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Letter: Valdosta, Georgia to Ben Stein, Macon, Georgia, possibly 1927

author: Stein, Luke
extent: [2] p.
date: [1927?]
summary: Letter from Luke Stein, owner and manager of the Palace Theatre in Valdosta, Georgia, to his brother Ben Stein, owner and manager of the Douglass Theatre, probably dated 1927, regarding theater business. Luke scolds his brother for not replying to his last letter or sending a report for a month. He complains that business is bad for all the theaters in town. Luke reports, however, that he did fairly well with The Moon of Israel and had good business at a midnight show. He urges Ben to arrange a Sunday midnight show using a film from the middle of the week or a good inexpensive film, because he has found that it will easily return a profit. Luke mentions that he is coming to Macon on Sunday and asks Ben to obtain a return ticket for him. He asks how Ben did on the latest prize fight and relates that he hopes he can work things out with the Strand to the satisfaction of his family. Luke concludes by asking about Ruth's health, to which he was alerted by a letter from Sophia. H. Rider Haggard's 1918 retelling of the Exodus, Moon of Israel, was the source of the 1924 Michael Curtiz film of the same name. Paramount bought the film for U.S. distribution.
repository: Middle Georgia Archives
collection: Charles Henry Douglass business records
box: 22
folder: 223
item: 31

Macon (Ga.)
Bibb County (Ga.)
Valdosta (Ga.)
Lowndes County (Ga.)
Douglass Theatre (Macon, Ga.)
Stein, Ben
Palace Theatre (Valdosta, Ga.)
Reevin, Sam E.
Motion picture theaters--Georgia--Macon
Motion picture theaters--Georgia--Valdosta
Entertainment events--Georgia
Sklavenkonigin. English (Motion picture : 1927)
Letters (correspondence)

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[Note: This document contains typewritten, handwritten, and printed text.]

[written text: [added text (appears to be different hand and ink): [ca. 1927]]]

[printed text:

Valdosta, Ga. [Georgia],]

[typewritten text: Wednesday
Dear Ben;

As yet I have had no reply to my last letter to you, and also have had no report for the past month, are you to [too] buisy [busy], things have been mighty bad here, as all of the theatres are having the biggest, but none are doing anything, I had on The Moon of Israel Mon [Monday] and yesterday and did fairly well, charged fifty cents and thirty five for balcony, I also had a midnight show one minute after twelve on Sunday and had the balcony as that is one things that the gigs will do and that is at end to a midnight show, Why dont you try it it doesnt hardly any more, pick out a picture that you have on the middle of the week and see if you cant get it in Sunday and return it, or pick out a good picture cheap, and just use for that night as I know for the first time you will have a crowd, the hundred dollars or ever that you will do is just like finding it, be sure and adverti [advertise] it right, let them understand that it is Sunday night, especially if you have any vaudeville, the screen will give you enought [enough] publicity I am coming to Macon Sunday if you dont mind geta [get a] return ticket for

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me, I will leave here Sunday Morning getting there about 4Pm and will leave there Monday Morning, How did you do on the last prize fight. as yet I havent gotten togather [together] with the Strand as yet we are trying to work out things, I have a hunch that I am going to work out things for the best but as to how I am going to get Mother and Sam and the rest to be staisfied [satisfied] that is to come; How is Ruth feeling as Sophia wrote me that she wasent [wasn't] feeling welll [well] Love to Ruth Albert yourself;

Your bud]
[Signed] [written text: Lukie]