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Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1912-1920

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1912-1920

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[handwritten text: January 1916] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club met at the home of Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb on Jan. 24, Mrs. Chas. Whittle presiding, in the absence of the president, Mrs. J. Z. Hoke who is in Florida for several months on account of her health.]

[handwritten text: The meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs. Lipscomb, followed by the reading of the minutes of the Dec. [December] meeting. Three new members, Mrs. W. C. Davis, Mrs. E. S. Sells and Mrs. Roy Strickland were cordially received into the membership of the club. There were no reports from the Civics, Home Economics and Art Departments, the chairmen being absent.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. A. O. Harper, chairman of the students Aid Fund reported $28.93 on hand. A letter was read from a lady in Winder expressing much gratitude for the benefit she had received from the fund. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. J. F. Green, chairman of the Dept. [Department] of Education gave a clear and concise report of the work accomplished for the Ella F. White memorial school at Mountain City. She also made the motion, which was unanimously carried, that one of the vice-presidents should be [Latin: ex-officio] chairman of a committee on membership and make visits in the town in the acquisition of new members. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb, the chairman of the nominating committee, read the report recommending Mrs. W. J. Peeples for President, Mrs. W. D. Beacham, Treasurer, Mrs. Chas. A. Whittle Recording Sec'y [Secretary], and

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Mrs. W. H. Bocock corresponding Sec'y [Secretary] They were elected and Mrs. Lipscomb re-elected as Parliamentarian.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. A. S. Parker sent a petition to the club to help in furnishing a model kitchen for the East Athens settlement work. The request was referred to the Economics section. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb was made chairman of a committee to draw up resolutions on the death of Miss Camak, a beloved member of the club. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb proposed that Cycle teas should be given by the Ladies of the club, to raise money for the Ella F. White memorial school at Mountain City and explained how they were to be given. ]

[handwritten text: A telegram of congratulations from the club on her election to the presidency was ordered sent to Mrs. W. J. Peeples who is at Hot Springs, Ark. [Arkansas], and one to Mrs. J. Z. Hoke president of the club for the past two years, who is now at Sarasota Florida. ]

[handwritten text: Motion for adjournment was made and the club enjoyed a delightful social hour with delicious refreshments. ]

[handwritten text: Respectfully submitted, ]

[handwritten text: Bessie F. Bocock,
Recording Secretary [Latin: pro-tem. [tempore] ]
Secretary acting as President]

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[printed text: IN MEMORIAM

[printed text: Died in the old ancestral home where she was born and her girlhood years had been spent, after a long painful illness, Miss Annie Camak. Her passing away removes from Athens one of the most prominent figures in the social life and history of this town. For many years she was not only a leader in the social life of the home, but in all the functions of public life she bore her part. She loved people and was never so happy as when mingling with friends in the home or out in the world of life. To her, life was sweet, and she loved the young and the hopeful and the gay. She hated loneliness and abhorred darkness. She dreaded "the long winter nights' when she was left alone. She was never so happy as when she was contributing to the social happiness and enjoyment of her friends. Perhaps the happiest period of her life was the time spent in unselfish devotion to a young niece who lived with her, and for whose comfort and pleasure she daily planned. Loyalty to her family and people was a distinguishing trait of her character. The devotion of two faithful servants, alike faithful in sunshine and shadow, in sickness and in health, constant and true to the very end of life, is a loving testimony to her kind and generous heart. Around her bier were no greater mourners than they, because they felt they had lost their best and their truest friend. Miss Camak had a cultured mind, stored with interesting facts and history by extensive tarvel [travel] and association with cultured people which made her a charming conversationalist and an interesting companion. Her home, made so attractive by beautiful things from all parts of the world, was the meeting place for her many friends. She always extended the glad hand of welcome nnd [and] made every one feel at home. In the large circle of friends, among whom she moved, she will be sadly missed. It is hard to realize that she will be seen no more in this home she adorned and loved. Her artistic nature showed itself in her life out of doors and in her sketches and paintings. Her life was an active and energetic one for she was always planning some work for herself, or pleasure for her friends. Miss Annie Cmak [Camak] was a useful member of the Athens Woman's Club for many years, and an honorary member at the time of her death. She was always ready to do her part in whatever work was undertaken, and contribute her share to the entertainment of the club. In preparing this little memorial of her, as ordered by the club, we, the committee, feel a personal as well as public grief for the loss of a friend whom we loved and who so recently has left us. ]

