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Athens Woman's Club minutes, 1912-1920

author: Athens Woman's Club (Athens, Ga.)
extent: 1 v.
date: 1912-1920

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[printed text: The Athens Woman's Club met with the retiring president, Mrs. A. S. Parker, yesterday afternoon at her home on
Prince avenue and despite the fact that several missionary societies occupied the same hour with meetings elsewhere the attendance was most gratifying. ]

[printed text: This meeting was postponed from December, the current year opening with Mrs. C. M. Snelling, the new president, on the fourth Monday of this month, the chosen date of all meetings.]

[printed text: The Lord's Prayer in concert was the first of the afternoon's program, followed by the reports of the secretary and treasurer. The various chairmen of standing committees submitted no reports, except Mrs. O. W. Davison, representing the membership committee as chairman reported the following new members who were cordially welcomed: Mesdames Clarence Chandler, Lewis Johnson, Coryell Greer, Ernest Michael, J. R. White, George Crane and Miss Jessie McGregor. ]

[printed text: The club expressed regret over the death yesterday morning of one of its members, Mrs. W. G. Griffeth and passed resolutions expressing sympathy to her family. ]

[printed text: The entire membership present favored the endorsement of the administration of the state president of the federation, Mrs. J. E. Hays, and Mrs. Cobb Lampkin, corresponding secretary, was instructed to notify her of the club's action and loyalty and to have a copy of the letter published on the Woman's Club page of next Sunday's Atlanta Constitution. ]

[printed text: Following these details the chief order of business was the installation of the new officers whose nominations were the concensus [consensus] of the opinion of the entire club and as such are a flattering tribute to all concerned. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Parker, whose unfailing dignity and success during her term of office, the club making marked progress under her supervision, gave a beautiful talk as she opened to the new president all the intimate workings of her new post. ]

[printed text: She thanked the members for their responsive cooperation and urged them to support the federation, pointing out their mission to uphold its high standards and maintain the prestige of Athens Woman's Club as a link in the long chain of clubs which must not be broken. ]

[printed text: It is a matter of great pride and congratulation and satisfaction to the club that the retiring president and the one just beginning her work as head of an organization so far reaching in its splendid influences are women of such high ideals and steadfastness of purpose. Above all it is good to know both are christian women and are active in the support of their churches in all departments. It is interesting to know that they are mothers of boys, all fine fellows, and both while yet young and most graceful, are grandmothers, a distinction rarely enjoyed. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Parker, as a friend and coworker inducted Mrs. Snelling and the other new officers into that mysterious method by which all have been taught the virtue of affectionate cooperation and the occasion was most inspiring, the members rising and giving the chautauqua [chatauqua] salute. ]

[printed text: In a few words Mrs. Snelling expressed her appreciation of the honor conferred upon her and in accepting said she felt it was an opportunity to serve her town as well as to meet in close contact its representative women who are striving for its betterment. ]

[printed text: She named the following heads of the departments which will do good work directed by Mrs. Snelling, and it is with highest hopes and the greatest enthusiasm that the club faces the tasks set for this year: Mrs. A. S. Parker, civic; Mrs. E. R. Hodgson, Jr., education; Miss. I. Proctor, home economics; Mrs. Jack Wheeler, music; Mrs. Rufe Turner, ways and means; Mrs. Oscar Davison, membership; Mrs. S. J. Tribble, publicity; Mrs. A. S. Parker, new club room and tea room. ]

[printed text: The new officers and the chairmen of these committees have already mapped out a year's work of strenuous activity, fitting themselves into their new niche with the adaptability characteristic of all and they will continue successfully the many established philanthropic activities and undertake to establish new ones. ]

[printed text: A social half hour concluded the interesting session. ]

[printed text: MRS. E. W. CARROLL,
Of Publicity Committee.]

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[printed text: ATHENS WOMAN'S CLUB HOLDS JANUARY MEETING.] [View the meeting summary]

[printed text: The Athens Woman's Club held its monthly meeting Monday afternoon at the home of its president, Mrs. C. M. Snelling. Despite the very inclement weather, a large and enthusiastic attendance was present.]

