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Proceedings of a meeting of Albany citizens: Albany, Georgia, 1868 Sept. 26

author: Macauly, George
date: September 26, 1868
extent: 9p
summary: These are the proceedings of a meeting of citizens of Albany held at the Dougherty County Courthouse in Albany, Georgia on September 26, 1868, and presided over by General Wright with George Macauly acting as secretary. The group appointed a committee of ten men to make a report that all of those assembled would then approve. A statement of regret over the occurrence of the "Camilla Affray" is made, and a general denial of responsibility of the incident on the part of the residents of Dougherty County, including a refutation of the report that the weapons used by the white townspeople against freedmen and Republicans attempting to hold a political rally in front of the Mitchell County Courthouse on September 19, 1868 came from Mitchell County. The committee also denies that J.W. Armstrong Jr., the leader of the Young Men's Democratic Club, said to have ordered the weapons, was in Camilla prior to the riot. They then make a general statement of allegiance to the Sheriff of the county and of their intent to "suppress every effort to break the peace." They state that they will forward this to the Albany Semi-Weekly News and to Governor Rufus B. Bullock. The attendees and committee members sign the document.
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collection: Civil Unrest in Camilla, Georgia, 1868


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Albany Ga, Sept.r [September] 26th 1868

According to previous notice a large Meeting of the citizens of Albany was [deleted text: d] held at the Courthouse to Night [tonight]

On Motion, Genrl [General] Wright was called to preside over the Meeting and, Geo. [George] Macauly to act as Secretary

The Chairman having briefly stated the object of the Meeting - on Motion of Wm E -- Smith It was Resolved that the chair appoint a Committee of ten to [deleted text: draft] [added text: report] Matter for the Consideration of the Meeting,

The chairman appointed the following Gentlemen on the Committee To wit. Capt, Wm E. Smith, P. J -- Strozier, F. M. Thompson Dr Wm [William] Davis -- D. A. Vason

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[added text: 2] L. E. Welch, Jos. Thorn B. G. Lockett, R. D. Mallory &, Dr B. M. Cromwell -- The Committee through their chairman made a Report and presented [deleted text: through their Chairman] for the consideration of the Meeting the following preamble and Resolutions which were unanimously adopted by a Standing Vote --

We, a portion of the Citizens of Dougherty County irrespective of Color or party affiliation, in view of the Recent disturbance in the County of Mitchell and the consequent Excitement in the City & County have assembled to give a public Expression of our views and opinions

Do, Resolve

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[added text: 3] that without inquiry into the Cause, or into the Results of the Camilla Affray, we Sincerely and deeply Regret its occurence and we trust that the good Sense, patience & forbearance of our fellow Citizens in this and adjoining Counties may induce all Evil disposed persons to desist from future breaches of the public peace and all acts and Expressions - tending [deleted text: therewith] [added text: thereot] --

Resolved -- That while Excepting such Residents of Daugherty County, who were of and a part of the procession & were present and took part in said affray, we Repel the Mean insinuation, that our fellow Citizens Either

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[added text: 4] directly or indirectly aided in Contributing to its occurence [occurrence], or in giving Countenance thereto [added text: ,] [added text: see page]

Resolved-- That from our knowledge of the good -- people of Mitchell County we Can assure all interested that this unhappy disturbance of the public peace will undergo - a Searching judicial investigation, and that the wrong doers will be braught[brought] to trial & punishmt [punishment] Resolved -- That we see The Necessity for a Military force in this city or adjoining Counties -- we believe the Civil Authorities are amply Sufficient to Suppress all attempts to break the peace, and punish such offenders; but shauld [should] a force become necessary

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[added text: Part of
page 4 --
after the
[illegible text] thereto
in the 4'' [fourth] Line. ] especially do we say, from satisfactory evidence in our possession that the report . that Arms and ammunition have been recently received by the commission House of Rust Johnston & Co., & by them, or other persons for them, either directly or indirectly furnished to parties in Mitchell County before the affray, During its continuance, or since, is false and& untrue in every particular, And we [added text: are] further satisfied, that neither JW Armstrong Jr, or any other member of the Democratic Club, or any other Citizen of the city, visited Camilla previous to said affray, with a view of investigating it, or otherwise preparing its occurence.

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We pledge ourselves to the Sheriff of this County and to all other civil officers [deleted text: of this County] in Authority to aid in a lawful Manner in the suppression of Every attempt to break the peace -- in the Maintenance of law and order, & in the Enforcement of Gov -- Bullock's late proclamation; and at the Same time declare that we will frown down any Effort to prevent the Assembling of any portion of our people for the purpose of Council and discussion

Resolved, That we solicit all good Men, white and black, and irrespective of party affiliations to cooperate with us in

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[added text: 6] Maintaing [Maintaining] peace --, Suppressing disorder, and promoting harmony with all classes and colors, and we Especially Enjoin upon all the Necessity of wise Counsel patience -- forbearance and a reference to the laws of the land for a Settlement of Every dispute --

Resolved -- that this preamble and Resolutions be published in the City News paper and a copy forward Gov R. B. Bullock & our Representatives and Senater [Senator">] in the State General assembly - also a copy to Capt -- Mills U.S.A [United States Army]

[Signed] W. E. Smith

[Signed] [deleted text: W] L. E -- Welch

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[added text: 7]
[Signed] Benj, M, Cromwell

[Signed] Peter J, Strozier

[Signed] R. D. Mallory

[Signed] William L -- Davis

[Signed] F. M -- Thompson

[Signed] Jos. Thorne
, &
[Signed] B. G. Lockett

Affadavit [Affidavit]
On Motion the Meeting Adjourned

[Signed] G. J. Wright

[Signed] Geo. Macauley

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Proceedings ofa [of a] meeting
of the Citizens of
Albany Ga
Resolutions, & Affidavits
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