[printed text: Our friend was reared by strict Presbyterian parents who instilled into her a veneration for the Sabbath. In traveling abroad she would always insist on making this day different from the other days of the week. Of late years she attended the Episcopal church and from that church she was buried. Having outlived nearly all her family, her two nephews, to whom she was devoted, were the only near kinsmen to follow her to the grace. "How beautiful must be heaven!" she so often remarked, for the Bible tells us "There is no night there." May not we, the friends who loved her, think of her in this beautiful place where there is never any darkness, a place always made bright by the light of His countenance and His love? ]

[printed text: This little memorial, which will be incoroprated [incorporated] in the minutes of the Athens Woman's Club, has been affectionately prepared and submitted by the committee in charge. ]

[printed text: M. A. LIPSCOMB, Chm. [Chairman]

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[handwritten text: February. 1916 --] [View the meeting summary]


[printed text: The Athens Woman's Club held a regular meeting of unusual importance at the home of Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb yesterday afternoon, the election of a president and vice president and other matters being of especial interest. The other officers were chosen some time ago but the election of president was deferred till yesterday, when Mrs. T. F. Green was chosen to head the club this year and Mrs. D. L. Earnest was elected vice president, in charge of the educational department of the club's activities.]

[printed text: Mrs. C. A. Whittle presided over the meeting of yesterday.]

[printed text: Reports from the various departments indicated good work done. The report on the Cycle Teas showed that $97 has been raised for the Ella F. White Memorial in this manner. The teas will be continued through the month of March. Mrs. Earnest and Mrs. Beacham are among the number who will give one of these delightful affairs, each, at an early date.]

[printed text: A resolution offered by Mrs. W. A. Shelton, endorsing higher educational facilities for the women of the state, was adopted and will be presented to the Georgia Federation of Women's clubs and to the University of Georgia. ]

[printed text: The club endorsed the movement for the Fashion Show in Athens at an early date, similar to other shows being given in a number of cities. ]

[printed text: The club also endorsed the statewide movement for Clean-up Day in Georgia and the local organization will set apart days in March for a general cleaning up of Athens.]

[printed text: Delicious refreshments were served after the business session, by Mrs. Lipscomb, who introduced to the club members present, her bright little great-grandson, the child of Mr. and Mrs. Ewell Gay, of Atlanta, who is a visitor here this week. ]

[handwritten text: The club voted to send $50.00 to the Tallulah Fall School during 1916.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Cobb Lampkin read an article asking the clubs of Ga. [Georgia] to petition Gov. [Governor] Harris to appoint the last Friday in March as a day for a Peach Bloom Festival. ]

[handwritten text: A rising vote of thanks given Mrs. H. C. Conway for sending $1.75 to the Cycle Tea fund. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Winburn was elected to membership in the club. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. W. H. Bocock
Sec [Secretary] -- [Latin: Pro. tem [tempore] ]
Secretary acting as President]

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[handwritten text: March 1916] [View the meeting summary]


[printed text: Yesterday afternoon the Woman's Club met with Mrs. W. D. Beacham at her hospitable home on
Prince avenue.]

[printed text: The attendance was unusually large and most enthusiastic. ]

[printed text: Owing to the illness of Mrs. Ella Green, the president, Mrs. T. F. Green and Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb were absent -- Mrs. C. A. Whittle presided. Mrs. Cobb Lampkin acted as secretary, owing to the absence of Mrs. Bocock, in Virginia. Mrs. Beacham, treasurer, gave a splendid report as to the financial condition of the club. ]

[printed text: The second and third vice presidents were elected. Mrs. H. W. Odum, chairman of the civic department, was elected second vice president, and Mrs. Parna Hill, chairman of home economics, was made third vice preseident [president]. Both gave an interesting outline of the work they would like to do the coming year.]

