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Circular from Maurice Productions advertising Nobody's children, probably 1920

author: Maurice Film Corporation
extent: [2] p.
date: [1920]
summary: Circular from Maurice Productions, a Detroit-based African American film company owned by Richard Maurice, advertising Nobody's Children, dated 1920. The cover of the leaflet features a photograph of a young woman with a young man on the street and advertises starring actor Richard Maurice as a "sterling young actor and writer." The interior features images from the film with dramatic captions, lists the stars of the film, advertises the sensational drama of the film, and summarizes the plot. The back of the leaflet describes "tense situations." The film was one of three produced by the company.
repository: Middle Georgia Archives
collection: Charles Henry Douglass business records
box: 20
folder: 191


Detroit (Mich.)
Maurice Film Corporation
Maurice, Richard
Griffin, Alex
Farmer, Jacque
Green, Joe
Johnson, Max
Maurice, Vivian
Roberts, Bertha
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Nobody's children (Motion picture : 1920)

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[ Note: A double line border frames a photograph of a man and a woman and the accompanying text]

The Sterling Young Actor and Writer
In a Great Sensational Story of Life

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[Note: A double line border frames text and images.]

ALL-STAR CAST OF COLORED ACTORS -- Richard Maurice, Jacque Farmer, Alex Griffin, Joe Green, Max Johnson, Vivian Maurice, Bertha Roberts and others in the gripping story of life, "NOBODY'S CHILDREN."


[Note: Image from the film of what appears to be a deathbed scene]
"Give me that money!"]
A sensational story of two nameless children, a boy and a girl -- detailing their adventures that lead even to the shadow of the Gallows.
A multi-reel feature that will tug at your heartstrings,
produced and distributed by Maurice Film Corporation
Detroit, Michigan

[Note: Image from the film of one man threatening another]
"You dog, where is my sister?"]


A Sensational Drama in
Five Great Parts

SEE the Hand to Hand Fight between Step Father [Stepfather] and Son
SEE the Brawl with the Fatal Ending the Escape from the Death Cell
5,500 Feet of Real Interest. It Is the Biggest Hit of the Season. See It and You'll Know Why.

[Note: Image from the film showing a confrontational scene]
"I dare you take my house for a hiding place!"]

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[Note: A double line border frames the text.]

"Nobody's Children"
Tense Situations in the Maurice
Productions are Many

[Note: Dropped capital B.]EGINNING [BEGINNING] immediately after the handsome novelty initial title, the Maurice productions. "Nobody's Children," hands you a bunch of action which puts it in the thriller class. It is a drama of the virile type and carries with its story all the elements that go to make a production that holds you fast.

That the interest centers around the kidnapping of a young girl by her dissolute stepfather, who places her in a resort of the underworld of which he is a habitue is enough to make a promise of real, sensational activity; but add to this the "bumping off" of the guilty and unnatural parent by the brother of the girl in a hand to hand conflict, the escape of the girl through her own efforts; the arrest and conviction of the brother, his escape from the death cell and his ultimate exoneration and have just what you need to make the blood course through your veins at a great rate.

Wonderful acting by a groupe [group] of performers, all of whom are capable and who have been selected with great discrimination will grasp your attention when this splendid production is shown at this theatre.

"Watch for Maurice Productions"