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Announcement of the Dahlonega Consolidated Gold Mining Company, Dahlonega, Ga.
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Author: Dahlonega Consolidated Gold Mining Company
Extent: 1 v. (64 p.)
publisher: Crandall-Bradt Printing Co.
publication place: Chattanooga
date: 1899
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GENTLEMEN: -- Please find enclosed a copy of the assays reported to you January 21st. These were from samples taken from seven different localities upon your property at Dahlonega, Ga. [Georgia] These samples were concentrated before asaying [assaying], and, exclusive of Nos. [Numbers] 1 and 6, we think that about 50 parts were concentrated to 1; so that the results should be divided by 50 to give the proper assay of the original ore.

This gives $7.22 per ton. It must be remembered that this is the value of the free gold together with the gold combined in the sulphides [sulfides].

After taking our samples we left instructions to have five-ton lots taken out and put through the stamps. This was done, and the tailings from these lots were concentrated on an Imlay concentrator, and seven samples aggregating 1,721 pounds were sent to Captain A. Thies, Manager of the Haile Gold Mine, Lancaster, S. C. [South Carolina], to be treated by his chlorination process. This experiment was to demonstrate, first, would the process apply to these ores, and secondly, how much gold was combined with the sulphides [sulfides] that could not be taken out by the stamp mill.

We submit a copy of the results of these tests made by Capt. [Captain] Thies.

The average of these assays is $29.52 per ton, and excluding Nos. [Numbers] 1 and 6 as being too low and coming from mines rather than open cuts, we find the average to be $38 per ton, or 75 c. [cents] per ton of the original ore used. To obtain the true value of the 23 tons in samples 2, 3 4, 5 (7 and 8), the free gold must be added to the gold obtained by chlorination.

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This we find by the report from the mill test made as above stated was from the 23 tons worked $167., to which must be added 75 c. [cents] per ton from the sulphides [sulfides], which gives $17., or $7.75 per ton of the original ore.

This shows a very close result to that obtained from the samples by us, viz. [videlicet], $7.22.

Yours, etc. [et cetera],
[Signed] (Signed) TORREY & EATON
No [Number] 1.93 lbs. [pounds]15.3 pr. ct. [percent]6.5 grs. [grams]$ 5.82
No. [Number] 2.80 lbs. [pounds]15.0 pr. ct. [percent]2 dwt. [pennyweights]50 00
No. [Number] 3.91 lbs. [pounds]10.0 pr. ct. [percent]1 dwt. [pennyweight] 23 grs. [grams]43.04
No. [Number] 4.77 lbs. [pounds]8.0 pr. ct. [percent]1 dwt. [pennyweight] 18 grs. [grams]45.45
No. [Number] 5.136 lbs. [pounds]25.5 pr. ct. [percent]1 dwt. [pennyweight] 11 grs. [grams]21.44
No. [Number] 6.101 lbs. [pounds]12.45 pr. ct. [percent]13 grs [grams],17.72
No. [Number] 7 and 8.192 lbs. [pounds]21.40 pr. ct. [percent]1 dwt. [pennyweight] 13 grs. [grams]30.28

[Signed] (Signed) A. THIES.
The following is our report of the assays of concentrates from the samples taken by us December 20th: Marked:
No. [Number] 1.Lawrence$1860per ton
No. [Number] 2.Knight Cut36172per ton
No. [Number] 3.Hand Cut -- nearest mill1,12651per ton
No. [Number] 4.Barlow Shaft1446per ton
No. [Number] 5.Barlow Cut11575per ton
No. [Number] 6.Benning3975per ton
No. [Numbers] 7 and 8.Yahoola19223per ton
No. [Number] 9Tailings from Barlow Mill 82per ton
No. [Number] 10.Tailings -- Barlow Shaft3224per ton
No. [Number] 11.Free milling -- Barlow1446per ton

According to the assays of the concentrates (the free gold and the gold in the sulphides [sulfides] together),. as shown in the samples taken, give $499 per ton.

[Signed] (Signed) H. G. TORREY.

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Barlow Cut Made with Hydraulic Giant.

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