[printed text: Mrs. D. L. Earnest, first vice president, reported on the educational department. ]

[printed text: At a previous meeting a tea room was discussed during the fashion show which has been postponed for next fall. ]

[printed text: Mrs. C. M. Snelling read her report on cycle teas and something over $105.00 has been paid in for the Ella White Memorial. Plans were discussed to wind up the teas with a big cycle tea for everybody in Athens. Eight new members were cordially welcomed. A movement to collect old magazines and sell them for the benefit of the club, and the work will soon begin. Any contributions will be greatly appreciated and collected. ]

[printed text: Capt. [Captain] J. W. Barnett's talk on the water question of Athens was a feature of the meeting, and the immediate need of a new plant, purer water, etc. [et cetera], was plainly shown and it goes without saying the club will cooperate with city officials in making a purer and better system of waterworks. ]

[printed text: A social half hour with delicious refreshments closed one of the most interesting and enjoyable meetings the club has held in a long time. ]

[printed text: The following ladies were admitted to membership: Mrs. D. P. Haselton, Mrs. Duncan Burnett, Mrs. G. A. Crabb, Mrs. E. W. Carroll, Miss Lois Dowdie, Miss Moina Michael, ][printed text: Mrs. Ma[deleted text (overstrike): rion] ][handwritten text: [added text: rvin] ][printed text: Maynard ][printed text: . ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Cobb Lampkin
Sec. [Secretary] [Latin: Pro. Tem. [Tempore] ]
Secretary acting as President]

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[handwritten text: April 1916] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The April meeting of the Athens Womans Club was held April 24th at the home of Mrs. Charles Whittle, Mrs. Green, the president, being in the chair for the first time. The minutes of the previous meeting as taken by Mrs. Cobb Lampkin were read and approved. The treasurers report was accepted as read. The club entered into a discussion as to revising the club list.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Oscar Davison made the following motion which was unanimously carried. Moved that Article three of the Constitution of the Athens Womans Club be amended so as to read as follows -- ]

[handwritten text: "The General officers of the club shall be a President, two or more vice-presidents, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary and a Treasurer." ]

[handwritten text: It was moved and carried that Miss Holliday be made fourth Vice-President and chairman of the Art Department. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. D. L. Earnest, first vice-president, gave a report on the automobile entered by the club in the parade on Flag Day. She reported $25.00 received as prizes. fifteen for the second prize and ten for the prize for having the most beautifully decorated Maxwell -- Committee on Peace Day to be appointed. Mrs. Harper reported that there was not enough money on hand for a scholarship just now in the Students Aid fund.]

[handwritten text: The resolutions on Higher Education for Women as follows were read and adopted ]

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[handwritten text: It was decided to have postcards made of the car and turn the proceeds to the Dept. [Department] of Education. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Snelling reported $133.90 in bank from Cycle Teas. She made a motion that the club give a large cycle tea. the motion unanimously carried. After discussion, Mrs. Cobb Lampkin moved that the time and place be left to a committee. Motion carried. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. W. C. Davis was asked, and consented, to take contributions of refreshments. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. W. H. Odum, 2nd Vice Pres. [President] and Chairman of the Dept. [Department] of Civics, reported a very interesting meeting of her department. Clean up week had been successfully carried through and the City Sanitary Department has expressed willingness to keep up the work all Summer. Under the report of this department came a suggestion from Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb that we have a tag day and use the proceeds toward securing a park -- ]

[handwritten text: Miss Parna Hill, third vice-pres [president] -- was not present, so there was no report from the Home Economics section -- ]

[handwritten text: No report from Art Department -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. A. S. Parker has been made chairman of membership and will begin her work at once. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Capps was cordially greeted as club poet. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. W. G. Waters was appointed chairman of committee to collect old papers. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lipscomb read resolutions relative to the death of Mrs. W. J. Peeples. A more beautiful tribute

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could not have been given by the club than these beautiful thoughts. Mrs. Green will read them at the district meeting in May. Mrs. Stanley read a piece by Mrs. Mary Bacon.]

