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Letter: Atlanta, Georgia, to Major General Oliver Otis Howard, Washington, D.C., 1868 Oct. 6

author: Sibley, Caleb Chase, 1806-1875
date: October 6, 1868
extent: 3p
summary: In this letter, dated October 6, 1868, from the Georgia Freedmen's Bureau Assisant Commissioner, General Caleb C. Sibley in Atlanta to the Bureau's Comissioner in Washington D.C., General Oliver Otis Howard, Sibley tells Howard he is forwarding the affidavits from witnesses to the Camilla incident collected by Georgia Bureau agent Christian Raushenberg. He also forwards a report by Raushenberg and a copy of the Albany Daily News with an article pertaining to the incident. Sibley remarks on the unlikelihood of bringing the guilty parties to justice through the Mitchell County authorities and further notes that he is including a private letter from Raushenberg that is not to be published at Raushenberg's request, but may be considered as a part of the his report.
repository: DeSoto Trail Regional Library (Camilla, Ga.)
collection: Civil Unrest in Camilla, Georgia, 1868

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State of Georgia,
Office Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of R., F. and A. L. [Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands],
Atlanta, Georgia, October 6th. 1868 .
Maj Genl. [Major General] O. O Howard
Com'r Bureau R F. & A L [Commissioner Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands]
D.C. [District of Columbia]

I have the honor to forward herewith the testimony taken by Maj. [Major] Howard & agent Raushenberg, regarding the riot at Camilla, and copy of report of Agent Raushenberg, giving, it is believed, a fair and just review of the causes and responsibility for the outrages committed.

In addition I have to report that no action, whatever, has been taken by the Civil Authorities toward bringing the guilty parties to punishment. No inquest was held upon the bodies, nor investigation

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had, except by this Bureau, & by Capt. [Captain] Mills, by order of the County Office of the Dist [District] of Ga [Georgia], whose report has been forwarded to the [unclear text: County] Officer Dept [Department] of the South.

Enclosed please find copy of Albany Daily News which gives the testimony of citizens of Camilla, which was laid before the Legislature

It is not believed possible to bring the guilty parties to punishment through the Civil Authorities of Mitchell County, they being engaged in the affair, and justifying it, and no unbiased Jury could be found in that county.

Enclosed please find personal letter of agent Raushenberg requesting, for prudential reasons, that his report be not published,

It may however be considered

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a part of this report, and the opinion of the Ass't. [Assistant] Com'r. [Commissioner]

I am General
Very respectfully
Your Obt. Servt. [Obedient Servant]

[Signed] C. C. Sibley
Bvt. Brig. Gml. [Gnl.] [Brevet Brigadier General]
Ass't Com'r [Assistant Commissioner]

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