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Announcement of the Dahlonega Consolidated Gold Mining Company, Dahlonega, Ga.
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Author: Dahlonega Consolidated Gold Mining Company
Extent: 1 v. (64 p.)
publisher: Crandall-Bradt Printing Co.
publication place: Chattanooga
date: 1899
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THE DAHLONEGA CONSOLIDATED GOLD MINING COMPANY is chartered under the laws of Georgia. Its principal office is at Dahlonega, Ga. [Georgia], with branch offices in Toledo, Ohio, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Its capital stock is $5,000,000., divided into shares of $1.00 each, full-paid and non-assessable.

The Company's land is in the 6th, 11th and 12th Civil Districts, 1st Section. Lumpkin County, Georgia; 4,585 5/6 acres owned in fee simple, 160 acres for mining rights, and 26 acres for water rights; total 4,671 5/6 acres. The titles are perfect. The property is free of incumbrance [encumbrance], with no indebtedness, floating or bonded.

The following is a general description of the Company's holdings:

The Hand Mine

Comprises Lots Nos. [Numbers] 999, 1032, 1/3 of 1051 -- 93 1/3 acres -- with a 20-stamp mill driven by water power. The mine has been worked continuously for thirty years. There are ten known veins, six in open cuts, and five intersected by a tunnel. There are also four unlocated veins opened upon the Yahoola property adjoining which doubtless continue in this property, and numerous smaller veins from 1 to 3 feet thick between those above mentioned. The Barlow veins intersect Lot 999, from which several hundred tons of rich ore have been taken.

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The six exploited veins are: No. [Number] 1. Twenty feet thick, 100 yards from Hand Mill; average value of ore, $6 to $8 per ton.
No. [Number] 2. "Jackson vein," 5 feet thick, with assay values from $2.20 to $83.20 per ton, as follows: Arthur Weld, Assayer and M. E. [Mining Engineer], Milwaukee, Wis. [Wisconsin]: Ore $3.72; $4.13; $5.78, $19.84. Jones & Jones, Chemists, Denver, Colo. [Colorado]: Ore $49.60; $83.20. Concentrates $221.58. W. R. Crandall, Assayer: Ore $49.60. Concentrates $221.58.
No. [Number] 3. Sulphuret [Sulfuret] vein, 20 feet thick; averages from $5 to $6 per ton.
No. [Number] 4. "Prewhitt vein," 16 feet thick; averages from $5.50 to $6 per ton, as follows: Jones & Jones, Denver: Ore $6.80; $8; $12.71. Special samples $115.21; $115.75. Concentrates $27.69; $32; $68.73; $83.20; $85.92. Joseph Philips, Assayer and M. E. [Mining Engineer], Dahlonega: Four tests across entire vein: $4.49; $5.44; $6; $5.16. Middle part of vein $16.50.
No. [Number] 5. "Knight vein," 16 feet thick, averaging: Ore $6 to $11.. and concentrates $89 to $361.72, as follows: H. G. Torrey, Assayer U. S. Mint: 200 lbs. [pounds] Ore $7.22 per ton. Cencentrates [Concentrates] $361.72. Five-ton lots, milled and free gold extracted and concentrates treated by chlorination by A. Thies, Lancaster, S. C. [South Carolina], yielded $7.75 per ton of ore and $50. per ton of concentrates. Jones & Jones, Denver: Ore $5.20; $5.40; $42.40. Concentrates $225.71; $256. Joseph Philips, Dahlonega: Average of entire vein, Ore $6.10; $11.87. Concentrates $136; $203.60. A. S. Mitchell, Assayer, Milwaukee: Average of ore from bottom of Knight shaft, $22.86. Average 15 feet across vein, $6.70. Special samples, Ore $12.61; $78.88; $83.30; $130; $115.40. Concentrates $48.37; $72.46; $229.26. E. E. Burlingame, Assayer, Denver: Average 8 feet across vein. 50 feet down, $16.11. T. B. Schultze, Chemist, Cleveland, O. [Ohio]: Average across entire vein, Ore $6.17. Concentrates $54.40; $142.40; $337.60

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No. [Number] 6. "Antonia vein," 35 feet thick, averaging, Ore $4 to $6, and concentrates $50 to $91.76, as follows: Jones & Jones: 500 lbs [pounds] ore, $9.20 per ton. A. S. Mitchell: 200 lbs. [pounds] ore, $4 per ton. Joseph Philips: Two tests across vein[unclear text: - one] $4 per ton, the other $8 per ton. Concentrates $97.70 per ton.

Total thickness of vein matter from [illegible text] 1 to 6, 115 feet. To this should be added four veins [unclear text: cut by] a tunnel driven between the Knight and Antonia veins having an average thickness of 27 feet, and four veins worked on the Yahoola property adjoining, aggregating 50 feet, making a grand total of 192 feet of vein matter.

