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Affidavit of F.F. Putney: Dougherty County, Georgia, 1868 Sept. 22

author: Howard, O.H.
date: September 22, 1868
extent: 2p
summary: In this affidavit dated September 22, 1868 and taken from Francis Flagg Putney, one of the Republican organizers of a rally scheduled to be held in Camilla Georgia on September 19, 1868, O.H. Howard, a sub-assistant commissioner for the Freedman's Bureau in Georgia, records Putney as corroborating fellow Republican John Murphy's account of the violence that broke out when the Republicans and the freedmen who accompanied them met with opposition from the white townspeople in Camilla. Putney adds his eyewitness account of the first shots fired to Murphy's account, as well as what he recalls of the conversation between Murphy and Sheriff Mumford S. Poore prior to the disorder in town.
repository: DeSoto Trail Regional Library (Camilla, Ga.)
collection: Civil Unrest in Camilla, Georgia, 1868

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Georgia State
Dougherty County

Personally appeared F F Putney who being duly sworn says that the foregoing affidavit of Jno [John] Murphy is to his personal knowledge correct, that he knows positively that the man who ordered the music to stop did discharge his gun into the band wagon for he saw him do so, before any one of the freedmen fired.

States also that the substance of the conversation which ensued between Capt Pierce & Sheriff Poore just before they entered Camilla was as follows. Capt Pierce remarked that they were "fine citizens and had the right to speak at the court house" and demanded of the Sheriff as he was an officer of the law that he maintain the peace on the part of the citizens of Camilla and at the same time assured him that there would be no disorder on the part of the colored people. The Sheriff admitted [deleted text: the right of Capt Pierce] to speak at the C-H [courthouse] and promised to do all he could to keep peace on the part of the citizens, but at the same

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time expressed a doubt of his ability to do so.

F. F. Putney
Sworn to and subscribed
before me, at Albany Ga. [Georgia] this 22nd day of Sept.
A. D. 1868.
0. H. Howard 2nd Lieut 5th Artillery
Brevet Major U. S. A.
Sub Asst Com'r B.R.F.& A.L. [Sub-assistant Commissioner Bureau of Freedmen, Refugees, and Abandoned Lands]

F.F. Putney
RFRAS Vol 13. 1868

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