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Circular from the Norman Film Manufacturing Company, advertising The crimson skull, probably 1921

author: Norman Film Manufacturing Company
extent: [2] p.
date: [1921]
summary: Circular from the Norman Film Manufacturing Company, a Jacksonville-based, white independent film company active from 1921 to 1926 that specialized in outdoor adventure films for African American audiences, advertising the film The Crimson Skull, dated 1921. The cover of the leaflet features images from the film preceding the film's title and stars; the interior features seven more images from the film, surrounding the title and information about the cast and production. The back of the circular provides a synopsis of the film, followed by questions about the outcome of the plot; the end provides a space in which the theater can insert its name, but the space is blank. The Western, The Crimson Skull, was released in 1921 and featured Anita Bush, Lawrence Chenault, Steve Reynolds, and Bill Pickett, a world champion rodeo rider.
repository: Middle Georgia Archives
collection: Charles Henry Douglass business records
box: 20
folder: 192


Jacksonville (Fla.)
Norman Film Manufacturing Company
Bush, Anita, actress
Chenault, Lawrence, 1877-
Pickett, Bill, ca. 1860-1932
Reynolds, Steve, actor
African Americans in the motion picture industry
African Americans in motion pictures
Race in motion pictures
Race films--United States
Feature films--United States
Western films--United States
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Crimson skull (Motion picture : 1921)

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[Note: A central image of Anita Bush pointing a revolver appears on a background image of a masked gang on horseback wearing an emblem of skull and crossbones. One of the gang members wears a skull mask. The page is framed by a single line]

Norman Film Mfg. [Manufacturing] Co. [Company]
" " " Co-Starring " " "
Anita Bush and Lawrence Chenault
with an All-Colored Cast
An Epic of Wild Life and Smoking Revolvers.]

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[Note: The trademark letter N within a circle, signifying Norman Studios, appears above the text]

The Norman Film Mfg. [Manufacturing] Co. [Company]
of Jacksonville, Fla. [Florida] -- Presents
-- The --
Baffling Western Mystery Photo-Play
Co-starring ANITA BUSH. Little Mother of Colored Drama and the Versatile LAWRENCE CHENAULT. Supported by BILL PICKETT, Worlds Champion Wild West Performer, the one-legged marvel, STEVE REYNOLDS
" and 30 Colored Cowboys "
Produced in the All-Colored City of Boley, Okla. [Oklahoma]

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[Note: The trademark letter N within a circle appears above the text]

Something about the


The opening scenes of this epic of Wild Life and Smoking Revolvers shows the peace loving, All-Colored City of Boley, Oklahoma, snuggling itself on the great Oklahoma Prairie. It's [Its] peace has been disturbed by a Band of Outlaws. "The Skull," and his "Terrors," have sown mortal fear into the hearts of the less intrepid of the Countryside, and they have the Sheriff in their power. "The Law and Order League" force his resignation and offer $5,000.00 for the capture of "The Skull," Dead or Alive. Lem Nelson, fearless Cattleman and owner of the Crown C Ranch, is persuaded to take the Sheriff's job. Bob Calem, his ranch foreman, is in love with Nelson's daughter, Anita, and he volunteers his aid to help capture "The Skull." In order to effect the capture of "The Skull," Bob joins his "Gang." While a member, Anita and Steve Reynolds, a one legged cowboy, are captured by "The Skull." Bob aids them to escape and is accused of being a traitor. As there is no definite proof of his guilt, and opinion is equally divided between members of the "Gang," he is tried by the test of "The Crimson Skull." One drop of blood decides his fate, if he shall live or die.
Does Bob Calem lose his life?
Does he effect the capture of "The Skull?"
Does he win the $5,000.00 reward and the hand of the girl he loves.
What became of Buck Nelson, unknown to his father as a member of "The Skull's Gang?"
What part did the "Snake Emblem Ring" play in the solving of a baffling mysetry [mystery]?
Who was "The Skull?"

These and many more startling questions are answered in this Baffling Western Mystery Photo-play.