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Letter: Boston, Massachusetts to Macon, Georgia, possibly 1929 Apr. 3

author: Pinckney, Loyd P.
extent: [2] p.
date: April 3, 1929
summary: Letter from Loyd P. Pinckney, leader of the Boston-based orchestral group Loyd Pinckney's Etheopian Serenaders, to the management of the Douglass Theatre, probably dated April 3, 1929, advertising Pinckney's orchestra. Pinckney indicates his desire to travel to the South to work, and claims that his orchestra can play dance music. He explains that he and his members pay tuition to the New England Conservatory of Music with the money that they receive from playing music. Pinckney asks the management to respond if they think he could be successful at the Douglass Theatre and says he would like to make an appearance for advertising purposes with a five-piece orchestra. Pinckney notes that the orchestra's novelty name is "Loyd Pinckney's 'Etheopean Serenaders'" and suggests that if the management does not believe that the revenue would be large enough to support a five-piece orchestra, he will appear alone. Pinckney asserts that he is a recognized jazz and classical pianist in Boston.
repository: Middle Georgia Archives
collection: Charles Henry Douglass business records
box: 20
folder: 202
item: 2

Macon (Ga.)
Bibb County (Ga.)
Douglass Theatre (Macon, Ga.)
Etheopean Serenaders
Dance orchestras--Massachusetts--Boston
Jazz musicians--Massachusetts--Boston
Entertainment events--Georgia--Macon
Letters (correspondence)

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[Note: This document contains handwritten and printed text.]

[printed text:
Loyd Pinckney and His Orchestra

[written text: April 3rd [unclear text: 29]
Macon, Ga [Georgia]
Management Douglass Theatre:

I am writing you to find out, -- or, in other words, concerning the the field of a dance ochestra [orchestra] there.

I am the conductor of a local ochestra [orchestra] here and have decided to come south for a greater field. we are a [unclear text: loud review] and experienced musicians. I, the leader and a student of the New England conservatory of music and we all are pay[added text: ing] our tuition in our line of study from the funds brought in by our work.

If you think that we can be successful please write me at once. we would like to make one appearance there for advertisement.

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I will not endeavor to bring the 10 peices [pieces] only five I think will be sufficient. we will -- at least, we are in position to handle any sort of dance work.

The novelty name of the ochestra [orchestra] is Loyd Pinckney's "Etheopean Serenaders." If you think the field not great enough to pay the 5 piece team I will appear in person alone.

I am Pianist and Conductor of the ochestra [orchestra] and a reconized [recognized] Pianist in Boston both Classic and Jazz.

I will expect an[deleted text: d] immeadiate [immediate] answer.

I am your truly,
[Signed] Loyd P. Pinckney]