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Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1912-1920

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1912-1920

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[handwritten text: January 1915] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Annual Meeting of the A.W.C. was held Friday afternoon, Jan. [January] 23rd at 3:30 at the residence of Mrs. J. Z. Hoke, Pres. [President] ]

[handwritten text: Reports of the officers and chairmen were read. ]

[handwritten text: The Pres. [President] asked Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb to take the chair. Mrs. Lipscomb, chm. [chairman] of committee, read the revised constitution and by-laws. New articles and amendments were added to the old constitution, thereby adapting it to the plans and needs of the club at this time. The club was founded sixteen years ago largely for the purpose of culture. As time passed, the members undertook educational work; the building of schools and support of scholarships, later the departments of civics, home economics, and art were created. ]

[handwritten text: The Pres. [President], Mrs. Hoke takes the chair, she told of Mr. Syke's offer of the use of rooms in the electric building for the holding of club meetings. The club accepted the offer. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hoke presented the great need of a cooking school in West Athens. Discussion. The Home Economics section consented to try to raise $50 for this work. Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb, chm. [chairman] of nominating com. [committee] read the report. She paid a beautiful tribute to the splendid work of the officers the past year, and said that in view of this fact they considered a change of officers hurtful and they unanimously named the same officers for the new year. President, Mrs. J. Z. Hoke.
First vice-president, Mrs. J. Y. Carithers.
Second vice-president, Mrs. A. S. Parker.
Recording secretary, Mrs. Cobb Lampkin.
Corresponding secretary, Mrs. C. A. Whittle.
Treasurer, Mrs. W. D. Beacham.

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A motion by Mrs. Earnest, second by Mrs. Green, that the report of the nominating be accepted was adopted, with a rising vote.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hoke expressed appreciation to the club for cooperation in the work during her term of office, but declined to serve longer. ]

[handwritten text: The following nominations were made from the floor: Mrs. W. D. Beacham, Mrs. E. A. Hodgson, Jr., Mrs. W. H. Bocock, Mrs. Cobb Lampkin and Mrs. J. Y. Carithers, resulting in no election, a new nominating committee consisting of Mrs. S. V. Sanford, Mesdames Earnest, Beacham, Randall and Whittle was appointed. ]

[handwritten text: No further business the meeting adjourned, for a social time in the dining room. ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully submitted, ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Cobb Lampkin, ]

[handwritten text: Recording secretary. ]

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[handwritten text: February.] [View the meeting summary]

[printed text: The regular monthly meeting of the Athen's Woman's Club was held Monday afternoon, February 22, at 4 o'clock at "The Palms" (Electric Shop). Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb, past president, presided. The report of the work of the Educational Department, Mrs. T. F. Green, chairman, showed plans being developed for the erection of the Ella White school at Mountain City. The club is gratified that the Chamber of Commerce will open an employment bureau.]

[printed text: Mrs. A. S. Parker, chairman of Home Economics, gave an interesting report. The club is much gratified to report that Miss Anna Barrow will speak in this city March 3rd and 4th. Her subpect [subject], "The Business of Home Making," is of interest to all citizens. Miss Barrow is field secretary of the American Home Economics association, is an author of books, and a member of the department of Household Arts at Columbia University.]

[printed text: Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb was elected parliamentarian. ]

[printed text: The club appreciated the city's support of a cooking school at the West Athen's Night School, which was reported by Mrs. J. Z. Hoke. ]

[printed text: Much regret was felt that Mrs. J. Y. Carithers tendered her resignation as first vice president. The club accepted it, and unanimously elected Mrs. J. S. Stewart. ]

[printed text: Mrs. C. A. Whittle was appointed social chairman. ]

[printed text: The club feels deeply indebted to Mrs. J. Z. Hoke for accepting the presidency, after being nominated at two successive meetings. The work of 1914 under her regime was most successful, and even larger things will be undertaken this year. After adjournment, the members enjoyed a social half hour.]

[handwritten text: The treasurer's report, Mrs. Beacham, showed $3 paid Mrs. Bankston and $11.16 in bank. ]

[handwritten text: The club appreciates Mrs. Van Straaten accepting the chairmanship of the rooms. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. H. E. Martin gave a splendid itemized report of the Educational department which is on file. The club is much delighted that $62.75 was cleared by the Goodwin Recital. (Funds for the E.F.W. school are increasing.) The Student's Aid fund has in bank $8.93 and has loaned to girls $185. ]

[handwritten text: Resolutions of plans for the enlargement of club work were read by Mrs. D. L. Earnest, following which the Pres. [President] was empowered to appoint a finance committee with Mrs. Beacham, club treasurer, as chairman. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. Van Straaten was appointed chairman of rooms. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Cobb Lampkin,

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[handwritten text: March] [View the meeting summary]

[printed text: The March meeting of the Athens Woman's Club was held at "The Palms", (Electric building) Monday afternoon, the 22nd. Mrs. J. Z. Hoke presided.]