[printed text: Much routine as well as new business was transacted. ]

[printed text: Treasurer, Mrs. W. D. Beacham, reported dues $22.40; balance on French babies, $12.00; Ella White Memorial $5.00; Dormitory room $23.00; balance in bank $164.00. ]

[printed text: She also reported having sent a contribution of one hundred dollars to the Tallulah Falls school. A letter was read from Mrs. Hugh Willet thanking the club for this splendid contribution and also for the genuine co-operation [cooperation] of the club in all things looking to the higher development of our state. A letter was also read from Mrs. Hayes, president of State Woman's Club, thanking the Athens Club for their splendid words of congratulation and encouragement and co-operation [cooperation]. ]

[printed text: Mrs. A. S. Parker, chairman of the Civic Committee, outlined the work of her committee, and reported that a full report would be made at the next meeting. This committee has undertaken many things looking to the general welfare of our city. ]

[printed text: Mrs. T. W. Read reported for the chairman of the Home Econonics [Economics] Committee. This committee has prepared an excellent program for 1920. Beginning March 8th a course of cooking lessons will begin, to which the general public is invited. It is hoped that satisfactory plans can be made whereby the high school building and equipment may be used. It is believed that many will avail themselves of these practical lessons.]

[printed text: Mrs. E. R. Hodgson, chairman of the Educational Committee, made a report on the work now being conducted in this city by the Survey Committee. It was agreed that this work should receive hearty co-operation [cooperation]. ]

[printed text: Mrs. J. T. Wheeler, chairman of the Music Committee, stated that the program for 1920 would be read at the next meeting. However, the community sing, which was such a success last season, will again be held this year on Saturday, February 21. This day was selected as Washington's birthday comes on Sunday. Mr. Jones will again assist in this work.]

[printed text: Mrs. Oscar Davison, chairman of the committee on membership, reported the following new members: Mrs. Frank Myers, Mrs. Andrew C. Erwin, Mrs. B. T. Comer, Mrs. Dorsey Davis, Mrs. Offley, Mrs. Emory Cook, Mrs. James Cook, Mrs. Florence, Mrs. Carter Daniel, Mrs. Hulme Kinnebrew, Miss Florence, Miss Martha Anderson, Miss Kate Anderson, Miss Tom Middlebrooks. All these were unanimously elected to membership. ]

[printed text: Miss Rustin, representing the Pioneer Club of the University of Georgia, brought greetings to the club. She thanked the club for its splendid co-operation [cooperation] and encouragement. She was convinced that the "little sister" would strive to merit the approval of the "big sister" at all times. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Bessie Stanley Wood made a comprehensive report of the work that would be done by the Survey Committee. She assured the club that there would be no overlapping of work and that all clubs and organizations in the city and in the colleges would be properly correlated. She made an impressive talk concerning the work now being done in this city. The club agreed to support the work in every way possible. ]

[printed text: Mrs. William Bradshaw, a former Athens lady, made a very inspirational talk on the wonderful work accomplished by the Paducah Woman's Club, an organization that has been in existence twenty-two years and has never failed to meet each month. Beginning in a very modest way with a room in the Carnegie building they have grown and progressed until now they own a beautiful club house with an auditorium, ball room and all modern conveniences. Mrs. Bradshaw's presence in Athens always gives her friends much pleasure and on this occasion she was made doubly welcome by her presence and the message she brought. ]

[printed text: After the transaction of the business of the meeting, the members were then invited into the spacious dining room where delicious refreshments were served. Those assisting the hostess were Mrs. Bradshaw, Mrs. Audley Morton, Mrs. Joel Weir, Mrs. John R. White and Misses Margaret and Lou Morton and Mrs. Ralph Hodgson. ]

[printed text: Respectfully submitted, ]

[printed text: MRS. S. V. SANFOORD,
Recording Secretary.]

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[printed text: February Meeting Of the Athens Woman's Club] [View the meeting summary]

[printed text: The Athens Womans Club held its regular monthly meeting with Hrs. [Mrs.] A. S. Parker, chairman of the Civics Committee of the club, February 29. Mrs. Snellings the president, and Mrs. J. E. Talmadge, Jr., vice-president, both being absent in Florida, Mrs. Parker presided with her usual grace and discretion.]

