Athens Woman's Club New Members by Name (1899-1920)

Abney, Howard, Mrs. (Martha Abney) (joined 24 March 1919)

Abney, O. W., Mrs. (Ilma Abney) (joined 27 October 1919)

Ackiff, E. L., Mrs. (Susie Davison Ackiff) (join date unknown)

Adams, Alice (join date unknown)

Adkins, Robert Chafin, Mrs. (Sarah Elizabeth Saye Chafin) (joined 22 November 1909)

Amory, E. H., Mrs. (joined prior to September 1899)

Anderson, A., Mrs. (Cornelia? Anderson) (join date unknown)

Anderson, D. G., Mrs. (Julia Anderson) (joined 17 September 1910)

Anderson, John T., Mrs. (Annie Lee Gardner Anderson) (join date unknown)

Anderson, Kate (joined January 1920)

Anderson, Martha (joined January 1920)

Archer, Mrs. (joined 25 November 1902)

Armstrong, George C., Mrs. (Mamie Armstrong) (joined 17 September 1910)

Arnold, James W., Mrs. (Hester Arnold) (joined 29 February 1920)

Arnold, John L., Mrs. (Alice Arnold) (joined prior to 1912)

Ash, W. C., Mrs. (Eula Deadwyler Ash) (join date unknown)

Asheford, William H., Mrs. (Hallie Asheford) (join date unknown)

Ausland, C. F., Mrs. (Anna C. Ausland) (joined 25 November 1902)

Avery, John Campbell, Mrs. (Ora Hart Avery) (join date unknown)

Bailey, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Bailey, J. W., Mrs. (Lucy Bowles Bailey) (joined 22 April 1918)

Baird, Bessie (joined January 1917)

Bank, W. H., Mrs. (Bessie H. Bank) (join date unknown)

Barnett, John William, Mrs. (India Hunter Barnett) (joined 22 April 1918)

Barnett, Margaret Morton (joined 22 September 1903)

Bartow, Florence Long (join date unknown)

Bartow, Harper, Mrs. (joined 17 September 1910)

Bate, Miss (joined prior to September 1899)

Bates, W., Mrs. (Rebecca? Bates) (joined prior to September 1899)

Baxter, Richard, Mrs. (Sarah Spalding Cobb Baxter) (join date unknown)

Beacham, W. D., Mrs. (Mary Lou Beacham) (joined 22 September 1903)

Beauchamp, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Bell, Austin, Mrs. (Stella Bell) (joined 22 April 1918)

Benedict, Nancy (join date unknown)

Benedict, Samuel C., Mrs. (Annie Rodgers Benedict) (join date unknown)

Berry, J. B., Mrs. (Gladys Berry) (joined January 1917)

Betts, B., Mrs. (joined 22 April 1918)

Beusse, J. H., Mrs. (Jessie Middlebrooks Beusse) (joined 27 October 1919)

Bickerstaff, Lola A. (joined 19 February 1912)

Black, Homer V., Mrs. (Madge Black) (joined 19 February 1912)

Blackshear, Laura (join date unknown)

Bloodworth, Bartley R., Mrs. (Emma Bloodworth) (joined 22 April 1918)

Bloomfield, J. C., Mrs. (Lillian Evans Bloomfield) (join date unknown)

Bloomfield, Marion (joined 22 September 1903)

Bocock, N., Mrs. (joined prior to September 1899)

Bocock, Willis H., Mrs. (Bessie Perry Friend Bocock) (join date unknown)

Boifeuillet, G. H., Mrs. (Lula Boifeuillet) (joined 28 October 1907)

Bond, Miss (joined 22 November 1909)

Bond, George Glenn, Mrs. (Claudia Farrar Bond) (joined 28 October 1907)

Bondurant, Emmet Jopling, Mrs. (Birdie Moss Bondurant) (join date unknown)

Booth, G. Arthur, Mrs. (Alberta Booth) (join date unknown)

Bournay, Mrs. (joined December 1905)

Brand, Charles H., Mrs. (May Brand) (join date unknown)

Branson, Edith (joined 22 November 1909)

Branson, Eugene C., Mrs. (Pattie? Branson) (joined prior to September 1899)

Briggs, W. P., Mrs. (Annie Briggs) (join date unknown)

Brooks, Preston, Mrs. (Josephine R. Brooks) (joined 29 September 1908)

Brown, Edward T., Mrs. (Mary Mitchell Brown) (joined prior to September 1899)

Brown, George, Mrs. (Lucy Brown) (joined 27 October 1919)

Brown, P. Frank, Mrs. (Sallie S. Brown) (joined 17 September 1910)

Brumby, Anne Wallis (joined 17 September 1912)

Brumby, Hattie (join date unknown)