The Yahoola Mine

Comprises lots Nos. [Numbers] 1031, 1052 and 1053 -- 120 acres -- and a 20-stamp mill driven by water-power [waterpower]. The mine has been worked continuously for 30 years. It joins the Hand property on the northeast, and reference to the map will show that the veins on each doubtless extend into the other, though the workings upon the two properties thus far have not been upon the same but upon parallel veins. The four veins worked by open cut on this property are: No. [Number] 1. The "Yahoola," 10 feet thick. Value of ore $6.25; and of concentrates ( H. G. Torrey, Assayer, U. S. Mint,) $192.23.
No. [Number] 2. McAfee vein, 20 feet thick; assaying as follows: Joseph Philips: 8 feet of vein $12.; 7 feet $8.60; 2 feet $24. Special samples $70.20; $72.20; $74.; $119.60. Concentrates $104.70; $107.20; $192.20; $407. T. B. Schultze: Ore $2.; $2.40; $7.20; $70.40; $72.40. Concentrates $39.20; $71.20; $500.80.
No. [Number] 3. 2 feet thick, 15 feet from McAfee; tested as follows: Joseph Philips: Ore $10.40; $19.60; $25.20. T. B. Schultze: Ore $5.20. Concentrates $35.20.
No. [Number] 4. Benning vein, 18 feet thick. Tests: Joseph Philips: Ore 40 c [cents]; $10.; $10.40. T. B. Schultze: Ore $4.60; $4.80. Concentrates $27.20. H. G. Torrey: Concentrates $39.27.

Aggregate thickness of four veins, 50 feet.

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[unclear text: The] Findley Mine

Comprises lots Nos. [Numbers] 1047, 1048, 1049, 1087, of 1096, of 1097 in fee simple, and mineral rights in 1034 -- total 240 acres -- and a 40-stamp mill driven by water-power [waterpower]. It has been worked continuously for 20 years. The ore-body consists of two similar parallel veins separated by 30-foot wall. Total thickness, so far as known is 55 feet, though the wall of one vein has never been reached. Average value $3. per ton. There are numerous rich chimneys as shown below. (1) Sand vein, 6 feet thick, with average value of $4. per ton.
(2) Cement vein, 14 feet thick. Tests: Arthur Weld: Ore $7.29; $148.72; $190.70. Jones & Jones: Ore $83.34: $192.24.
(3) Deadhorse vein, 20 feet thick. Tests: Joseph Phillips: Ore $3.40; $7.30. T. B. Schultze: Ore $7.20; $8. Concentrates $102.40.
(4) Findley shute, a six-foot arm of ore worked 350 feet vertically and $275,000 taken out.
(5) Ingersoll vein, 6 feet thick. Average value $15. per ton.

Across the Yahoola river from the Findley mill is the Evans vein, 4 feet thick, which has been worked down to water level. Average values: Ore $13 to $15. Concentrates $70.

Including the Evans vein the aggregate thickness of the known and worked ore-bodies on this property is 59 feet.

The Lawrence Mine

Is situated in the center of Dahlonega, comprising of lot 928, 27 acres; of lot 951, 30 acres -- total 47 acres extending nearly mile on the strike of the vein -- with a 10-stamp mill driven by water from Hand canal. In the mill is a shaft 50 feet deep sunk on the vein which averages 2 feet in thickness, and is sulphuretted [sulfuretted] to the amount of 10 per cent [percent]. The last sample taken from bottom of shaft assayed $37.20 per ton. On this property is located the laboratory assay office of the Company.

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Mouth of Findley Tunnel.

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Upper Cane Creek Mine

Comprises lots Nos. [Numbers] 748, 793 -- 80 acres. There is one vein from 2 to 3 feet thick which averages $20. per ton, several small veins, and a rich placer deposit worked on a small scale with profit.

Lower Cane Creek Mine

Comprises lots Nos. [Numbers] 818, of 817 -- 70 acres -- through which the Findley or black belt runs. Sufficient prospecting has been done to show that there is a large ore-body, but no development work has been done or tests made.