[typewritten text: Resolutions on the death of Mrs. W. J. Peeples, offered by the Athens Woman's Club at their meeting April 24, 1916.]

This Easter Mor[added text: n] ing, when all nature is taking on new life and hope; when we are reminded of our Savior's resurrection, and the promise of a life beyond the grave, may we not think of our friend, Mrs. Peeples, as one not dead, but as one of our number who has simply gone before to enter upon a newer and better life? May we not think of her as growing and developing a life beyond the grave? The old heathen philosopher once exclaimed: "Whom the gods love, die young"! Could there have been in his mind some idea of growth after death, and without realizing it, a vague and undefined belief in the immortality of the soul? It will at least be a precious and comforting thought to those who are left behind to feel that she is today doing a better and nobler service than she could have rendered here working with us on this earth.

Whereas: Almighty God has seen fit to remove from our midst our friend and co-worker [coworker], Mrs. W. J. Peeples, and has called her to a higher life,

Resolved 1st, That in her death the public service in Athens has suffered a serious loss. Ever willing and active and absolutely dependable she was always ready to bear her part and oftentimes lead in the Civic and Educational and other work of the Club.

Resolved 2nd, That the Athens Club will miss her in every plan of our work, and in her death we feel that we have lost, not only a friend, but one of our most valued members.

Resolved 3rd. That we extend to her bereaved husband and sorrowing family our tenderest sympathy, and testimony of our appreciation of her character and her work. "The higher we climb the more peaks open around us. Only by growth in goodness can His goodness open itself to us."

Resolved 4th. That a copy of these resolutions be included in the minutes of this meeting, and that copies be sent to the family and to both of our town papers.

[typewritten text: Respectfully submitted, Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb, Chairman.
Mrs. T. F. Green, President.
Mrs. D. L. Earnest, 1st. V. Pres.
Mrs. Howard W. Odum, 2nd. V. Pres.

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[handwritten text: It was decided to leave the appointment of a delegate to the 8th district convention of Womans Club to the President -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. T. J. Woofter was elected a delegate to the Biennial in New York. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Capps brought up a matter of entertainment and it was left with her to find information and present it to the club in the fall -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hill received the endorsement of the Club in a movement to secure a one-half holliday [holiday] each week, for the girls employed in the city stores. ]

[handwritten text: The club adjourned for a social hour -- ]

[handwritten text: Mamie E. Whittle ]

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[handwritten text: May -- 1916 --] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The May meeting of the Athens Womans Club, held at the home of Mrs. Odum, was opened with the Lord's Prayer, led by Mrs. Earnest. ]

[handwritten text: The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. ]

[handwritten text: The treasurers report was accepted as read. Mrs. Beacham was asked to make lists showing the members of the club at the present time. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. D. L. Earnest, first vice-pres. [president], chairman of the Department of Education reported that special prayers had been made in all the churches on Peace Day. The report of the Mountain City School told us that the work was slow on account of lack of funds.]

[handwritten text: The Cycle teas have brought in $329.49, $100.00 of which was a gift from Mr. W. J. Morton. A resolution was passed thanking him for the same and asking him to become a life member of the club. ]

[handwritten text: A standing vote of thanks was given Mrs. Joel Weir for having the High School grounds cleaned after the large cycle tea. ]

[handwritten text: The Athens Womans Club pledged itself to work for the resolution passed at the 8th District meeting as follows -- that we try to get women on all the county boards of Education -- ]

[handwritten text: Under the Dept. [Department] of Civics, Mrs. W. H. Odum presented Mrs. Whitlock, Chairman of Public health, who gave us some ideas as to how to fight the flies and mosquitoes. She suggested that we urge all who have wells to put charcoal in them. ]