Bryan, Virginia (join date unknown)

Burnett, Duncan, Mrs. (Inez Daugherty Burnett) (joined 27 March 1916)

Burnham, Mrs. (joined September 1904)

Burns, Pauline (joined 24 February 1919)

Buttel, Elsa (joined prior to September 1899)

Cain, Florence E. (joined 25 November 1918)

Calahan, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Caldwell, Elizabeth (join date unknown)

Camak, Annie L. (joined 25 September 1899)

Campbell, J., Mrs. (Martha? Campbell) (joined prior to September 1899)

Campbell, J. Phil, Mrs. (Loraine? Campbell) (joined 22 October 1917)

Capps, W. A., Mrs. (Grace Capps, d. 1910) (join date unknown)

Capps, W. A., Mrs. (Minnie Capps) (join date unknown)

Carithers, J. Y., Mrs. (Eula Witcher Carithers) (join date unknown)

Carithers, Lizzie (joined 17 September 1910)

Carlton, Annie (join date unknown)

Carlton, Marion Long (join date unknown)

Carmichael, W. A., Mrs. (Belle G. Carmichael) (joined 27 October 1919)

Carroll, Eugene W., Mrs. (Willie Carroll) (joined 27 March 1916)

Carter, August, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Carter, Shilla, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Case, Clarence, Mrs. (Lizzie Case) (join date unknown)

Cason, L., Mrs. (joined 27 October 1919)

Center, Augusta (joined 23 September 1902)

Chamberlain, Fulliton, Mrs. (joined 17 September 1910)

Chandler, Clarence, Mrs. (Helen McMahan Chandler) (joined January 1920)

Childs, Walter, Mrs. (Florence Childs) (17 September 1910)

Chipley, Justine, Mrs. (joined 28 April 1912)

Cobb, Andrew Jackson, Mrs. (Starkie Campbell Cobb) (joined prior to September 1899)

Cohen, Aaron, Mrs. (Sarah Stern Cohen) (joined 22 March 1920)

Cohen, Susie (joined 22 March 1920)

Coleman, Mrs. (joined 04 June 1912)

Coleman, E. M., Mrs. (joined December 1915)

Coleman, George Y., Mrs. (joined 17 September 1912)

Comer, B. T., Mrs. (Edna Comer) (joined 25 January 1920)

Connolly, Paul, Mrs. (Dixie? Connolly) (joined 24 February 1919)

Connolly, Warren, Mrs. (Ida Connolly) (joined 24 February 1919)

Conyers, M. E. (joined 27 October 1919)

Cook, Emory, Mrs. (Maude Cook) (joined 25 January 1920)

Cook, James, Mrs. (joined 25 January 1920)

Corner, Henry, Mrs. (joined 22 April 1918)

Cornett, Walter G., Mrs. (Olah Goza Ford Cornett) (joined 11 December 1916)

Cox, Claud H., Mrs. (Mary Lou Middlebrooks Cox) (joined 27 October 1919)

Crabb, George A., Mrs. (Mary A. Crabb) (joined 27 March 1916)

Crane, Benjamin Albert, Mrs. (Blanche C. Crane) (joined December 1905)

Crane, George Shaw, Mrs. (Hallie Watkins Crane, d. 1918) (joined 22 November 1909)

Crane, George Shaw, Mrs. (Mamie Davis Crane) (joined January 1920)

Crane, Rufe, Mrs. (Esther Patterson Crane) (joined 22 September 1919)

Crawford, Ellen A. Peebles, Mrs. (joined prior to September 1899)

Crawford, Elmer Jackson, Mrs. (Annie King Crawford) (joined 22 April 1918)

Creswell, Mary Ethel (join date unknown)

Crook, Claud W., Mrs. (Una Crook) (joined 22 April 1918)

Damon, Miss (join date unknown)

Daniel, C. B., Mrs. (joined 29 February 1920)

Daniel, Carter, Mrs. (Maud Daniel) (joined 25 January 1920)

Darwin, J. A., Mrs. (Edna Darwin) (joined 22 September 1919)

Darwin, Mrs. (Martha? Darwin) (joined September 1904)

Davenport, Uriah Harrold, Mrs. (Sallie Fleming Davenport) (joined 29 November 1919)

Davis, Miss (joined 22 September 1903)

Davis, Mrs. (joined 28 January 1901)

Davis, Dorsey, Mrs. (Ruby Lester Davis) (joined 25 January 1920)

Davis, Fred, Mrs. (Mattie Moore Barnard Davis) (joined 12 May 1919)

Davis, Glenn O., Mrs. (Macie Parr Davis) (joined 24 June 1918)

Davis, J. T., Mrs. (Mary L. Davis) (join date unknown)

Davis, Lucy (join date unknown)