[printed text: The meeting opened by the recitation of the Lord's Prayer in concert. This being the National Song week, Mrs. Parker suggestedthat [suggested that] the club sing some of the songs selected by the National Committee, "Lead Kindly Light' was sung followed by "America the Beautiful." In the absence of the chairman of the music committee, Mrs. Stanley kindly led the singing which was enthusiastically entered into by the entire club. The secretary read the minutes of the last meeting which were approved as read. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Beacham, the treasurer, made the following report: A balance of $176.80 in treasury after expending $37.20 since January meeting. Report of Educational Comimtee [Committee] was next called for, Mrs. Hodgson chairman, asking that Miss Whaley be allowed to read a report of the Survey Committee as it was important and strictly educational. The club thought so much of this report that they ordered it incorporated in the minutes of the club for future refenence [reference]. Chairman of Home Economics Section being absent, Mrs. Oscar Davison reported that the chairman was afraid that they would have to postpone the Cooking Lessons until April. The Club ordered that the matter of time be left entirely with the Economics Committee and watch local papers for announcement.]

[printed text: Mrs. Oscar Davison, chairman of Membership Committee, reported the following names which were unanimously received and Mrs. Davison commended for her usual fine report. Mrs. C. B. Daniel, Miss Mary Wilkins, Mrs. A. T. Puckett, Mrs. Esther Morris, Mrz. [Mrs.] James W. Arnold, Mrs. Skinner, Mrs. Martin. The following committee was appointed to look after the sick soldiers of the Rehabilitation Department of the University of Georgia and also to furnish entertainment for them: ]

[printed text: Mrs. J. E. Talmadge, Jr., chairman; Mrs. S. V. Sanford, Mrs. Simon Michael, Mrs. Darwin, Mrs. Joel Wier, Mrs. Julian McCurry, Miss Moena Michael. ]

[printed text: The club was asked to sponsor an Art Exhibit that is coming to Athens to the amount of $25.00. This guarantee we do not expect to forfeit but simply with other organizations in town pledge our support to that amount should it for any reason not pay expenses and the club voted that we do this and the ladies were all urged to visit the exhibit and support it in any way possible. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Sanford, who went over to Atlanta as a delegate from the club to the meeting called by Mrs. Haynes made a report on the meeting. The club ordered the corresponding secretary write Mrs. Haynes that the Athens Club heartily endorses her movement in the interest of the reduction of the High Cost of Living. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Wilkins reported that the Georgia Development Company offered to give a picturesque piece of land for a park provided the club beautify it for such. In the absence of the president the club delayed action on this matter. ]

[printed text: Mrs. A. S. Parker, chairman of the civics department, said that the husband of one of our number called her up this morning and said that he was chairman of a committee of the Chamber of Commerce and that his committee was going to do something for Athens. Mrs. Parker said this was wonderful encouragement to her for when the men got behind a movement they did things. ]

[printed text: Among the things under consideration by the civic committee is a memorial to the boys left in France in the form of a park. ]

[printed text: After adjournment Mrs. Parker in her usual hospitable way served delicious sandwiches and Russian tea to the club and all enjoyed a social half hour. In the absence of our new president the club drifted back to its former home. ]

[printed text: MRS. S. V. SANFORD,
Recording Secretary.]

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[View the meeting summary]

[printed text: The Athens Woman's club held its March meeting with the president, Mrs. C. M. Snelling, on Monday afternoon, March 22.]

[printed text: The meeting was opened by the recitation of the Lord's prayer in concert. ]

[printed text: The minutes of the February meeting were read and approved as read.]

