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Prospectus of the Dahlonega Gold Mining and Milling Co.
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author: Dahlonega Gold Mining and Milling Company
extent: 23 p.
publisher: Standard Printing Company
publication place: Kansas City
date: [1902?]
repository: Chestatee Regional Library System, Lumpkin County Branch
collection: Madeleine K. Anthony Collection
box: III-7
folder: 7
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PROSPECTUS OF THE Dahlonega Gold Mining and Milling Co. [Company]
Incorporated under the Laws of the State of Georgia
CAPITAL STOCK, $2,500,000.00. SHARES $1.00 EACH
OFFICERS: President
ROBERT S. DISNEY, Vice-Pres. [Vice President]
SIMEON P. SHOPE, Sec'y [Secretary] and Treas. [Treasurer]
CECIL SOVEY, Ass't [Assistant] Sec'y [Secretary], at Mines.
WILLARD I. RUSH, General Manager
JOEL T. MILLER, Sup't [Superintendent] Mines
HARRY B. TREGENT, Ass't [Assistant] Sup't [Superintendent]

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: SIMEON P. SHOPE, ex-Judge Supreme Court State Illinois, Chicago.
WILLARD I. RUSH, Mining Man and Capitalist, Kansas City, Mo. [Missouri]
JOEL T. MILLER, Merchant, Auraria, Ga. [Georgia]
ROBERT S. DISNEY, Real Estate Investments, Chicago, Ill. [Illinois]
THOMAS R. CRAVENS, M.D., Chicago, Ill. [Illinois]



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County Seat of Lumpkin county. In 1838 U.S. Mint was located here. Up to the breaking out of the civil war $6,106,596.00 was coined mostly in half and quarter eagles. It is estimated that fully as much more gold produced found other markets.

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Status of Company.

[T]he [The] Dahlonega Gold Mining and Milling Company of Auraria, Georgia, is a corporation incorporated under the laws of Georgia. Its capital stock is $2,500,000, fully paid and non-assessable, and divided into shares of one dollar each. There is no preferred stock or bonded indebtedness, nor is there any litigation pending or prospective.

Property of Company.

The Company owns in fee simple and by perfect title, 710 acres of thoroughly proven gold-bearing land, 670 acres of which lies in one compact body, and in the very heart of the "Gold Belt."

The Valley Placer.

Almost in the center of this property lies a beautiful little valley, comprising between 200 and 300 acres, near the center of which flows in a southerly direction the Chestatee river. On all sides of this valley rise high hills and mountains, the character of which speak volumes to the trained eye of the miner, for everywhere does he see indisputable evidence -- ("upheaval," volcanic "blow-outs," etc. [et cetera]); that "tell-tale" so true the presence of the precious metals -- with "pick and pan" he has proven, to the utmost satisfaction of the present Company, these mountains from grass roots down to be one vast network of rich gold-bearing veins, that the little creeks and branches had for ages been wearing and washing the gold from these mountain sides down into the valley below -- the natural catch-basin for this yellow treasure.

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A Most Thorough Investigation by the Company.

This company has spent over two years and a great deal of money in prospecting and investigating this property. In the valley alone, they have had many pits put down to "bed rock [bedrock]," under the supervision of the best mining talent. The gold-bearing gravel was found to be nearly three feet deep over the entire valley, and by actual assay to average $5.80 in gold to the cubic yard, which absolutely eliminates every feature of uncertainty and reduces the amount of gold in this great placer to a mathematical problem, which computed, amounts to over $5,000,000. By addressing W. S. Yates, Atlanta, Ga. [Georgia], State Geologist, anyone can get his report on the gold deposits of Georgia, in which he speaks of this placer by the local name of "Brier Patch."

A Fortune in the Chestatee River.

That there is millions of dollars in gold in the bottom of the Chestatee river, which runs through this property for over a mile, is evidenced by actual tests made and the fact that dredge boats have for years been taking out immense quantities of gold up to the very line of this property.

The Saprolite Deposits.

Nowhere in the Gold Belt of Georgia do the saprolites (rotten rock) that accompany the quartz veins and cover the sides of the hills and mountains on this property show more gold. Sufficient prospecting and development work has been done to

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