Davis, W. C., Mrs. (Olivia N. Cobb Davis) (joined 24 January 1916)

Davis, W. H., Mrs. (Lou Ella Davis) (join date unknown)

Davison, Bertha Kate (joined 24 February 1919)

Davison, O. W., Mrs. (Eliza Davison) (join date unknown)

Dearing, Albin, Mrs. (Lula M. Speer) (join date unknown)

Dearing, Alfred Long, Mrs. (Marcella Dearing) (joined 22 March 1920)

Dixon, R. B., Mrs. (Lucy Dixon) (joined December 1905)

Dobbs, O. R., Mrs. (Marion Dobbs) (joined 17 September 1910)

Dorsey, Edward H., Mrs. (Laura Wilson Dorsey) (join date unknown)

Dorsey, W. F., Mrs. (Catherine "Cassie" Beusse Dorsey) (joined 27 October 1919)

Dowdle, Elizabeth (joined 26 Febrary 1917)

Dowdle, Lois (joined 27 March 1916)

Dozier, Augustus W., Mrs. (join date unknown)

Dozier, Brantley, Mrs. (Anne Wortley Dozier) (joined 17 September 1910)

Dozier, Howard, Mrs. (joined 25 February 1918)

Dozier, Thomas Howard, Mrs. (Mary Hutcheson Dozier) (joined 29 January 1906)

Dudley, Mrs. (joined 28 October 1907)

Dudley, A. G., Mrs. (Vallie Dudley) (joined 29 November 1919)

Dunlap, Daisy (joined 27 May 1918)

DuPree, Dan, Mrs. (Bertha DuPree) (join date unknown)

Earnest, David Lewis, Mrs. (Vivian Schley Earnest) (join date unknown)

Edward, Marion (joined prior to September 1899)

Edwards, Mrs. (joined 11 December 1916)

Edwards, H. M., Mrs. (joined 29 November 1919)

Erwin, Andrew Cobb, Mrs. (Camilla McWhorter Erwin) (joined 25 January 1920)

Erwin, Mary (join date unknown)

Fain, Frances (joined 22 November 1909)

Fain, Lida (joined 22 November 1909)

Fairman, Miss (joined 28 November 1904)

Fairman, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Fambrough, Emmett G., Mrs. (Cora E. Fambrough) (joined 28 April 1919)

Fanning, Mrs. (joined prior to September 1899)

Farnsworth, Dorothy McPherson (joined prior to September 1899)

Feagle, W. H., Mrs. (joined December 1915)

Flanigen, C. D., Mrs. (Mary Nevitt Flanigen) (joined 25 March 1918)

Fleming, Allen, Mrs. (Lena Fleming) (join date unknown)

Fleming, Isabelle (join date unknown)

Fleming, Joseph H., Mrs. (Alice C. Thomas Fleming) (joined prior to September 1899)

Fleming, William, Mrs. (Edith M. Fleming) (join date unknown)

Florence, Miss (joined 25 January 1920)

Florence, Mrs. (joined 25 January 1920)

Forbes, Walter T., Mrs. (Willie Forbes) (join date unknown)

Fort, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Foster, Stewart Floyd, Mrs. (Mary Thomas Hodgson Foster) (joined 25 September 1899)

Frierson, Marianna (join date unknown)

Frierson, Sarah H. (join date unknown)

Fullilove, William, Mrs. (Annie S. Fullilove) (joined 17 September 1910)

Funkenstein, Louie, Mrs. (Flora H. Funkenstein) (joined 08 February 1912)

Garnett, Swift, Mrs. (joined 29 November 1919)

Gerald, J. W., Mrs. (joined 24 September 1917)

Gerdine, Corrine (joined 28 April 1919)

Gerdine, John, Mrs. (Susan Golding Gerdine) (joined prior to September 1899)

Gerdine, L. (joined prior to September 1899)

Gerdine, Susie (joined 17 September 1912)

Goodwin, O. T., Mrs. (joined 22 October 1917)

Gordon, Hugh Haralson, Jr., Mrs. (Nannette Hodgson Gordon) (joined 25 September 1899)

Goss, Agnes (join date unknown)

Goss, Ralph M., Mrs. (Calender "Callie" Lumpkin Goss) (join date unknown)

Green, Thomas Fitzgerald, Mrs. (Hope Linton Green) (join date unknown)

Greene, J. J., Mrs. (join date unknown)

Greer, Coryell (joined January 1920)

Griffeth, Mrs. (joined 25 November 1911)

Griffeth, Arthur E., Mrs. (Arabelle Jenkins Griffeth) (joined prior to September 1899)

Griffeth, B. (joined prior to September 1899)

Griffeth, Charles Brown, Mrs. (Frances Ingle Brooke Griffith) (joined prior to September 1899)

