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Account books--Georgia--Macon
Acme Dramatic Club (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Acquisition of property--Alabama--Birmingham
Acquisition of property--Georgia--Macon
Actress (Motion picture : 1928)
Adventure films--Florida
Adventure films--United States
Advertising fliers--Florida--Jacksonville
Advertising fliers--Georgia--Albany
Advertising fliers--Georgia--Macon
Advertising fliers--Georgia--Savannah
Advertising fliers--Georgia
Advertising fliers--Michigan--Detroit
Advertising fliers--New York
Advertising fliers--Tennessee
Advertising--Motion pictures--Florida--Jacksonville
Advertising--Motion pictures--Georgia--Macon
Advertising--Motion pictures--Georgia
Advertising--Motion pictures--Michigan--Detroit
Advertising--Motion pictures--New York
Advertising--Motion pictures

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African American actors--Employment--Georgia--Macon
African American actors--Florida--Jacksonville
African American actors
African American actresses--Employment--Georgia--Macon
African American actresses--Florida--Jacksonville
African American boxers--Georgia--Macon
African American boxers
African American business enterprises--Accounting--Georgia--Macon
African American comedians--Employment--Georgia--Macon
African American comedians--United States
African American composers
African American dancers--Employment--Georgia--Macon
African American dancers--Employment--Georgia--Savannah
African American dancers--Employment--Tennessee--Chattanooga
African American entertainers--United States
African American entertainers
African American musicians--Employment--Georgia--Macon
African American musicians--Employment--Georgia--Savannah
African American musicians--Employment--Tennessee--Chattanooga
African American musicians--Georgia--Macon
African American musicians
African American newspapers--South Carolina--Charleston
African American singers--Employment--Georgia--Macon
African American singers--Employment--Georgia--Savannah
African American singers--Employment--Tennessee--Chattanooga
African American singers--Georgia
African Americans in motion pictures
African Americans in the motion picture industry
African Americans--Music

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Albany (Ga.)
Alias the night wind (Motion picture : 1923)
Anderson, Charles, performer
Associated Negro Picture Distributors
Atlanta (Ga.)
Atlanta Film Board of Trade
Augusta (Ga.)
Austin, Buddy, theatre owner

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Bailey's Vaudeville Circuit (Atlanta, Ga.)
Ballard Normal School (Macon, Ga.)
Bamville Dandies (Musical show : 1926)
Bandana girls (Musical show)
Bands (Music)--United States
Bank loans--Georgia--Macon
Baxter, Warner, 1889-1951
Bedford, Barbara, 1900?-
Bejac Film Co.
Ben-Hur (Motion picture : 1925)
Benbow, William, producer
Benefit performances--Georgia--Dublin
Bessemer (Ala.)
Bibb County (Ga.)
Big news (Motion picture : 1929)
Birdsong, Sylvia
Birthright (Motion picture : 1924)

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Black Sherlock Holmes (Motion picture : 1918)
Black and tan mix up (Motion picture : 1918)
Black gold (Motion picture : 1928)
Blackman, D., band director
Blue baby (Musical show : 1928)
Blues (Music)--Georgia
Blues (Music)--To 1931
Blues musicians--United States

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Boatner, Marie
Boley (Okla.)
Boxers (Sports)--Georgia--Augusta
Boxers (Sports)--Georgia--Macon
Boxers (Sports)--Georgia
Boxers (Sports)--Louisiana--New Orleans
Boxing managers--Georgia--Augusta
Boxing managers--Georgia
Boxing matches--Georgia--Albany
Boxing matches--Georgia--Macon
Boxing--United States
Boyd, Kathryn
Boyer, Charles, cornetist
Breach of contract--Georgia--Macon
Breach of contract--Georgia
Brewster's millions (Motion picture : 1921)
Brooks, George Sprague, b. 1895- . For two cents
Williams & Brown
Brown Skin Blue Belle Beauty Chorus
Brown beauties (Musical show : 1924)
Brown, Kid
Brown, Skeet
Brownskin models (Musical show : 1928)
Bully (Motion picture : 1918)
Bush, Anita, actress
Business ethics
Business records--Georgia--Macon
Business referrals--Georgia--Columbus
Butterbeans & Susie (Musical group)