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[handwritten text: Mrs. Waters not being present, there was no report from the old paper collections. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Green urged that we stand behind the Civic Department as it was working for Athens. ]

[handwritten text: It was moved and carried that we appoint a Committee to see if the Chamber of Commerce wishes our cooperation in having a dinner, for the women living within fifty miles of Athens, during the Clark County Fair. ]

[handwritten text: There was no report from the Park Committee. ]

[handwritten text: It was suggested that the Restroom needed looking after. A committee, with Mrs. Conway, chairman was to be appointed to look into the matter. ]

[handwritten text: Moved and carried that Mrs. Odum write a letter to the Mayor asking for a tag-day in the early fall. ]

[handwritten text: The Secretary read a letter from Dr. Odum asking for help towards publishing a bulletin "Civic Cooperation in Community Building." It was decided that we give $10.00 towards the publication. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Parna Hill, third Vice-Pres. [President], chairman of the [deleted text (overstrike): Art] Dept. [Department] of Home Economics, read a letter from Mrs. Samuel Lumpkin concerning the South Eastern Fair. The idea of an exhibit was presented and Miss Hill thought it possible to have a good one from the State Normal School. Mrs. Green suggested that a Question Box in Home Economics would be a good thing. ]

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[handwritten text: Miss Lois Dowdle gave a most interesting talk on her work over the state in Home Economics. The four things to be taught the women are How to increase their income, How to lighten labor, Better sanitary measures and Better cooking. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Holliday, 4th Vice-Pres. [President], and chairman of the Art Dep't. [Department], was not present but it was reported that she hopes to have a local exhibit in the fall. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Charles Whittle gave a report of the 8th District meeting held in Union Point. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Green told of the work going on to raise money for the auditorium for the Summer School -- She also suggested that a letter be sent Mrs. Shelton congratulating her on the birth of her second son. ]

[handwritten text: It was decided to have the July meeting in
Milledge Park -- ]

[handwritten text: Mamie E. Whittle

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[handwritten text: July meeting --]

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[handwritten text: September -- 1916] [View the meeting summary] [View Progressive Era events from this month]

[handwritten text: The first meeting of the Fall was held Sept. 25th at the home of Mrs. T. F. Green, twenty-six members being present.]

[handwritten text: The minutes of the May meeting were read and approved.]

[handwritten text: The treasurer reported $57.00 in bank. ]

[handwritten text: The first Vice-Pres [President] Mrs. Earnest distributed the postal cards of the Womans Club car in the automobile parade on Flag Day.]

[handwritten text: A letter was read from Judge Gober of Atlanta in which he stated that women were entitled, under the law, to admittance to the University of Georgia. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Green gave a suggestion from Mrs. W. A. Shelton that we get out a pamphlet giving information on the subject of co-education [coeducation] in Georgia and distribute it over the state. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Cobb Lampkin moved that we have such a pamphlet. The motion carried. ]

[handwritten text: Under the department of Civics, Mrs. W. H. Odum reported the bulletin on "Civic Cooperation in Community Building" ready for distribution. Having a Tag Day was discussed but the club thought best not to have one. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Sanford not being present, there was no report from the Park Committee. ]

[handwritten text: The motion was made and carried that the Park committee be filled out with club members, as a number of the original ones on the committee are not now connected with the club. Mrs. Sanford, Mrs. Odum, Mrs. Hoke and two to be named later, to constitute the

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Park Committee.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. W. G. Waters is still desirous of securing old papers and magazines. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Lillian Hall wrote asking to give a Womans Minstrel in Athens. The club discussed the advisability of this move but did not vote on it. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Parna Hill spoke of the possibility of having a Moving picture on Home Economics shown in a local picture house, we to receive part of the proceeds. ]