Griffeth, W. G., Mrs. (Blanche M. Griffeth) (join date unknown)

Griffith, Joe Harris, Mrs. (Montine Thomas Griffith) (join date unknown)

Griggs, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Guinn, Mrs. (joined 17 September 1910)

Gwin, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Hadaway, Paul, Mrs. (Irene Hubbard Hadaway) (joined 22 April 1918)

Hancock, A. C., Mrs. (Lula Hancock) (joined 27 October 1919)

Hancock, Mattie (joined prior to September 1899)

Hancock, William L., Mrs. (Ethel Hancock) (joined 26 February 1917)

Harbin, Ruby (joined 28 October 1907)

Harms, Charles T., Mrs. (Maude Harms) (joined 24 March 1919)

Harper, A. O., Mrs. (Eugenia Long Harper) (join date unknown)

Harper, Mary (joined 28 October 1907)

Harris, Sally (join date unknown)

Harris, W. A., Mrs. (join date unknown)

Hart, J. F., Mrs. (Eva Freeman Hart) (joined prior to September 1899)

Hart, J. William, Mrs. (Blanche Hart) (join date unknown)

Hart, Leroy C., Mrs. (Margaret Hart) (join date unknown)

Hart, Ora (later Ora Hart Avery) (join date unknown)

Haselton, Mrs. (joined 26 October 1903)

Haselton, D. P., Mrs. (Zena Haselton) (joined 27 February 1916)

Hayes, W. W., Mrs. (Annie Hayes) (joined 24 June 1918)

Head, Mrs. (Leila McMahan? Head) (joined 11 December 1916)

Heard, Edward B., Mrs. (join date unknown)

Heatwole, Cornelius J., Mrs. (Susan Heatwole) (joined 25 February 1918)

Heidler, Clare, Mrs. (Grace Heidler) (joined 04 June 1912)

Hendren, L. L., Mrs. (Virginia Hendren) (joined 08 February 1912)

Hill, Parna B. (join date unknown)

Hill, Walter Barnard, Mrs. (Sallie Parna Barker Hill) (joined 25 September 1899)

Hillsman, Pattie (joined 24 February 1919)

Hines, W. L., Mrs. (Sarah Hines) (join date unknown)

Hinton, F. B., Mrs. (Minnie L. Hinton) (joined 25 January 1909)

Hinton, Hugh Preston, Mrs. (Armontine Hinton) (joined 22 November 1909)

Hoard, Jonas E., Mrs. (Alice Hoard) (joined 22 September 1919)

Hodgson, Edward Reginald, Jr., Mrs. (Mary Arthur McCullough Hodgson) (joined December 1905)

Hodgson, Edward Reginald, Mrs. (Mary Virginia Strahan Hodgson) (joined November 1904)

Hodgson, Frederick G., Mrs. (Ida Cottrell Hodgson) (join date unknown)

Hodgson, George Tyndall, Mrs. (India Florence Coker Hodgson) (joined prior to September 1899)

Hodgson, Jenny (joined prior to September 1899)

Hodgson, Ralph, Mrs. (Isabella Thomas Hodgson) (joined 22 March 1920)

Hodgson, Roberta (join date unknown)

Hoke, John Z., Mrs. (Kate Hoke) (joined prior to September 1899)

Hokins, Jessie (join date unknown)

Holden, Mrs. (joined 23 September 1902)

Holliday, Annie May (join date unknown)

Holman, Mrs. (joined 27 October 1919)

Hope, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Hopkins, Miss (join date unknown)

Hopkins, Gray, Mrs. (V. Lee Hopkins) (joined 27 October 1919)

Hopkins, William E., Mrs. (Bessie Hopkins) (joined 27 October 1919)

Howell, John McBride, Mrs. (Hallie W. Howell) (joined 17 September 1910)

Hoyle, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Hubbard, Mrs. (joined 27 October 1919)

Hull, Johh H., Mrs. (Rosa Delony Hull) (join date unknown)

Hull, Rosa D. (join date unknown)

Hull, W. B., Mrs. (join date unknown)

Hunnicutt, Mary Deupree (join date unknown)

Hutchins, Joshua C., Mrs. (Laura W. Rutherford Hutchins) (joined prior to September 1899)

Hutchins, Mrs. (joined 28 October 1907)

Jackson, Frank, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Jarnigan, M. P., Mrs. (Hattie Jarnigan) (joined 29 September 1908)

Jarnagin, Mrs. (Dorothy Grove Jarnigan) (joined 11 December 1916)

Jester, Carlton, Mrs. (Nannie May Jester) (joined 08 February 1912)

Johnson, Fletcher, Mrs. (joined 27 October 1919)

