League -- ]

[handwritten text: The treasurers report was read by Mrs. Stewart and accepted. ]

[handwritten text: It was moved and seconded that the treasurer pay the bill for the flowers sent to Mrs. H. C. Conway at the time of her husbands death. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. A. O. Harper made a talk on Compulsory School attendance. Mrs. Earnest moved that the Womans Club endorse the bill to be brought before the State Legislature to enforce School attendance. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Cobb Lampkin gave her report on the Students Aid Committee -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Bartow reported that a committee from the D.A.R. secured twenty-one dollars in money and advertisements for the Special Edition of the Constitution.

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Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb told of her work in securing advertisements from the schools and colleges. Mrs. Green reported three hundred dollars raised in donations and subscriptions. Mrs. W. H. Davis Chairman of the Circulation reported four hundred and fifty-six paid up subscriptions.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lampkin moved the Club adjourn. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Charles A. Whittle
Secretary [Latin: Pro-tem. [tempore] ] ]

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[handwritten text: May 1913]

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[handwritten text: October 9 -- 1913] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The first meeting after the Summer vacation was held at the Y.W.C.A. Oct 9th. The president, Mrs. Green being absent on account of sickness the Vice-President, Mrs. Geo. Hodgson presided -- The treasurer being absent there was no report --]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Fleming, chairman of committee to confer with the City Council looking toward securing a more sanitary condition in kitchen plumbing was absent -- no report -- but Mrs. Hill said she had made some investigation and found the present system was the most sanitary known -- Place of meeting discussed but no decision made -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. W. A. Roberts elected delegate to state Convention meeting at Cuthbert, Mrs. A. S. Parker, alternate -- Mrs. Hill then made an interesting talk on the law as related to Women & Children. ]

[handwritten text: Meeting adjourned -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. A. S. Parker. Sec. [Secretary] ]

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[handwritten text: December.]

[typewritten text: Dec. 3, 1913.] [View the meeting summary]

The Athens Woman's Club met at the residence of Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb. The president being absent on account of sickness Mrs. Lipscomb presided.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

Treasurer reported balance.... $68.10

[typewritten text:

Mrs. Lampkin, Treasurer Loan Fund reported.
8 girls aided$482.00


Mrs. Lipscomb brought a very inspiring message from the State Convention held at Cuthbert. She reported that between three or four thousand dollars had been raised for the Ella F. White Memorial from the Woman's edition of Constitution. The Ella F. White Memorial fund is to be lent out and interest used for Federation work -- not to be used for Mountain Schools. The school at Mountain City is the responsibility of the Athens Woman's Club. At the convention special emphasis was laid on the endowment fund -- National and State.

Mrs. Hoke moved that the Treasurer be instructed to send $27.50 to Mrs. McCoy, which would complete the amount apportioned our Club. Motion seconded by Mrs. Van Straatan and carried.

[typewritten text: The following Committee was appointed to assist in selling Red Cross Seals.

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Mrs. A. S. Parker, Mrs. F. L. Bartow, Mrs. H. S. West, Mrs. Van Straatan, Mrs. Howard Waff. Mrs. Bailey and Miss Dozier volunteered to take charge of the stamps.]

A Mother Goose pageant was planned for the near future to be followed by a Dickens pageant later.

Mrs. Lipscomb presented the matter of bringing Dr. Geisler, of Shorter College, here for a series of lectures on Hygiene. Mrs. Hoke moved that a committee be appointed to investigate and act as they thought best. Motion seconded by Mrs. Harper, and Mrs. Lipscomb and Mrs. Stewart were appointed on committee.

Business of meeting over we were entertained with a beautiful solo by Mrs. J. P. Campbell.

Meeting adjourned.

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