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Letter: to Charles Henry Douglass, Macon, Georgia, 1927 Sept. 7

author: Theatre Owners Booking Association; Starr, Milton
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date: September 7, 1927
summary: File copy of a letter possibly from Milton Starr, president of Theatre Owners Booking Association (T.O.B.A.), a Tennessee-based booking agency from 1920 to the 1930s for African American vaudeville acts, to Charles Henry Douglass, African American entrepreneur and owner of the Douglass Theatre, dated September 7, 1927, regarding a stock settlement with T.O.B.A. The writer responds to a request from Douglass to surrender his three shares of stock in return for a cancellation of commission indebtedness and a cash consideration of $100.00. The writer advises Douglass that he has seen Mr. Reevin, probably Sam E. Reevin, manager and treasurer of T.O.B.A., in Chattanooga and has discussed Douglass' commission account with him. The writer finds Reevin's figures of $264.70 to be correct and wants to settle Douglass' stock on the basis of these figures. The writer conveys that T.O.B.A. will pay Douglass $35.30 cash when Douglass surrenders his stock. The writer offers Douglass a receipt for his commission indebtedness and $50.00 cash in the interest of settling the matter. The writer advises that, should Douglass accept the compromise, he has already arranged with Mr. Stein, probably Ben Stein, owner and manager of the Douglass Theatre from 1927 to 1929, to take over Douglass' stock, pay Douglass $50.00, and pay T.O.B.A. the $350.00 balance due. The writer asserts that the offer is fair and asks Douglass to reply.
repository: Middle Georgia Archives
collection: Charles Henry Douglass business records
box: 21A
folder: 213
item: 22

Macon (Ga.)
Bibb County (Ga.)
Douglass Theatre (Macon, Ga.)
Theatre Owners Booking Association
Reevin, Sam E.
Douglass, Charles Henry, 1870-1940
Stein, Ben
Collecting of accounts--Georgia--Macon
Debtor and creditor--Georgia--Macon
Stock repurchasing--Tennessee--Nashville
Letters (correspondence)

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September 7, 1927
Mr. C. H. Douglass,
355 Broadway,
Macon, Ga. [Georgia]
Dear Mr. Douglass:

Referring to your letter to the T.O.B.A. [Theatre Owners Booking Association] to surrender your 3 shares of stock in return for the cancellation of your commission indebtedness and a cash consideration of $100.00, I wish to advise that I have seen Mr. Reevin in Chattanooga, and with him have carefully gone over your commission account.

I find that Mr. Reevin's figures of $264.70 are entirely correct and I feel that a settlement with you for your stock should be made on the basis of these figures. If we settle in this manner, it would mean that the T.O.B.A. [Theatre Owners Booking Association] would pay you $35.30 cash at the time you surrender your stock. However, in order to get this matter settled, I will agree to give you a receipt for all of your commission indebtedness and pay you $50.00 cash.

I trust you will see fit to accept this compromise offer. In the event you do, I have already arranged with Mr. Stein to take over your stock and he will pay you the $50.00 in cash and pay the T.O.B.A. [Theatre Owners Booking Association] the $350.00 balance due. After a thorough consideration of this matter, I consider my offer a very fair one and trust you will see fit to accept it, and I will be pleased to hear from you at your early convenience.

With kind regards, I am,

Yours very truly,