Johnson, L. W., Mrs. (joined 25 September 1905)

Johnson, Lewis, Mrs. (Bessie L. Johnson) (joined January 1920)

Johnson, Luke, Mrs. (Carrie Parks Johnson) (join date unknown)

Johnson, Percy S., Mrs. (Annie? Johnson) (joined 27 October 1919)

Jones, Clarence W., Mrs. (Ethel I. Jones) (joined 11 December 1916)

Jones, Samuel, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Jones, Walter, Mrs. (Nellie Grace Rose Jones) (joined 17 September 1910)

Kiafter, Mrs. (joined 27 October 1919)

King, Harry, Mrs. (joined 22 October 1917)

Kinnebrew, Hulme, Mrs. (Louise Kinnebrew) (joined 25 January 1920)

Lampkin, Cobb, Mrs. (Keturah Lampkin) (joined 29 September 1908)

Land, C. S., Mrs. (joined 24 February 1919)

Lane, Louise (joined 26 May 1902)

Lanier, Mrs. (joined 28 January 1901)

Law, Mrs. (joined prior to September 1899)

Lawler, Frank, Mrs. (Adelaide Lawler) (joined 22 March 1920)

Leibing, Frances (joined 25 November 1918)

Lewis, Fannie M. (joined January 1917)

Linton, Lucy (join date unknown)

Linton, Mary (joined 25 January 1909)

Lipscomb, Francis A., Mrs. (Mary Ann Rutherford Lipscomb) (joined prior to September 1899)

Long, Emma (joined 28 October 1907)

Long, H. M., Mrs. (Louise McIntosh Long) (joined 22 November 1909)

Long, William K., Mrs. (join date unknown)

Lott, Virginia (joined 11 December 1916)

Lovejoy, W. P., Mrs. (Anna L. Lovejoy) (joined 28 January 1901)

Lucas, John H., Mrs. (Kate Moreno Lucas) (joined prior to September 1899)

Lumpkin, Edwin King, Mrs. (Mary Bryan Thomas Lumpkin) (joined 27 October 1919)

Lumpkin, Gerdine, Mrs. (Augusta "Gussie" Lumpkin) (joined 28 April 1919)

Lumpkin, Samuel, Mrs. (Kate Richardson Lumpkin) (joined 28 April 1919)

Lustrat, Elenore (joined 24 February 1919)

Lustrat, Joseph, Mrs. (Elenore Maria Mohre Lustrat) (join date unknown)

Lyle, Daisy (join date unknown)

Lynch, J. W., Mrs. (Rebecca Lynch) (join date unknown)

Lyndon, Miss (joined prior to September 1899)

Lyndon, June (join date unknown)

Lyndon, Mary (joined 27 October 1919)

Lyndon, Mary Dorothy (joined 23 October 1905)

Malphers, Horace E., Mrs. (Madele Malphers) (joined 22 September 1919)

Martin, Mrs. (joined 25 January 1909)

Martin, Horace E., Mrs. (Lula L. Veal Martin) (join date unknown)

Mathis, Walter R., Mrs. (Lucy Leah West Mathis) (joined 22 November 1909)

Maxwell, Miss (joined 12 May 1919)

Maynard, Marvin, Mrs. (Mae Maynard) (joined 27 March 1916)

McBride, Mrs. (joined 17 September 1910)

McCall, James Plumber, Mrs. (Lula Elizabeth McCall) (joined 22 May 1905)

McClain, James C., Mrs. (Carrie Mae McClain) (joined 22 April 1918)

McCurry, Julian, Mrs. (Richmond Virginia Walton McCurry) (joined 24 March 1919)

McDorman, George Walton, Mrs. (Mattie Lavonia Burton McDorman) (join date unknown)

McGill, Miss (join date unknown)

McGill, Mrs. (join date unknown)

McGinness, Miss (joined 25 November 1902)

McGorman, Mrs. (joined 24 February 1919)

McGregor, Jessie (joined January 1920)

McHatton, T. H., Mrs. (Marie Elise Lustrat McHatton) (join date unknown)

McKellar, Ella Claire (joined 24 February 1919)

McKie, Annie Sue (join date unknown)

McMahan, Thomas, Mrs. (joined 25 January 1909)

McNeal, Mrs. (join date unknown)

McPherson, Dorothy (later Dorothy McPherson Farnsworth) (joined prior to September 1899)

McPherson, John H. T., Mrs. (Margaret B. McPherson) (joined 22 November 1909)

McWhorter, Camilla (later Camilla McWhorter Erwin) (join date unknown)

McWhorter, Columbus Marvin, Mrs. (Lula McWhorter) (joined 22 April 1918)

McWhorter, Hamilton, Mrs. (Sallie McWhorter) (join date unknown)