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C.D. Dudley & Son
C.O.D. shipments--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia
Canutt, Yakima, 1895-
Capitalists and financiers--Florida--Jacksonville
Carter, Nick
Chambers, Billy
Charleton (S.C.)
Chatham County (Ga.)
Chattanooga (Tenn.)
Chavers & Chavers
Chenault, Lawrence, 1877-
Chesnutt, Charles Waddell, 1858-1932. The Conjure woman
Chicago Hot Shots (Musical revue : 1929)
Chicago defender (Chicago, Ill. : 1909)
Children of fate (Motion picture : 1928)
Church fund raising--Georgia--Dublin
Cinema News Service
City of purple dreams (Motion picture : 1928)
Clayton, William A.
Cobb County (Ga.)
Cody, Lew, d. 1934
Collecting of accounts--Georgia--Macon
Colored Pictures Distributing Company
Colored Players Film Corporation
Columbia (S.C.)
Columbus (Ga.)
Comedy films--United States
Commercial agents--Florida--Jacksonville
Commercial agents--Florida
Commercial agents--Georgia--Atlanta
Commercial agents--Georgia
Commercial agents--Illinois--Chicago
Commercial agents--New York
Commercial agents--North Carolina--Kinston
Commercial agents--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia
Commercial agents--Pennsylvania
Commercial agents--Southern States
Commercial agents--Tennessee--Nashville
Commercial agents
Conjure woman (Motion picture : 1926)
Conner & Brown
Conner, Cuney
Construction contracts--Georgia--Macon
Contracts for work and labor--Georgia--Macon
Contracts for work and labor--Georgia
Coward (Motion picture : 1927)
Cowboy prince (Motion picture : 1924)
Cox, Eddie, boxer
Cox, Ida, d. 1889-1967
Crimson skull (Motion picture : 1921)
Criner, Lawrence, 1898-1965

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Dance orchestras--Massachusetts--Boston
Dancing Maniacs (Dance group)
Daniels, Billy, 1912-
Darro, Frankie, 1918-1976
Dashing Dinah (Musical show : 1927)
Day, Marceline
Dean, Priscilla, 1896-
Debtor and creditor--Georgia--Macon
Decoration and ornament--Georgia--Macon
Delivery of goods--Georgia--Macon
Dennis, Leo P.
Desires of 1928 (Musical show)
Detroit (Mich.)
Devil's disciple (Motion picture : 1926)
Devil's skipper (Motion picture : 1928)
Dick and Dick
Dixie Harmonizers (Musical group)
Dougherty County (Ga.)
Douglass Theatre (Macon, Ga.)--Accounting
Douglass Theatre (Macon, Ga.)--Records and correspondence
Douglass Theatre (Macon, Ga.)
Douglass, Charles Henry, 1870-1940
Drifter (Motion picture : 1929)
Dublin (Ga.)
Dudley, Sherman H., ca. 1870-1940

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Earl & Josephine (Dance group)
Easton Trio (Musical group)
Easy money (Motion picture : 1922)
Ebony Film Corp.
Educator (Motion picture : 1922)
Eighty-one Theatre (Atlanta, Ga.)
Electric lighting, Arc
Ensley (Birmingham, Ala.)
Entertainment events--Florida--Jacksonville
Entertainment events--Georgia--Albany
Entertainment events--Georgia--Columbus
Entertainment events--Georgia--Dublin
Entertainment events--Georgia--Macon
Entertainment events--Georgia--Savannah
Entertainment events--Georgia--Valdosta
Entertainment events--Georgia
Entertainment events--Tennessee
Escape artists--Employment--Georgia--Macon
Etheopean Serenaders