[printed text: The treasurer made the following report:

General Federation Dues$18.00
State Federation Dues3.00
Stamps and Envelopes1.80
Deceived [Received] Dues$46.80



[printed text: In addition to this report the treasurer asked to be instructed to pay to the Agricultural college the amount promised to furnish a room in the girls' dormitory. The club instructed her to do this from the funds on hand at the same time the president asked those who would to contribute to this fund. Mrs. Green suggested that the club ask permission to have a demonstration at the dormitory when the room is furnished. ]

[printed text: The corresponding secretary read a letter from the chairman of the executive committee of the Red Cross Survey asking the co-operation [cooperation] of the club in founding an organization that would co-ordinate [coordinate] all the welfare work of the city and by so doing eliminate the possibility of overlapping of such activities. The club unanimously voted to give this movement its hearty co-operation [cooperation]. The president will appoint two representatives, a principle and an alternate. ]

[printed text: Mrs. E. R. Hodgson, Jr., chairman of the educational committee, made the following report: ]

[printed text: "Our committee has held one meeting. At this meeting it was decided to try to continue the illiteracy classes at Whitehall and Princeton; Mrs. Oscar Davison and Mrs. G. O. Davis have promises of help in this from the owners of the mills and hope soon to begin the classes. ]

[printed text: We have eighteen sponsors for the Clarke county schools. So far only a few of the schools have been visited, but the ladies have splendid plans ahead. ]

[printed text: The sponsors are co-operating [cooperating] with the farm bureau in planning for a fair. There are two sponsors -- one for the Ella White school at Mountain City and the Mary Anne Lipscomb school, at Tallulah. They are finding out the needs of these schools. ]

[printed text: Mrs. S. P. Reaves has secured a number of books to be distributed among the mountain and rural schools. ]

[printed text: Miss Woods is arranging for classes in parliamentary law under Mr. John Mell for the club members. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Garnett and Mrs. Earnest are arranging for the club to hear some health lectures by Dr. Falkner. ]

[printed text: The report and recommendations of the Clarke county and Athens survey committee on education, which Miss Whaley read before the club were heartily endorsed by this committee and will be sent to the city board of education, with a request to act upon them as soon as possible. ]

[printed text: The Smith-Lormer bill before congress we present to the club for its endorsement to be sent to our senators and congressmen. The club instructed the educational committee to draft resolutions to be sent to senate and consigned Mrs. E. R. Hodgson, Jr., Miss Proctor, acting chairman of economics committee in the absence of the chairman, Mrs. Tom Reed, reported that on account of sickness they had not been able to crystalize [crystallize] their plans for the cooking classes and exhibit of labor-saving devices, but report progress and these classes will be held some time [sometime] in April. They plan to make these most attractive and beneficial. Mrs. Davison, chairman membership committee, reported the following names for membership and the club unanimously voted them members:]

[printed text: Mrs. M. G. Michael, Mrs. Aaron Cohen, Miss Susie Cohen, Mrs. Lawler, Mrs. William Meegate, Mrs. A. L. Dearing, Mrs. Ralph Hodgson. ]

[printed text: Mrs. Strahan read a letter from the head of the Ella F. White school, at Mountain City, explaining the many difficulties he has in operating point. The club, after hearing the school from a financial stand-through members of the club who have been there, of the heroic struggle for existence of this school voted to send it $100. ]

[printed text: This should be very near to our hearts not alone because of its worth and needs, but since it bears the name of our much-loved former president, Mrs. White. ]

[printed text: Hon. Julian McCurry, representing the Chamber of Commerce, addressed the club in a happy vein. The civics committee of the club will co-operate [cooperate] with the civics committee of the Chamber of Commerce in the advancement of parks, playgrounds, and a market. ]

[printed text: After the transaction of the business Mrs. Snelling served delicious refreshments. She was assisted by Mrs. Morton, Mrs. Stanley, Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Weir. ]

[printed text: The club feels itself unusually fortunate in having a president who commands the use of a home so beautiful and spacious as the Morton Home. Still we feel that we have altogether outgrown any private home. With a membership of 186 and growing in leaps and bounds it behooves us to be up and doing and secure us a home in keeping with a town of the size and prominence of Athens. ]

[printed text: Realizing this need the club voted to authorize the executive board to cast about and find some appropriate place for a club house. ]

[printed text: MRS. S. V. SANFORD,
Recording Secretary.]

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