[handwritten text: Motion made and carried that Miss Hill be instructed to look into the matter, and if it was satisfactory, to put it on -- Miss Hill asked that two others be put on the committee with her. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Hill extended an invitation to the club to meet with her at the Normal School for the October meeting.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Capps had been asked to look into a little musical called "Fifi of the Toyshop" -- After hearing her report, the club voted to have same. Mrs. Capps was made chairman with the privilege of choosing her own committee. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Snelling reported we had sent nearly $800.00 to the Mountain City school. The basement is complete and the people are very anxious to have the building finished. Mrs. Hoke said we had already given over the $500.00 originally promised. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Green stated she had not tried to collect the money promised for the Summer School Auditorium for she thought it was paid for. Mrs. Stewart

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said she thought the report was a mistake and that the entire amount had not been raised. Mrs. A. S. Parker, the chairman of membership, spoke of the importance of building up the membership of the club.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Rodney Wilson was proposed for membership by Mrs. Cobb Lampkin and Mrs. H. B. Ritchie by Mrs. Pound. The club unanimously voted to accept their names and the Secretary was asked to write them, welcoming them to the club. ]

[handwritten text: A letter was read from Mrs. Fitzpatrick asking that delegates to the State Federation meeting in Macon be elected. Mrs. Green and Mrs. Lampkin with Mrs. Woofter and Mrs. Capps as alternates were elected to represent the Athens Womans Club. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Green suggested that we ask Mrs. Fitzpatrick to ask Judge Gober to talk to the Federation on Admitting Women to the U. of Georgia. The Sec'y. [Secretary] was instructed to write Mrs. Fitzpatrick about the matter. ]

[handwritten text: A letter was read from the Atlanta Study Club asking us to endorse Womens Suffrage. Mrs. Stewart moved as the club was divided that we take no action in the matter. Motion carried. ]

[handwritten text: The meeting adjourned for a social hour. ]

[handwritten text: Mamie E. Whittle ]

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[handwritten text: October -- 1916 --] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The October meeting of the Athens Womans Club held in the Winnie Davis Hall of the Normal School with Miss Hill and Miss Randall as hostesses was one of the largest meetings in years. ]

[handwritten text: The minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.]

[handwritten text: The treasurer reported thirty-nine members not paid. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs Earnest, Chairman of the Dep't. [Department] of Education reported that she had seen Captain Dozier in regard to having women on the County Board of Education. Captain Dozier said the boards consist of five members appointed by the Grand Jury and they must be voters -- therefore women are not eligible. There was no additional report from the Mountain City School -- ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Walter B. Hill read the pamphlet written in the interest of co-education [coeducation] and it was heartily received by the members. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. W. H. Odum reported Mrs. Fitzpatrick had asked that some civic bulletins be sent to Macon to the Federation meeting and that the request had been complied with. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Green asked Mrs. Odum to send an article to the Sunday Banner pertaining to civics, and also said that any article sent to Mrs. W. B. Hill would be published. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Whitlock reported the city in a very healthy condition. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Green asked that those who had promised contributions to the Auditorium to please pay -- ]

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[handwritten text: Mrs. Hoke reported for Miss Holliday that an exhibit of local talent along any lines would be held in December. Articles marked for sale would be taken care of if so marked.]

[handwritten text: Miss Oliver gave a most interesting talk on her work as County Home Economics Agent, telling how and what she was teaching the people she came in touch with. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Shelton moved a committee be appointed to see the merchants and ask if we have at least twenty women to buy these Canning Club products, if they will carry them. The motion carried and Mrs. Green asked Miss Hill to appoint this committee. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Parker was asked to give her talk on membership at the Nov. [November] meeting and she consented to do so.]

[handwritten text: The matter of assisting the Y.M.C.A. was also deferred until a later date. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hill moved that it be left to the discretion of the delegates as to how to vote about the financial pledges at the meeting in Macon -- Motion carried. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Odum moved the delegates be instructed to vote for Mrs. J. E. Hayes as President of the State Federation. Motion carried. ]

[handwritten text: The talk by Miss Randall on the Practice home was extremely interesting. This home seems to be

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the crowning feature of work done by Miss Randall for the girls to whom she is such an inspiration. Doubtless many members of the club envy these girls their opportunity.]