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Fairbanks, Douglas, 1909-
Famous Artists Corporation of America
Farmer, Jacque
Fast and fearless (Motion picture : 1924)
Feature films--Georgia--Macon
Feature films--Georgia
Feature films--Southern States
Feature films--United States
Film posters--Florida--Jacksonville
Film posters--Georgia--Macon
Film posters--Georgia
Film posters--Michigan--Detroit
Film posters--New York
Film posters
Fire fighters (Motion picture : 1927)
Flames of wrath (Motion picture : 1923)
Florida Strutters
Flowers, Tiger, 1895-1927
Flying Ace (Motion picture : 1926)
Football films--Pennsylvania--Philadelphia
Four horsemen (Motion picture)
Four sons (Motion picture : 1928)
Frazer, Robert, 1889-1944
Fulton County (Ga.)
Fund raising--Georgia--Dublin

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Gadson, Jacqueline
Get happy (Musical show : 1925)
Giant of his race (Motion picture : 1921)
Girl from Chicago (Motion picture : 1927)
Glover, Willy
Go-getters (Motion picture : 1925)
Gordon Boney Attractions
Green, Joe
Green-eyed monster (Motion picture : 1921)
Griffin, Alex
Haack, Billy
Haggard, H. Rider (Henry Rider), 1856-1925. Moon of Israel
Happy go lucky (Musical show : 1928)
Hard boiled (Motion picture : 1926)
Hart, William S.
Hatch Show Print (Firm)
Hatch, C. R.
Hatch, H. H.
Havana (Cuba)
Hello Bill (Motion picture : 1927)
Henderson, Agnes
His majesty the outlaw (Motion picture : 1924)
Hold that lion (Motion picture : 1926)
Holt, Jack, 1888-1951
Howard University--Football
In fast company (Motion picture : 1924)
Interracial marriage--New York (State)--Westchester County
Into the net (Motion picture : 1924)
Iron man (Motion picture : 1925
Is your daughter safe? (Motion picture : 1927)
Jackson, Battling
Jackson, Ellis
Jacksonville (Fla.)
Jaffe, Ben, theater owner
Janitor (Motion picture : 1921)
Jazz age (Motion picture : 1929)
Jazz musicians--Massachusetts--Boston
Jazz singer (Motion picture : 1927)
Jennings, Joe, boxing manager
Johnny Lee Long Company
Johnson and Johnson
Johnson, Max
Jolson, Al, d. 1950
Jones, Alice Beatrice
Jones, Joseph, theatrical producer and playwright. Thy will be done
Jones, Joseph, theatrical producer and playwright
Jordan, G. T.
Kinston (S.C.)

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Lafayette Theatre Players
Lang, Bill, boxing manager
Last frontier (Motion picture : 1926)
Laurens County (Ga.)
Lawson, Spider Jim
Leaphart, George H.
Lease and rental services--Georgia
Legge, Boisy de
Legge, Tressie
Lemons, Eddie
Lenox Theatre (Augusta, Ga.)
Leroy, Kid
Liberty Film Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Liberty Theatre (Chattanooga, Tenn.)
Liberty Theatre (Columbus, Ga.)
Lincoln Theatre (Charleston, S.C.)
Lincoln University (Pa.)--Football
Louisville (Ky.)
Love 'em and leave 'em (Motion picture : 1926)
Lowndes County (Ga.)
Luckey, Abe
Lyric Theatre (Louisville, Ky.)

M-Mi [return to top] [see subject index for M-Mi]

Mack, Skating
Macon (Ga.)
Macpherson, Ozie
Macurio's Indian Vaudeville Company
Macurio, Jack
Man who could turn white
Mankins, Roxie
Marietta (Ga.)
Marriage--Annulment--New York (State)--Westchester County
Martinelli, escape artist
Maurice Film Corporation
Maurice, Richard
Maurice, Vivian
Maynard, Ken, 1895-1973
Mayo & Glynn
Melba, Daniels and Mitchell
Micheaux Film Corporation
Micheaux Pictures Company
Micheaux, Oscar, 1884-1951. Policy players
Micheaux, Oscar, 1884-1951
Miller, Irvin C., 1884-1967
Millionaire (Motion picture : 1927)
Mimms, Tanner
Mix, Tom, 1880-1940