The Barlow Mine

Comprises lots Nos. [Numbers] 658, 672, 673, 674, 675, 676, 726, 727, 728, 743, 745, 746, 747, 794, 795, 797, 798, of 744 -- 670 acres. It has been worked upwards of 30 years, and has yielded a large amount of gold. At present there are two 10-stamp mills, one driven by water from the Hand canal, the other from Cane Creek. The principal working has been in the saprolite formation, which is about 150 feet wide, and extends for a distance of 2 miles. In addition to numerous small rich veins there are: (1) Doghead Vein, 6 feet thick, worked to a depth of 36 feet. Tests: Jones & Jones: Ore $677.60; $735. Van Schultz & Low: Ore $56.; $20.; $104.; $130. Arthur Weld: Ore $432.; $744.; $950.; $1025.; $1100. A. Thies: Ore $256.80; $379. E. E. Burlingame: Ore $146.05. A. S. Mitchell: Ore $4.91; $6.88; $146.15. Joseph Philips: Ore $195.70; $800.20.
(2) This vein is 2 feet thick with an average value of $4. per ton.
(3) Ogle vein, 2 to 3 feet thick. Tests show average of $20. per ton.
(4) Haney belt, 20 feet wide. Six rich shutes developed thus far, 5 feet in length, 4 feet wide, and about 20 feet

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apart. Assay by Joseph Philips across one of these shutes; Ore $116.20; Concentrates $9128. Between the shutes the ore is poor.
(5) Lawrence vein, 2 to 3 feet thick is substantially same as shown at Lawrence mine, where it has been worked more extensively than on the Barlow.

The Ralston Mine

Comprises lots Nos. [Numbers] 741, 742, 799 -- 120 acres. This property adjoins the Barlow on the south.

The Gordon Mine

Is a continuation of the Barlow belt, and the veins are small but very rich. A 2-foot vein at a depth of [unclear text: 55] feet assayed $31.10; at 60 feet, $78.58. The Gordon property comprises lots Nos. [Numbers] 602, 659, 671, 730, -- 160 acres.

Ward Creek Mine

Comprises lots Nos. [Numbers] 1128, 1151, 1162 -- 120 acres. The mine is 3 miles from Dahlonega. It has been exploited and sufficient ore developed to warrant the erection of a mill.

Undeveloped Mining Lots

These lots are in the heart of the mining belt, and doubtless have as many and as good gold veins upon them as those now in production. Their numbers are 605, 606, 607, 654, 655, 656, 789, 822, 926, of 796, of 814, of 815, of 865, of 866, of 867 and the mineral rights in 986 -- 560 acres.

Iron Ore Property

Of the Company comprises lots Nos. [Numbers] 1224, 1225, 1226, 1296, of 1295 in the 11th district, and lots 514, 537, 652, 681, 682,

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824 in the 12th district -- 410 acres. There are two veins of iron ore of a superior quality, 5 to 8 feet thick. One vein is hematite, and the other magnetite. Assays by Dr. Pratt, of Atlanta, Ga. [Georgia], are as follows: Hematite Ore: Iron Oxide 98.71 per cent [percent].
Silica 1.01 percent.
Metallic Iron 69.10 percent.
Phosphorus, Sulphur [Sulfur], Titanic Acid, none.
Magnetite Ore: Magnetic Oxide 95.42 per cent [percent].
Metallic Iron 69.08 percent.
Silica 4.25 percent.
Phosphorus, Sulphur [Sulfur], Titanic Acid, none.


Upon which there has been expended $30,000. is 18 miles long, carries 600 miners' inches of water, is 5 or 6 miles from the Hand canal, and can be connected therewith at an expenditure of $6,000. If desirable, it can be carried above the Hand canal, delivering water 20 feet higher at the mines. By the employment of the "dry process" the water will not be needed in working the mines, but it can be sold on the completion of the canal at the rate of 8 c. [cents] an inch. The land appertaining is lots 307, 309, 316 -- 160 acres each -- and 10 acres of 308; total 490 acres in the 6th district, 1st section. Since purchasing lot 307, a sulphuret [sulfuret] vein, 2 to 3 feet wide, and assaying over $20. per ton, has been discovered and opened upon it. It is about 12 miles from Dahlonega.


Constructed soon after the war at a cost of $500,000., is 40 miles long. It will furnish 1,000 to 1,200 miners' inches of water -- the equivalent of 700 H. P. [horsepower] The right of way is legally secured to the Company under an Act of Eminent Domain from the State of Georgia. The land appertaining is lots 1127, of 1107, 20 acres of 1126, 1058, aggregating 120 acres; 11th district, 1st section.

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There is a 24-vat tannery, with scrubbing, drying and finishing room; a sawmill, planer, shingle and moulding machine -- all driven by a Hunt low-pressure wheel. The land appertaining is lots 1, 10, 76, 77, 85, 136, 140, 146, 148, 155, 201, 207, 214, 219, 220, 222, 264, 265, 271, 280, 282, 284, 285, 294, 349, 350, 363, 370, 419, 421, 430, 431, 1/8 of 70, 26 acres of 272, aggregating 1311 acres, 12th district, 1st section. This acreage is heavily timbered with oak, walnut, cherry, hickory, ash, poplar and pine.

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View of the Giant at Work in the Prewitt Cut Hand Mine.

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