[printed text: Following the secretary's report, the treasurer, Mrs. W. D. Beacham, read her report which was adopted. ]

[printed text: The report of the Civic Department, read by the chairman, Mrs. J. S. Stawart, was heartily endorsed. ]

[printed text: The edpartment [department] of Household Economics, Miss Kathleen O'Farrell chairman, will study the planning and building of a home. ]

[printed text: Under Mrs. T. F. Green, the department of Education will arrange a splendid program for the observance of Peace Day. Governor Slaton is invited to be the guest of Athens on this occasion.]

[printed text: Owing to frequent absence from the city, Mrs. H. C. Conway tendered her resignation as chairman of Students Aid Fund. The president appointed Mrs. A. O. Harper to this office. ]

[printed text: Mrs. W. H. Bocock was appointed chairman of gift scholarships. ]

[printed text: The art department, through Miss Annie May Holliday, reported the success of the pottery exhibit. ]

[printed text: The corresponding secretary, Mrs. C. A. Whittle, was instructed to express to the Drama League the club's appreciation of the splendid entertainments given during the winter; congratulations for furnishing such celebrities as Frederick Warde, Dr. Wyche, and others. Congratulations were also expressed to the Music Lovers' Club and an invitation extended to become a department of the Athens Woman's Club. Expressions of sympathy were extended to Mrs. T. J. Nichols in the loss of her husband. ]

[printed text: The club gave hearty endorsement to the Smith-Mathis concert to be given at an early date, and to the Wednesday afternoon Story-Hour. ]

[printed text: A birthday party will be given early in April, which will be a large social event.]

[printed text: No further business the meeting adjourned. A social half-hour over the tea cups was enjoyed. ]

[printed text: MRS. COBB LAMPKIN,

[printed text: Civic Section. ]

[printed text: The Civic Section held an interesting meeting, last Thursday, March 19.]

[printed text: Plans were made for helping to improve our city in many ways. ]

[printed text: Committee were appointed for the following objects, viz [videlicet] : ]

[printed text: I. A committee to see the mayor, and the chairman of the civic committee of the Chamber of Commerce and formulate such plans as will best accomplish the cleaning-up of the city, in April.]

[printed text: II. A committee to investigate the advisability of forming a Colored Woman's Civic League. It is proposed to give the following card to be signed by every member of this league, viz. [videlicet], ]

[printed text: Membership Card---Civic League. ]

[printed text: Name________________ .... as a member of the above organization, I promise to improve the sanitary condition of the home of the home in which I live: ]

[printed text: 1st. By keeping the interior clean and well ventilated. ]

[printed text: 2nd. By keeping the premises free from rubbish and garbage, using freely of lime to disinfect and whitewash. ]

[printed text: 3rd. By planting flowers and grasses, and keeping the weeds cut down. ]

[printed text: Clubs of this sort have flourished in other cities, why not in Athens? ]

[printed text: III. A committee to see that the proper authorities require property owners to keep their vacant lots clean and free from weeds, and to sod such lots as are above the sidewalk to prevent muddy pavements. ]

[printed text: IV. A committee to have the Rest Room well advertised, by circulating cards (which are being prepared) telling of the advantages of the Rest Room, etc. [et cetera], among the country preachers and teachers to be distributed among their congregations, and pupils. ]

[printed text: V. To see the mayor and find out if our city laws are drastic enough to prevent the breaking of the Sabbath, by selling drinks of any kind. ]

[printed text: The Civic Section is only a small part of our great Woman's Club but it stands for what is best for the upbuilding and uplifting of our city, and it has yet to present to the club its first undertaking, which has not received the hearty support of the club as a whole. ]

[printed text: The mayor, the city council, the chamber of commerce, and the daily papers, are always our cheerful and willing helpers. This being the case how can we help having the cleanest, healthiest and most beautiful city in the state? ]

[printed text: MRS. J. S. STEWART,
Chairman of Civic Section.]

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[printed text: Crawford W. Long Infirmary ]

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[handwritten text: April] [View the meeting summary]

[printed text: The April meeting of the Woman's Club was held Tuesday afternoon, the twenty-seventh, at the Electric building. Mrs. J. Z. Hoke presided. Prayer was offered by Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb. The minutes of the March meeting were read and approved. The report of the corresponding secretary, Mrs. C. A. Whittle, was accepted. Mrs. W. D. Beacham, the treasurer reported fifteen dollars per capita tax paid to the treasurer of the general federation.]

