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Letter: Atlanta, Georgia to Douglass Theatre, Macon, Georgia, 1927 July 8

author: Cole, E. L.
extent: [1] p.
date: July 8, 1927
summary: Letter from E. L. Cole, executive secretary of the Atlanta Film Board of Trade, to the gentlemen of the Douglass Theatre, dated July 8, 1927, responding to the Douglass Theatre's claim that another theater is showing the serial, Fire Fighters. Cole conveys that Universal Pictures Corporation claims that the film is only being shown in the Douglass Theatre in Macon, Georgia at the present time. Cole requests the name of the theater that is supposedly showing Fire Fighters concurrently with the Douglass Theatre. The ten-episode silent serial was released in January of 1927 and starred Jack Daugherty, Helen Ferguson, Wilbur McGaugh, and Lafe McKee. It is presumed lost.
repository: Middle Georgia Archives
collection: Charles Henry Douglass business records
box: 19
folder: 172
item: 20

Macon (Ga.)
Bibb County (Ga.)
Atlanta (Ga.)
Fulton County (Ga.)
Douglass Theatre (Macon, Ga.)
Atlanta Film Board of Trade
Motion picture theaters--Georgia--Macon
Motion picture serials
Business ethics
Obligations (Law)--Georgia--Macon
Breach of contract--Georgia--Macon
Fire fighters (Motion picture : 1927)
Letters (correspondence)

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[Note: This document contains typewritten, handwritten, and printed text.]

[printed text:
 Atlanta Film Board of Trade 

[typewritten text: July 8, 1927.
Douglass Theatre,
355-359 Broadway,
Macon, Ga. [Georgia]

We have yours of the 2nd, which was received during the writer's absence from the city.

We do not understand just what you mean by asking if there is any protection on second run pictures, and citing that you are playing Universal's Serial, "FIRE FIGHTERS" and the other theatre is also showing the same serial.

We have taken this matter up with Universal, and they advise that you have the first run colored in Macon, and that the serial has already played the first run white in the Publix House, having been completed on May 6th. According to their records this picture is not being shown in any other house in Macon except yours at the present time. If it is being run there, we would thank you to advise us the name of the theatre.

Yours very truly,]
[Signed] [written text: E. L. Cole]
[typewritten text: Executive Secretary.]