[handwritten text: The meeting adjourned to the Practice Home where refreshments were served by the girls then in the home. ]

[handwritten text: Mamie E. Whittle ]

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[handwritten text: November 10 -- 1916] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: A called meeting of the Athens Womans Club was held at Mrs. Green's Friday, November tenth.]

[handwritten text: Mr. Walter Forbes talked for a few minutes on the Y.M.C.A. and its needs. No discussion was held as to what the Womans Club would do to help them as it was thought best to wait until more were present. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Parna Hill gave a synopsis of the picture on "New Housekeeping" to be put on by her department. We are to have one-half of the amount taken in and all members present were urged to go tell their friends. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Oliver talked of the work being done by the County Womens Clubs. Mrs. Green asked Miss Oliver if she could act as middleman between us and the former in order to get us butter, eggs, etc. [et cetera] Miss Oliver thought she could. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Odum reported the Chamber of Commerce are going to enlarge the Rest Room and they want the city and county to take over the whole thing. ]

[handwritten text: It was moved and carried that the club serve lunch on Ga. [Georgia] Tech Day. Mrs. Odum to name her own committee. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Snelling said the school at Mountain City is going up and passed around a picture showing a very promising beginning for this school. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Green told that the State

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Federation had endorsed the resolutions on Higher Education.]

[handwritten text: It was moved and carried that Mrs. A. E. Crawford write a letter to President Wilson expressing our pleasure over his re-election. ]

[handwritten text: The Corresponding Secretary was requested to write Judge Gober thanking him for his work on co-education [coeducation], he having sent a paper to the State Federation meeting in Macon -- and to the Southern Ry [Railway] -- thanking them for allowing 1/2 the freight in a load of brick sent to the Mountain City School. ]

[handwritten text: Mamie E. Whittle

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[handwritten text: November 191[deleted text (overstrike): 7] [added text: 6] ] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The November meeting of the Athens Womans Club was held at the home of Mrs. W. H. Bocock. ]

[handwritten text: After being led in the Lords Prayer by Mrs. Parker, the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. ]

[handwritten text: The Corresponding Sec'y [Secretary] reported letters written to Judge Gober and to the Sou. Ry. [Southern Railway] as suggested. ]

[handwritten text: The treasurer reported $173.32 in bank. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Parna Hill, Chairman of Home Economics, reported $31.62 cleared from the moving picture recently put on at the Elite. She asked that thanks be extended to Mr. Gidley and to the two papers. also she mentioned posters made by Misses Linton, Orr, Goodwin, and Holliday. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. H. W. Odum, Chairman of Civics, reported $75.00 cleared by serving lunches on Ga. [Georgia] Tech day. The Corresponding Sec'y [Secretary] was asked to confer with Mrs. Odum and write the parties who contributed to the success of the effort. The club also sold some lunches for the Y.W.C.A. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. D. L. Earnest, Chairman of Education, had had additional folders printed for the Co-Education Committee to distribute. She told us Mrs. Green had been appointed State Chairman of Gift Scholarships. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Snelling had nearly one hundred dollars to be sent to the Mountain City School. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. W. A. Capps spoke of the bad

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condition of the Nantahala School and Mrs. Parker moved a committee be appointed to look into the matter. The motion carried.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Whitlock reported the health of the city very good. She has taken up the sale of the Red Cross Seals and wants the club interested in them. ]

[handwritten text: The Constitution and By-Laws was changed in one detail, namely that the nominating Committee be elected in November and the officers in December instead of the nominating Committee in December and the officers in January. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Parker told of the work being done by the City Mission Board in East Athens. They wish to have a Tree of Light instead of the usual Xmas [Christmas] tree. Mrs. Hoke moved we give $5.00 to the Tree. Mrs. Parker amended Mrs. Hoke's motion to the effect that it be $10.00 the motion carried. ]

[handwritten text: Miss Holliday, Chairman of Art Department announced the Art exhibit on Dec 4th and 5th at the Y.W.C.A. Mr. Keyser to make a talk.]