[printed text: Mrs. J. S. Stewart, chairman of the department of civics, reported splendid work done during "Clean-up Week." The club wishes the work continued throughout the year in order that every part of this city may be in a perfect sanitary condition. Through the department of Home Economics, the women were enabled to have Miss Barrows lecture. ]

[printed text: The club heartily endorsed all the courses taught in the schools of this city, relating to sewing, cookery, millinery and home-making. ]

[printed text: Also the club commended the work done by the teachers and children for civic improvement. ]

[printed text: The following were appointed to aid Mrs. T. F. Green, chairman, in preparation for the observance of Peace Day, May 18th: Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb, Mrs. J. S. Stewart, Mrs. W. J. Peeples, Mrs. W. D. Beacham, and Mrs. J. M. Rogers.]

[printed text: The club elected Miss Kathleen O'Farrell for second vice president. Mrs. Cobb Lampkin was elected delegate to the district meeting at Monroe, Ga. [Georgia], May 6th. Other representatives are Mrs. J. Z. Hoke and Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb.]

[printed text: The president spoke of the Mid-Biennial Council to convene in Portland June 1, 2, and 3.]

[printed text: The club will have a birthday party on Mrs. J. S. Stewart's lawn at an early date. ]

[printed text: No further business the meeting adjourned. ]

[printed text: Respectfully submitted,
Mrs. Cobb Lampkin, Recording Secretary.]


[printed text: The Eighth District Federation of Women's Clubs met in annual convention in Monroe May 5- 7.]

[printed text: The business sessions were presided over by Mrs. S. B. Yow, district president. The officers of the Georgia State Federation attending were: Mrs. Z. I. Fitzpatrick, president; Mrs. J. E. Hays, vice president; Mrs. Hugh Willett, director of Tallulah Falls School, and Mrs. W. E. Sheperd, chairman of gift scholarships. Representatives of federated clubs from Athens, Hartwell, Lavonia, Madison, Washington, Elberton, Bishop, Bostwick, Watkinsville and other places in the district responded to roll call by secretary, Miss Roberts. ]

[printed text: The reports showed much work done for civic improvement and in making more attractive school houses and grounds. Clubs are opening the school houses as social centers. ]

[printed text: Schools are observing Peace Day. The reports gave many unique plans for the raising of funds for carrying on the splendid work.]

[printed text: The convention was held in the First Methodist church. Addresses of welcome were extended by Mrs. D. W. Key and Mayor E. W. Roberts. Response to greetings was given by Mrs. Joseph Vason, of Madison. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Hays gave a message from the state federation, outlining, in a brief way, the work planned for this year. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Sheperd reported gift scholarships amounting to sixty-seven hundred dollars. By this means the federation is educating a large number of girls in our leading schools and colleges. Someone has forcefully said, "Educate a boy and you educate a man, educate a woman and you educate a family." ]

[printed text: Mrs. Willet spoke with great enthusiasm of the splendid work done by teachers and pupils in the Tallulah Falls School. In addition to the literary studies, manual training and domestic science are taught. Through the interest of Mr. Louis Magid, the boys are taught the planting and pruning of fruit trees. Plans are being made to add to the curriculum of the school, dairying and poultry raising. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Willett asked the convention to aid in securing seven scholarships for the school next September.]

[printed text: Mrs. A. O. Harper, chairman of a committee on compulsory education in the Daughters of the American Revolution, spoke interestingly on the subject. She urged the delegates to work for the passage of a compulsory education law. ]

[printed text: Dr. Park, of the state board of health, addressed the convention. ]

[printed text: Monroe's hospitality was unlimited. The town and automobiles were decorated in the club colors, yellow and white. The men wore yellow bands on their hats, and yellow neckties. The chamber of commerce and board of trade served a delightful barbecue. ]

[printed text: The beautiful reception to the delegates at Mrs. J. M. Nowell's home was largely attended by citizens, who gave to them the most cordial greetings. At this time, Mrs. Fitzpatrick made a strong address to more than two hundred present. She stressed the betterment of rural conditions. ]

[printed text: The convention re-elected Mrs. S. B. Yow, president, and Miss Lucy Roberts, secretary. Mrs. J. Z. Hoke was elected vice president. ]

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[handwritten text: May.] [View the meeting summary]

[printed text: The mid-year meeting of the Woman's Club was held Monday afternoon, the twenty-fourth, which session closed the regular meetings until September. However, the membership will be interested in every department of work during the intervening months, and much will be accomplished. The various departments of the club are co-operating [cooperating] in movements for the betterment of the home-life; for social, civic and educational progress.]