Meegate, William, Mrs. (joined 22 March 1920)

Mell, Charles, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Mell, Edward B. (Belle Witcher Mell) (joined prior to September 1899)

Mell, George, Mrs. (Daisy Mell) (joined 27 October 1919)

Merrill, Fred, Mrs. (Effie M. Merrill) (joined 24 September 1917)

Merriwether, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Merriman, Miss (joined prior to September 1899)

Michael, Earnest, Mrs. (Florette Michael) (joined January 1920)

Michael, Moses Gerson, Mrs. (Emma Cohen Michael) (joined September 1904)

Michael, M. G., Mrs. (joined 22 March 1920)

Michael, Max, Mrs. (Cecilia Michael) (joined 08 February 1912)

Michael, Moina Belle (joined 27 March 1916)

Michael, Simon, Mrs. (Anna Michael) (joined 03 October 1904)

Middlebrooks, Tom (joined 25 January 1920)

Middlemas, Lillian (join date unknown)

Miller, Constance (join date unknown)

Miller, Constant W., Mrs. (Letitia J. Miller) (17 September 1910)

Mitchell, Frances Letcher (join date unknown)

Monman, Maude (joined prior to September 1899)

Moore, M. H., Mrs. (joined 27 October 1919)

Morgan, Nell Houston (join date unknown)

Morris, John, Mrs. (Gretchen Gallagher Morris) (joined 22 September 1919)

Morris, Louise (join date unknown)

Morris, Moses, Mrs. (Esther Morris) (joined 29 February 1920)

Morrison, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Morton, James Audley, Mrs. (May Walden Morton) (joined 22 April 1918)

Morton, Robert, Mrs. (Nancy B. Morton) (join date unknown)

Morton, Rokel, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Morton, William J., Mrs. (Rosena White Morton) (join date unknown)

Moss, J. L. III, Mrs. (joined 27 October 1919)

Moss, John Dortch, Mrs. (Byrd Lee Hill Moss) (joined prior to September 1899)

Moss, Lilly B. (joined prior to September 1899)

Moss, Rufus L., Jr., Mrs. (Leila Strong Moss) (joined 27 May 1918)

Muire, Mrs. (joined 28 March 1910)

Mure, Robert Downie, Mrs. (Lizzie P. Hodgson Mure) (joined prior to September 1899)

Myer, Harold D., Mrs. (Helen W. Myer) (joined 27 May 1918)

Myers, Frank J., Mrs. (Sophie Stern Myers) (joined 25 January 1920)

Nash, Fannie G. (joined prior to September 1899)

Nast, E. J. (joined prior to September 1899)

Nate, T. E., Mrs. (join date unknown)

Neagle, W. H., Mrs. (join date unknown)

Nicholson, Mrs. (joined 26 October 1903)

Nicholson, Augustus Reaves, Mrs. (Mary OVerby Nicholson) (join date unknown)

Nicholson, Henry, Mrs. (joined 27 May 1918)

Nicholson, Homer, Mrs. (Josephine Sims Nicholson) (join date unknown)

Nicholson, Madison, Mrs. (Lucy Woodall Nicholson) (join date unknown)

Nisbet, Walter, Mrs. (Evelyn Nisbet) (joined 28 April 1919)

Nolan, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Nute, Miss (joined 25 November 1911)

O'Callahan, M. P., Mrs. (Florence H. O'Callahan) (join date unknown)

Odum, Howard W., Mrs. (Anna Louise Kranz Odum) (join date unknown)

O'Farrell, Alonzo H., Mrs. (Kate O'Farrell) (joined September 22 1903)

O'Farrell, Kathleen (join date unknown)

Offley, Mrs. (joined 25 January 1920)

Oliver, Esther? (joined 11 December 1916)

Orr, Frederick J., Mrs. (Valeria Frazer Orr) (join date unknown)

Palmer, Arthur, Mrs. (Mamie Palmer) (join date unknown)

Park, Robert Emory, Mrs. (Mary Belle Park) (joined 28 January 1901)

Parker, Albert S., Mrs. (Florence Parker) (join date unknown)

Parrish, Celestia Susannah (join date unknown)

Patman, Annie (join date unknown)

Pavesich, Marie (joined December 1905)

Pavesich, Paul, Mrs. (Elizabeth Pavesich) (join date unknown)

Payne, E. C., Mrs. (Florence Payne) (join date unknown)

Payne, O., Mrs. (joined 27 October 1919)

Peeples, W. J., Mrs. (Ida Peeples) (joined 25 March 1918)

Pendergraph, Henry A., Mrs. (Sudie Pendergraph) (joined 22 September 1919)

Philips, J. O., Mrs. (joined 22 October 1917)

Phinizy, Billups, Mrs. (Nellie Stovall Phinizy) (joined prior to September 1899)

