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Letter: Dougherty County, Georgia, to Col. O. H. Howard, [Albany?], 1868 Sept. 20

author: Murphy, John, fl. 1868
date: September 20, 1868
extent: 2p
summary: In this letter, John Murphy, a Republican party elector who went to Camilla September 19, 1868 to speak at a Republican meeting, writes to Colonel O.H. Howard, a sub-assistant commissioner of the Freedman's Bureau in Georgia. Dated September 20,1868, it outlines Murphy's experience of an incident that occurred the previous day. On that day he went to Camilla along with Captain F.F. Putney and W.P. Pierce, a Republican candidate for Congress from the Dougherty and Mitchell county district. In the violence that erupted between white Camilla residents who opposed the Republicans and the group of Republicans and freedmen gathered for the meeting, Murphy was struck in the head with a gun and Putney was wounded in the arm. Pierce was not hurt. At least nine of the freedmen attending the event were killed and as many as forty were wounded.
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collection: Civil Unrest in Camilla, Georgia, 1868

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Dougherty County Ga [Georgia]
September 20th, 1868 Col. [Colonel] O. H. Howard

Dr [Dear] Sir

As we were entering into Camilla, on yesterday, we were fired on by a mob. Several freedmen were wounded. I know as many as eight, - Whether there was any killed, or not, I can't say. Mr Putney was wounded in the arm, and had several shots in his clothes.

Pierce was not hurt, - After the whole affair was over, in town, I was followed by four men who overtook me six miles from town. They handled me pretty rough, one of them struck me on the head with a gun, and cut quite a gash in my head.

They told me several freedmen were killed

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I don't know who they are, nor don't know really whether there was any killed. We had a pretty rough time, but we got off better than could have been expected.

I don't know how many was in the mob, there was a large crowd of them. There was, I think, two or three hundred shots fired in all.

[Signed] John Murphy.
A true copy,

[Signed] M Frank Gallagher

Bvt Capt. [Brevet Captain] U.S.A. [United States of America] - A.A.A.G.

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