[printed text: Mrs. J. Z. Hoke, the president, spoke enthusiastically of Athens' need of a club house, which would afford a comfortable and attractive meeting place for the women's organizations. She laid stress upon the great need in Georgia of a college for the higher education of women, comparable to the highest institutions of learning in other sections of the United States. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Hoke spoke in great appreciation of the splendid work done by the officers, chairmen of departments and committees. ]

[printed text: Interesting was the report made by Mrs. T. F. Green, chairman of education. Through the leadership of her active committee Peace Day was observed by the citizens and schools. In several schools interesting exercises were held and remarkable essays were written on peace. The club expresses appreciation to Dr. R. A. Torrey and other ministers for the services held under the tent.]

[printed text: Mrs. W. H. Bocock, chairman of gift scholarships, reported that one scholarship is available at Lucy Cobb Institute for the year 1915- 1916, to boarding students. One scholarship is open to day students. Discussion followed as to the awarding of these scholarships. The club greatly appreciates this generous gift from the Institute. In order that the club might wisely award these scholarships the names of Mrs. T. F. Green and Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb were added to the special committee.]

[printed text: The club expressed co-operation [cooperation] with Mrs. S. J. Tribble, chairman, in the entertainment of the Northeast Georgia Singing convention to be held in this city early in June.]

[printed text: The treasurer, Mrs. W. D. Bacham, was instructed to send twenty-five dollars to the Tallulah Falls School. The remaining half of the $50 pledge will be paid in the fall. ]

[printed text: Interesting reports of the District meeting held in Monroe were given. Resolutions showing this local club's indorsement [endorsement] of the plans of the state federation as outlined by its president, Mrs. Z. I. Fitzpatrick, were adopted as follows:
1. Compulsory Education Law.
2. Permissive Kindergarten bill.
3. The Use of Georgia Raised Products.
4. The Selection of the Chorkee [Cherokee] Rose as a state flower.
5. To preserve the Georgia holly and to beautify the national highways.
6. The Ellen Wilson endowment fund for the Christian education of mountain youth.

[handwritten text: Respectfully submitted,
Mrs. Cobb Lampkin,
Recording secretary.]

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[printed text: U ]NIVERSITY OF[printed text: G ]EORGIA
[printed text: A ]THENS[printed text: , G ]EORGIA

[printed text: E ]NGLISH

Athens, Ga. [Georgia], March 5, 1915.
Mrs. [deleted text (overstrike): B.] [handwritten text: [added text: J.] ]Z. Hoke,
Athens, Ga. [Georgia],
Dear Mrs. Hoke:

The faculty of the University of Georgia desire[added text: s] to express to the[deleted text (overstrike): Ladies Club of Athens] [handwritten text: [added text: Athens Womans Club] ]its appreciation of the assistance given towards the building of the Crawford W. Long infirmary. The faculty recognizes that it was through the help of the ladies that the infirmary was made possible. In thus protecting the health of the students of the University you have rendered a great service to the state.

Very truly yours,
[Signed] [handwritten text: E. S. Griggs ]
[Signed] [handwritten text: R. E. Park. ]
[typewritten text: Committee.

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[handwritten text: September 27th 1915] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The first meeting for the fall of the Athens Womans Club was called to meet at the home of Mrs. Hoke[deleted text (overstrike): Not a ] [added text (intralinear): Sep. 27th 1915] Not a quorum being present, informal discussions, in regard to the best work for the club were carried on, & plans arranged for the "Lady Minstrells" to be put on by Miss Lilian E. Hall, under the Auspices of the Club-- A Social half hour was enjoyed by those present --]

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[handwritten text: October, 1915] [View the meeting summary] [View Progressive Era events from this month]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club held the October meeting on the afternoon of the twenty-fifth in the Electric building.]

[handwritten text: The meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs. Hoke, followed by the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting by Mrs. Charles A. Whittle. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Beacham, our treasurer, gave us the glad tidings of a nice sum having been cleared on our Minstrel. ]

[handwritten text: A letter was read from Mrs. Millet thanking us for the final payment, for this year, to the Tallulah School --]

[handwritten text: The report of the Civic Department was not read as it had been mailed to Mrs. Yow. ]

[handwritten text: During the year we have handled $1463.25 ]

[handwritten text: A letter was read from the Secretary of the American Federation of the Arts, concerning an Art exhibit, but the club decided to take no steps at this time toward securing it for this year --]

[handwritten text: A most enjoyable feature of the meeting was a talk by Mr. Fred Orr on "Interior Decoration" -- ]

[handwritten text: The Club adjourned for a social half hour -- ]

[handwritten text: Mamie Earley Whittle ]

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[handwritten text: November, 1915] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The November meeting was held in the club room, Monday, November 22.]

