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Telegram: Albany, Georgia, to Brevet Captain M. Frank Gallagher, [Atlanta, Georgia], 1868 Sept. 21

author: Howard, O. H.
date: September 21, 1868
extent: 1p
summary: In this telegram dated September 21, 1868, Brevet Major O.H. Howard, a sub-assistant comissioner for the Georgia Freedman's Bureau whose assigned district included Camilla, writes to Brevet Captain M. Frank Gallagher, an adjutant to Caleb C. Sibley, Georgia's asisstant commissioner for the Freedman's Bureau. Howard briefly tells Gallagher that if troops are not sent to protect the freedmen in Camilla, he will resign his office in the Bureau.
repository: DeSoto Trail Regional Library (Camilla, Ga.)
collection: Civil Unrest in Camilla, Georgia, 1868

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Albany, Ga. [Georgia], Sept [September] 21. '68 [1868]
Bt Capt [Brevet Captain] M. Frank Gallagher

Unless ample protection is immediately afforded the Freedmen; I must respectfully but earnestly request to be relieved from further duty in this Bureau.

[Signed] (signed) O. H. Howard

Bt. Maj. [Brevet Major] -- U.S.A. [United States of America]
S.A.C [Sub Assistant Commissioner]
A true copy
M Frank Gallagher.
Bt. Capt [Brevet Captain] U.S.A. [United States of America]

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