Phinizy, Charles H., Mrs. (Nellie Wright Phinizy) (join date unknown)

Phinizy, Ferdinand, Mrs. (Anne S. Barrett) (join date unknown)

Pitner, Walter, Mrs. (India Colbert Pitner) (joined December 1905)

Pope, May Nisbet Hull (joined prior to September 1899)

Pound, Jere, Mrs. (Ada Murphey Pound) (joined 17 September 1912)

Pratt, Miss (joined prior to September 1899)

Proctor, Carroll, Mrs. (Mabel W. Proctor) (joined 19 February 1912)

Proctor,Erna (joined 24 February 1919)

Puckett, Albert, Mrs. (Emma Lou Puckett) (joined 29 February 1920)

Randall, Edna M. (join date unknown)

Rathbone, Rosalie (joined 24 February 1919)

Ray, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Reaves, Sidney, Mrs. (Josephine P. Reaves) (joined 29 November 1919)

Redd, Miss (join date unknown)

Reed, Albon, Mrs. (Idaline K. Reed) (join date unknown)

Reed, George, Mrs. (joined prior to September 1899)

Reed, T. W., Mrs. (Eunice W. Reed) (joined 29 November 1919)

Rhodes, A. H., Mrs. (join date unknown)

Rhodes, John, Mrs. (Lillian Cherry Rhodes) (joined 27 May 1918)

Richards, A. G., Mrs. (Grace W. Richards) (joined 25 March 1918)

Richardson, Harrell, Mrs. (joined 17 September 1910)

Riley, E. S., Mrs. (joined 22 April 1918)

Ritchie, A. J., Mrs. (Addie Corn Ritchie) (awarded honorary membership 04 June 1912)

Ritchie, H. B., Mrs. (Edith Ritchie) (joined 25 September 1916)

Robb, Mrs. (joined 27 October 1919)

Roberts, Mrs. (joined 25 November 1911)

Roberts, A. O., Mrs. (join date unknown)

Roberts, O. M., Mrs. (Ebba Roberts) (joined 27 October 1919)

Roberts, W. A., Mrs. (join date unknown)

Rogers, James M., Mrs. (Florence? Rogers) (join date unknown)

Rouse, Miss (joined September 1904)

Rowe, Hugh, Mrs. (Ada O'Farrell Rowe) (join date unknown)

Sanford, Steadman Vincent, Mrs. (Grace McClatchey Sanford) (join date unknown)

Scott, Tom, Mrs. (Janie Will Miller? Scott) (joined 27 May 1918)

Scudder, Charles A., Mrs. (Nina Wilkins Scudder) (join date unknown)

Sell, Nettie (joined 24 January 1916)

Sellers, Dessie (join date unknown)

Severin, Julius E., Mrs. (Cle Severin) (joined 11 December 1916)

Sexton, James R., Mrs. (Margaret Sexton) (joined 25 March 1918)

Sheffer, LaFayette M., Mrs. (Margaret Sheffer) (joined 27 October 1919)

Shelton, W. A., Mrs. (Ekkie Shelton) (join date unknown)

Shepherd, W. E., Mrs. (Bessie Shepherd) (join date unknown)

Shepperson, Mildred (joined September 1904)

Skinner, J. Kenneth, Mrs. (Bertha Skinner) (joined 29 February 1920)

Slaymaker, Frank, Mrs. (Margaret Slaymaker) (joined 29 November 1919)

Smith, E. B., Mrs. (joined 28 January 1901)

Smith, J. Warren, Mrs. (Alma Smith) (joined 27 October 1919)

Smith, Jennie (join date unknown)

Smith, Lottie (joined 25 September 1905)

Smith, Mariann, Mrs. (joined 24 June 1918)

Snelling, Charles Mercer (Matilda Janet Morton) (join date unknown)

Sosnowski, Callie (awarded honorary membership 04 June 1912)

Sosnowski, Sophia (joined prior to September 1899)

Sprout, Nellie (join date unknown)

Stallings, Mrs. (joined 25 March 1918)

Stanley, Thomas Pope, Mrs. (Margaret Morton Stanley) (join date unknown)

Stanton, Lucy M. (join date unknown)

Steadman, Will, Mrs. (joined 25 November 1911)

Stephenson, Graves, Mrs. (Ada Stephenson) (joined 22 September 1903)

Stevens, Eustace M., Mrs. (Grace Stevens) (joined 29 November 1919)

Stewart, Mrs. (joined 22 September 1903)

Stewart, J. S., Mrs. (Selma Stewart) (join date unknown)

Stovall, M., Mrs. (join date unknown)

Stover, Pitt, Mrs. (joined 24 February 1919)