[handwritten text: The meeting was opened by Mrs. Hoke leading in prayer. ]

[handwritten text: It is not often in a club that every one [everyone] is of the same opinion but when Mrs. Cobb Lampkins' resignation as Secretary was formally accepted, there were expressions of regret from all members. The corresponding secretary was asked to write Mrs. Lampkin tendering the thanks of the club for her services and expressing their regret at her resignation. Mrs. Charles Whittle the corresponding secretary was asked to keep the minutes until the election of officers in January.]

[handwritten text: The treasurers report was read and accepted, there being $60.42 in the treasury. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Stuart having resigned, there was no report from the Civic Department. Also none from the Home Economics. ]

[handwritten text: The question of the sale of the Red Cross Seals came up, but no one was appointed to take charge of them. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Mary Wilkins came before the club with a tentative proposition from the Milledge Circle movement Co., concerning a tract of land for a park. Mrs. S.V. Sanford moved that a committee be appointed to confer with the Land Co., and Mrs. Hoke, as President, being authorized to name all unusual committees, she named Mrs. Sanford, Chairman, Mrs. Hamilton Mc Whorter, Mrs. Julius Talmadge, Mrs. E. M. Coleman,

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and Miss Mary Wilkins.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Arthur Palmer was suggested as Chairman of the West Athens Christmas tree, and the corresponding secretary was asked to write her. ]

[handwritten text: The nominating committee should have been elected, but there not being a quorum present, the club adjourned, subject to a call meeting in December .]

[handwritten text: A social chat was enjoyed -- ]

[handwritten text: Mamie E. Whittle ]

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[handwritten text: December, 1915] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The December meeting of the Athens Womans Club was held at the home of Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb, Mrs. J. Z. Hoke, the President, presiding. ]

[handwritten text: The meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs. Lipscomb followed by the reading of the minutes. The corresponding Secretary reported several letters written during the month, the most important being to Mr. Fortson concerning the proposed park. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. W. D. Beacham, the treasurer, reported $58.82 in bank. ]

[handwritten text: The chairman of the Civics, Home Economics and Art Departments gave no reports, but Mrs. Hoke gave a short account of the work being done by each one. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. A. O. Harper, Chairman of the Students Loan fund, reported $8.93 in bank and that eleven girls are now beneficiaries of this fund. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. T. F. Green, Chairman of the Dept. [Department] of Education, reported seventy-odd dollars in bank. For this department Mrs. Shelton made a very interesting talk on Higher Education for Women. Mrs. Green moved that a committee be appointed to draft a set of resolutions to be submitted to each club on the in the state federation asking the State Legislature to grant equal facilities for the education of men and women -- The motion unanimously carried and Mrs. Hoke appointed the following committee. Mrs. Lipscomb, Mrs. Bocock, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Shelton and Mrs. Green. ]

[handwritten text: A telegram was read from Jane Adams, President of the Womans Peace Party, asking us to send a telegram to President Wilson asking that he call a council of mutual countries to endeavor to find a

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way by which to end the war. This telegram was ordered sent as requested.]

[handwritten text: The Rest Room, established by the Chamber of Commerce and furnished by the Civic Dept. [Department] of the club was next discussed. Every one [Everyone] endorsing most highly the manner in which it was serving the public, the Corresponding Sec'y [Secretary] was asked to write the County Board of Commissioners, and the City Council asking that they continue their support of the room during the year 1916, also to send a letter to the Chamber of Commerce expressing our appreciation of the manner in which the room is being conducted.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Reaves Chairman of Country Life for the 8th district gave us some facts concerning the Model Kitchen. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Lucile Linton gave a very interesting account of the State Federation meeting in Savannah which she attended as a delegate from the Athens Womans Club. ]

[handwritten text: A Nominating Committee consisting of Mrs. Lipscomb Chairman, Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Bocock was elected to report at the January meeting.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hoke asked for an expression as to the West Athens Night School and the Kindergarten Christmas trees. As no one was willing to accept the position of Chairman of a Christmas tree committee, it was unanimously decided that $5.00 be given to each. ]

[handwritten text: The names of Mrs. Roy Strickland, Mrs. W. H. Feagle and Mrs. E. M. Coleman were presented as members and the corresponding Sec'y. [Secretary] was asked to write them expressing our pleasure. The meeting adjourned and a social time was enjoyed -- ]

[handwritten text: Mamie E. Whittle ]

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