[handwritten text: Miss Hunnicut wanted the Womans Club to use their influence to get the stores to close all day Thanksgiving.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Parker moved the Corresponding Sec'y. [Secretary] be requested to write a petition from the club and publish it in both papers. The motion carried. ]

[handwritten text: Mamie E. Whittle ]

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[handwritten text: -- December 1916 --] [View the meeting summary]

[handwritten text: The December meeting of the Athens Womans Club was held with Mrs. O'Callaghan December 11th with 39 members present.]

[handwritten text: The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. ]

[handwritten text: The treasurers report was accepted as read. ]

[handwritten text: The corresponding Sec'y. [Secretary] reported a number of letters written to the parties who contributed to the success of Ga. [Georgia] Tech day also to the papers endorsing the movement to close the stores on Thanksgiving and to the manager of the Elite theatre for his courtesy in showing the "New Housekeeping" film. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Capps reported for the nominating committee as follows -- Pres. [President] Mrs. T. F. Green
1. [First] Vice " " [President Mrs.] D L Earnest
2. [Second] " " " [Vice President Mrs.] H. W. Odum
3. [Third] " " [Vice President] Miss Parna Hill
4. [Fourth] " " " [Vice President Miss] Annie Mae Holliday
Treasurer -- Mrs. W. D. Beacham
Rec. Sec'y. [Recording Secretary] -- Mrs. Charles A. Whittle
Cor. Sec'y. [Corresponding Secretary] -- Mrs. W. H. Bocock
Chairman Membership -- Mrs. A. S. Parker

[handwritten text: Mrs. Lampkin moved the report be accepted as read. The motion carried. Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb having been made Parliamentarian for life, no election was necessary. ]

[handwritten text: The Rest Room came up for discussion, the President of the Chamber of Commerce having asked the Womans Club to take it for the year 1917.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Hoke moved the club ratify

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the action of the Executive Board who had agreed to consider the proposition.]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Parker moved if we could secure $120.00 a month that we assume the responsibility. The motion carried. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Whitlock reported $47.00 worth of red cross seals sold. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Earnest brought a request from Miss McKie that we give $10.00 to the Nantahala night school Xmas [Christmas] entertainment. The club voted to do as requested.]

[handwritten text: The Philharmonic Club having been invited to play, we had some lovely selections. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. M. A. Lipscomb moved that as the State President Mrs. Neelie Peters Black would be in town the following day, some appointment be made to have her meet the club members. ]

[handwritten text: The cordial invitation of Mrs. Parker to meet Mrs. Black at her home on the following afternoon was gladly accepted. ]

[handwritten text: The following new members were elected -- Mrs. J. E. Severin, Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Jarnagin, Mrs. Head, Mrs. Cornett, Mrs. C. W. Jones, Mrs. Bessie Wood, Miss Virginia Lott, Miss Oliver. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Earnest reported that the Educational Dept. [Department] would send a committee to the Nantahala School to try to organize a Mothers Club. ]

[handwritten text: A gift of $100.00 having been received from Mr. & Mrs. Roberts to the Ella F. White school, Mrs. Lipscomb moved the Corresponding

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Secretary write a letter thanking them for the gift. The motion carried.]

[handwritten text: Our club is the only individual club in the state which has undertaken the work of building a school. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Snelling reported $200.00 sent to the Mountain City School, including the $100.00 of Mr. & Mrs. Roberts. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. W. H. Bocock asked that her resignation as Corres. Sec'y. [Corresponding Secretary] be accepted. The club did so, expressing however, that it was done with regret. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. Capps moved that nominations be made from the floor. Mrs. Parker nominated Mrs. Capps and she was unanimously elected. ]

[handwritten text: Mrs. S. B. Yow the district President was with us and expressed her appreciation of the work done by our club. ]

[handwritten text: The club adjourned to linger for awhile over the teacups with our hostess. ]

[handwritten text: Mamie E. Whittle ]

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