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Letter: Jacksonville, [Florida] to [Ben] Stern [i.e., Stein], Macon, Georgia, 1927 July 10

author: Jennings, Joe, boxing manager
extent: [3] p.
date: July 10, 1927
summary: Letter from boxing manager Joe Jennings to Douglass Theatre manager Ben Stein, dated July 10, 1927, and written on the back of a handbill for Texas Tanner, in which Jennings proposes a boxing match at the Douglass Theatre. Please note that Jennings addresses Stein as Stern and may have misidentified Luke Stein as Ben Stern. In the letter, Jennings proposes that a boxing match be held at the Douglass Theatre. He tells Stein that he saw his brother Ben Stein [sic] in Valdosta, Georgia, and that during their conversation, Stein had proposed a boxing deal to him for which Jennings would provide the advertising and expenses for his fighters. Jennings offers Stein different terms and asks for a contract if Stein will agree to them. The handbill features a photograph of Texas Tanner and lists fighters that Tanner has met and would like to meet.
repository: Middle Georgia Archives
collection: Charles Henry Douglass business records
box: 19
folder: 156
item: 4

Stein, Ben
Tanner, Texas
Macon (Ga.)
Bibb County (Ga.)
Valdosta (Ga.)
Lowndes County (Ga.)
Douglass Theatre (Macon, Ga.)
African American boxers--Georgia--Macon
Boxing managers--Georgia
Boxing matches--Georgia--Macon
Boxers (Sports)--Georgia
Entertainment events--Georgia--Macon
Sports promoters--Florida
Professional sports contracts--Georgia--Macon
Letters (correspondence)

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[Note: This document contains both written and printed text.]

[written text: [added text in different ink and hand: [1927]]
July 10th
Mr Stern Mgr [Manager]
Douglass Theatre
Macon Ga [Georgia]
Dear Mr Stern

I am Riteing [Writing] you to let you know I saw your Brother Mr Ben Stein in Valdosta Ga [Georgia] on July 8th and he mentioned a Boxing deal to me the proposision [proposition] I dint [didn't] give a Careful Consideration he proposed this to me that he should furnish House and advertising matter and I put Some out in Macon all over I haveing [having] to pay my Expenses and Rail Road [Railroad] fare for Sure and pay Fighters way in and allso [also] pay Refree [Referee] all Preliminery-Bouts [Preliminary Bouts] and split fifty fifty [fifty-fifty] That [illegible text] pretty hard for me to do you consider that and agree to pay half transportation and the preliminery-Bouts [preliminary Bouts] and I furnish

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The Balance of Card and advertise Some Coming up about 12 days in advance to fighting time and see to all the Bout for you if you can see it this way send me a contract explaing [explaining] terms and for a certain Period of time to handle same and oblige

truly yours
[Signed] Joe Jennings]

72 Davis St [Street]]

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[printed text:
Battling Monk
183 lbs. [pounds]
Battling Davis
147 lbs. [pounds]
 Contender for Middleweight Honor 
 PROMOTERS --- Give Tanner a Chance. He Will 
 Fight Anybody! 
Have met --
Homer Robinson
K. O. Hunter
Wildcat Nelms
Six Second Smith
K. O. Graves
Battling Altomon
Lawrence Early
Battling Monk
Kid Dawson
Pompadour Brown
Leroy Green
Battling Tunney
Battling Argrett
Big John Molet
Big Six Johnson
Pensacola Kid
Bennie Williams
Young Battling Siki

[Note: Image of Texas Tanner in boxing stance.]
Want to meet --
Tiger Flowers
Mike McTigue
Battling Freeman
Tom Jones
Battling Ferdie
K. O. White
Pompadour Brown
Happy Hunter
Battling Kid Sun
Johnny Wilson
Larry Esridge
Kid Charol
Battling Buster
Dynamite Douglas
Kid Fort
Walcott Lanford
Dave Shade
Allentown Joe Gans