Strahan, Charles Morton, Mrs. (Margaret A. Basinger Strahan) (joined prior to September 1899)

Strahan, Mary (joined 29 November 1919)

Strickland, J. J., Mrs. (Elinor Strickland) (joined 23 September 1902)

Strickland, Norma (join date unknown)

Strickland, Roy, Mrs. (Bird Strickland) (joined December 1915)

Talmadge, Charles, Mrs. (Justine Erwin Talmadge) (join date unknown)

Talmadge, Clovis, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Talmadge, John E., Mrs. (Olivia Bloomfield Talmadge) (join date unknown)

Talmadge, Julius, Mrs. (Mary Talmadge) (join date unknown)

Taylor, Miss (joined 24 October 1904)

Taylor, Marcus, Mrs. (Frances Long Taylor) (joined 23 October 1905)

Thomas, Rosena (join date unknown)

Thomas, William Winstead, Mrs. (Pamela J. Thomas) (joined prior to September 1899)

Tibbetts, John Francis, Mrs. (Alice Wiley Tibbetts)(joined January 1917)

Tibbetts, Ruth (joined January 1917)

Trent, Helen (joined prior to September 1899)

Tribble, Samuel Joelah, Mrs. (Minnie McEntire Tribble) (joined 23 October 1905)

Tribble, Sam, Mrs. (Minnie McEntire Tribble) (joined 29 November 1919)

Troutman, Marcellus, Mrs. (Elizabeth Troutman) (joined 25 January 1909)

Tuck, H., Mrs. (joined 22 September 1903)

Turner, Rufus, Mrs. (Irene Turner) (joined 22 April 1918)

Tyson, John S., Mrs. (join date unknown)

Upson, Emily (joined prior to September 1899)

Upson, Esther (joined prior to September 1899)

Upson, S. C., Mrs. (Louise K. Lumpkin) (join date unknown)

upson, Seney (join date unknown)

Van Straatan, J. Van, Mrs. (Minnie Van Straatan) (joined 8 February 1912)

Vandall, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Varner, Fulton, Mrs. (join date unknown)

Von Seydlitz, Miss (joined 28 October 1907)

Waff, Howard, Mrs. (Henrietta Waff) (join date unknown)

Wales, Mrs. (joined 28 October 1907)

Walker, Roosevelt P., Mrs. (Ruby Walker) (joined 24 September 1917)

Wardlaw, Mrs. (joined 17 September 1912)

Waters, W. G., Mrs. (Maude Waters) (28 April 1912)

Watson, J. H., Mrs. (Georgia H. Watson) (joined 23 April 1917)

Watt, Elizabeth Johnston (joined prior to September 1899)

Webb, Joseph N., Mrs. (Nettie Webb) (joined 26 October 1903)

Weir, Mary Lou (joined 4 June 1912)

Welch, W. P., Mrs. (Margaretta R. White Welch) (join date unknown)

Wesley, Annie (joined 25 September 1905)

West, Henry S., Mrs.(Marion Lampkin West) (joined 25 September 1905)

West, W. S., Mrs. (joined 24 February 1919)

Whaley, Miss

Wheeler, J. T., Mrs. (Belle Wheeler) (joined 22 April 1918)

White, Annie (joined 22 September 1919)

White, Henry Clay, Mrs. (Ella Frances White) (joined prior to September 1899)

White, J., Mrs. (joined 26 October 1903)

White, J. R., Mrs. (joined January 1920)

White, James, Mrs. (joined 24 March 1919)

White, James, Mrs. (joined 25 November 1902)

Wilde, Mrs. (joined 23 October 1905)

Wilkins, John, Mrs. (Jesse H. Wilkins) (joined 29 September 1908)

Wilkins, Mary (joined 29 February 1920)

Willingham, Mrs. (joined 26 October 1903)

Wilson, Rodney, Mrs. (Bessie Wilson) (joined 25 September 1916)

Wingfield, Mid, Mrs. (Laura M. Wingfield) (joined 24 February 1919)

Withers, Mrs. (joined 28 October 1907)

Wood, Annie Mae (joined December 1918)

Wood, Bessie, Mrs. (joined 11 December 1916)

Woodberry, Rosa D. (joined prior to September 1899)

Woofter, T. J., Mrs. (Callie G. Woofter) (join date unknown)

Wright, Tate, Mrs. (Norma Wright) (joined 27 May 1918)

Wynburn, Robert L., Mrs. (Bessie Wynburn) (joined 28 February 1916)

Young, Miss (joined 12 May 1919)

Young, William H., Mrs. (Annie Young) (joined prior to September 1899)

Yow, Jones, Mrs. (Lucille Shadburn Yow) (joined 24 March 1919)

Zirbes, Carl, Mrs. (joined 28 April 1912)