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Don't look for honey in the pages of the Bumble Bee. In five issues, appearing from 1889 to 1902, graduating students at the University of Georgia departed with a few last stings of vicious satire aimed at UGA faculty and administration. Whether its pages are filled with base libel or grains of truth, it certainly lives up to the wordplay of its slogan, "We sting where we light. We light often."

Perhaps the Bumble Bee was more than mere vicious fun. The authors of the book Class of Eighteen Ninety-Seven, 1897-1947 claim that their 1897 edition of the Bumble Bee, a particularly scathing issue, became the basis for a critical report issued by the University Board of Visitors. The "boys of '97" credit that report with leading to the modernization of the University and the appointment of Walter B. Hill as Chancellor.

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