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Letter: Saint Louis, Missouri to Wier Boyd, Dahlonega, Georgia, 1892 Aug. 3

author: Dickie, F. E.
extent: [2] p.
date: August 3, 1892
summary: Letter from F. E. Dickie, secretary of the Phoenix Gold Mining Company, to Wier Boyd, to Wier Boyd, dated August 3, 1892. Dickie documents the Etowah Gold Mining Company ownership's of a property in order to dispute the ownership claim of stockholder Otto C. Scupin. He asks which officers of the company need to be present at the trial.
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collection: Madeleine K. Anthony Collection
box: II-1
folder: 19

Boyd, Wier G., 1820-1893
Gold mines and mining--Georgia--Dahlonega
Actions and defenses--Georgia--Dahlonega
Stockholders' derivative actions--Georgia--Dahlonega
Etowah Gold Mining Company
Phoenix Gold Mining Company
Dahlonega (Ga.)
Lumpkin County (Ga.)
Letters (correspondence)

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[Note: [This document contains typewritten, handwritten, and printed text.]]
[printed text: Capital $500,000.00. Shares $10.00 Each.
The Phoenix Gold Mining Company.

[typewritten text: #310 N. [North] 11th St. [Street],]
[printed text: St. Louis, Mo. [Missouri]]
[printed text: St. Louis, Mo. [Missouri]] [typewritten text: Aug. [August] 3d-92] [printed text: 189 [blank on form]]
[typewritten text: Messrs. Boyd & Boyd, Att'ys,
Dahlonega, Ga. [Georgia]

Your favor of the 25th ult [ultimo] relative to the course being pursued by Otto C. Scupin at hand and noted. In reply to same will say, that we can form no conception whatever as to the grounds upon which Mr. Scupin bases his claim, denying his tenancy, unless possibly it may be that we have never asked him to pay anything for the rent of the house. Will say, that the Phoenix Company did not acquire the property until about the 1st of Apr. [April], and at the first regular meeting of the Board of Directors instructions were given to have Mr. S [Scupin] - ousted. We have never recognized Mr. S [Scupin] - and the Phoenix Co. [Company], do not know him in any way at all except as a stockholder.

The Phoenix Co. [Company], acquired their property through a deed from Messrs. Cassity & Drach, recorded in book "Z" pages 96 and 97.

Messrs. Cassitty & Drach obtained title to the property through a deed from R.O. Beeson, Trustee, recorded in book "Z" pages 74, 75 and 76.

Mr. Beeson as Trustee acquired title to the property through a deed of trust signed by the Etowah Gold Mining Co. [Company], and recorded in book "Y" pages 376, 377 and 378. There is also a deed of correction from the Etowah Co. [Company], to R. O. Beeson, Trustee, correcting an error in the aforesaid mentioned deed of trust, recorded in book "Y" pages 552 and 553.

The Etowah Gold Mining Co. [Company], acquired title through Messrs. Exter & Cheney, recorded in book "Y" pages 327 and 328.

Messrs. Exter & Cheney acquired the title from Otto C. Scupin and recorded in book "Y" pages 326 and 327.

Deeds vesting the property in Mr. Scupin it appears were recorded in Dawson county, but up to recently were not recorded in Lumpkin County, they, however, have since been recorded in Lumpkin County, I having discovered the omission about a month ago, and immediately sent the deeds to Mr. Head for record.

I suppose it will be necessary to appear in person at the trial and bring the necessary documents showing the corporate existence

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of the Company. Will it be necessary for the Chief Executive officer of the Company, the President, to be present, or can power be delegated to some one [someone] to act in the premises?

Yours truly,]
[Signed] [written text: F. E. Dickie
Sec'y [Secretary]]

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