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Letter: Macon, Georgia to Buddy Austin, Jacksonville, Florida, 1927 July 20

author: Stein, Ben
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date: July 20, 1927
summary: File copy of a letter, probably from Ben Stein, owner and manager of the Douglass Theatre, to Buddy Austin of the Strand Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida, dated July 20, 1927, negotiating theater rental. The writer recalls a conversation with Austin in Jacksonville about leasing the Strand Theatre. He argues that they would lose money for some time and asks Austin to figure out a lease for five years with the first year's rental as inexpensive as possible, with a gradual increase so that it will be fair for all concerned. The writer states the condition that Austin not engage in the theater business while the Strand is rented. He assures Austin they are financially secure for any lease and will furnish references as to their financial worth. The writer notes he will be in Jacksonville and will see Austin Sunday night if he is available, asking Austin to contact him in the event that they miss seeing each other.
repository: Middle Georgia Archives
collection: Charles Henry Douglass business records
box: 22
folder: 223
item: 11

Macon (Ga.)
Bibb County (Ga.)
Jacksonville (Fla.)
Douglass Theatre (Macon, Ga.)
Strand Theatre (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Austin, Buddy, theatre owner
Motion picture theaters--Florida--Jacksonville
Letters (correspondence)

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July 20th 1927
Mr Buddy Austin
% Strand Theater.
Jacksonville Fla. [Florida]
Dear Sir:.

In talking to you when I was in Jacksonville last Sunday you said something about leasing your theater.

I have been thinking this matter over and I will entertain a propostion [proposition] to this effect, although I know that we will have to lose money for some time as you know conditions at this time as well as I do. if you will figure out a lease for Five years making the first years rental as low as possible with a gradual increase so that it will be fair for all concerned possibly we can get together.

Of course it will be understood that you would not go into this line while we have the strand [Strand] in Jacksonville.

For your information we are finiancially [financially] good for any lease we sign and of course we will furnish all references required as to our finiancial [financial] worth. I will be in Jacksonville Sunday Night for a few minutes and will drop down to see you or if I miss you let me hear from you as I will be back in Macon Monday Morning.

Yours Very Truly