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Letter: Jacksonville, Florida to Ben Stein, Macon, Georgia, 1927 July 12

author: Jennings, Joe, boxing manager
extent: [2] p.
date: July 12, 1927
summary: Letter from boxing manager Joe Jennings to Douglass Theatre manager Ben Stein, dated July 12, 1927, negotiating terms for a proposed boxing match at the Douglass Theatre. The letter responds to Stein's proposal of terms under which a boxing match at the Douglass Theatre might take place (see [dbr002] of the Douglass Theatre Web site). Jennings tells Stein that the terms he has proposed for the match, wherein they split the profits evenly, are unfair, as Jennings must also pay for the transportation of his fighters and for advertising the fight. He proposes a different arrangement, wherein Stein would give thirty percent to Jennings for Texas Tanner and would pay the rest of the fighters out of the remaining seventy percent. Jennings asks for a new contract, advising that Tanner has three open dates.
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collection: Charles Henry Douglass business records
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Macon (Ga.)
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921 - Davis St. [Street]
Jacksonville Fla [Florida]
July 12, 1927
Mr. B. [Ben] Stein
Mgr. [Manager] Douglas Theatre
Macon Ga. [Georgia]
Dear Sir.

yours was received today, very glad to hear from you. Now Mr. Stein I have look through the proposition and it look to be very stiff. Of course your Brother consult me over at Valdosta Ga. [Georgia] on a 50-50 term. Now the proposition would have to be null, Because I cannot come over their [there] on them term, and then to the game is gone down there to [too]. You look through it and you will see that I am right. Now you want me to come up there on my own expense, advertise for you properly. When time to bring Tanner in, Bear his transportation, pay the Bond off. -- Pay the prelims [preliminaries] off. That will be Three bout to pay off. Which will mean 6 men, out of 50% I cannot do that at all. I got to room and board them on that

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and, pay their transportation, I tell you what I do, you give me thirty (30%) for Tanner, and I furnish his transportation Both ways. And you take that (70%) and pay the rest of the boys. Battling Jimmy is a good boy, and would like very much for Tanner to meet him, But this is the best I can do. If you agree to pay me .30 Ill come up there and advertise for you, and when I get through, It would be well advertise too. The thing you are doing, you are playing the game in (self defense) and then we will go through with the fight, if there is no one there but the fighters If you care to accept the proposition, Send me contract in your reply. Let me hear from you at one [once] as Tanner have three (3) open date, and I will know what to do.

Yours in Sport
[Signed] Joe Jennings
Mgr. [Manager]