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Mobley, Billy Mae
Motion picture industry
Motion picture projectionists--Arkansas--Fort Smith
Motion picture projectionists--Georgia--Macon
Motion picture serials
Motion picture theaters--Alabama--Birmingham
Motion picture theaters--Equipment and supplies
Motion picture theaters--Florida--Jacksonville
Motion picture theaters--Georgia--Dublin
Motion picture theaters--Georgia--Macon
Motion picture theaters--Georgia--Valdosta
Motion picture theaters--Georgia
Motion picture theaters--Purchasing--Georgia--Macon
Motion picture trailers
Motion pictures--Censorship
Motion pictures--Georgia
Muscogee County (Ga.)
Myers, Elizabeth

N-P [return to top] [see subject index for N-P]

Nashville (Tenn.)
New Frolic Theatre (Jacksonville, Fla.)
New York (N.Y.)
New commandment (Motion picture : 1925)
Newsreels--United States
Niles, Dewayman
No man's gold (Motion picture : 1926)
Nobody's children (Motion picture : 1920)
Noisette, Katherine
Norfolk (Va.)
Norman Film Manufacturing Company
Norman, Richard E., 1891-1961
Obligations (Law)--Georgia--Macon
Odom, W. A.
Organ (Musical instrument)--Georgia--Macon
Palace Theatre (Ensley, Birmingham, Ala.)
Palace Theatre (Norfolk, Va.)
Palace Theatre (Thomaston, Ga.)
Palace Theatre (Valdosta, Ga.)
Paramount Theatre (Atlanta, Ga.)
Pekin Theatre (Savannah, Ga.)
Pete, Ed
Philadelphia (Pa.)
Phoenix Hotel (Macon, Ga.)
Pickett, Bill, ca. 1860-1932
Player organ rolls
Plaza Theatre
Preer, Evelyn
Price, Harry, projectionist
Prince of his race (Motion picture : 1926)
Pringle, Aileen, b. 1895
Professional sports contracts--Georgia--Macon
Progress Pictures, Inc.

R [return to top] [see subject index for R]

REOL Productions Corporation
Race films--United States
Race in motion pictures
Rainey, Ma, 1886-1939
Ray, Sue
Reevin, Sam E.
Regeneration Theatre (Atlanta, Ga.)
Religion in motion pictures
Religious films--United States
Rent charges
Reynolds, Steve, actor
Rhinelander, Leonard Kip
Richmond County (Ga.)
Ritz Theatre (Valdosta, Ga.)
Roberts, Bertha
Rose Theatre (Dublin, Ga.)
Ross, Cliff
Royal Theatre (Columbia, S.C.)
Runaway express (Motion picture : 1926)
Russell, Alice B.

S [return to top] [see subject index for S]

Sale of small businesses--Alabama--Birmingham
Sale of small businesses--Georgia--Macon
Saunders, E. W.
Savannah (Ga.)
Seligman, Gus
Shearer, Norma, 1900-
Sherwood, Bob
Shipment of goods
Sign painting--Georgia--Macon
Silas Green from New Orleans (Musical show)
Singer Jim McKee (Motion picture : 1924)
Singleton, Doorkey
Six Dancing Mad-caps (Dance group)
Sklavenkonigin. English (Motion picture : 1924)
Smith, Bessie, 1894-1937
Smith, William M., theater manager
Soft drink industry--Cuba--Havana
Soft drink industry--Georgia--Macon
Soft drinks--Cuba--Havana
Soft drinks--Georgia--Macon
Soft drinks--Marketing
Sound motion pictures
Sparrow, Bennie
Special events--Marketing
Spider's web (Motion picture : 1927)
Sports promoters--Florida
Sports promoters--Georgia--Albany
Sports promoters--Georgia--Augusta
Sports promoters--Georgia--Macon
Sports promoters--Louisiana--New Orleans
St. Louis blues (Motion picture : 1929)
Standard Film Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Star Theatre (Savannah, Ga.)
Starr, Milton
Stein, Ben
Stein, Luke
Stock repurchasing--Tennessee--Nashville
Strand Theatre (Albany, Ga.)
Strand Theatre (Jacksonville, Fla.)

T [return to top] [see subject index for T]

Talmadge, Richard
Tanner, Texas
Tea for three (Motion picture : 1927)
Tempest Cody : Spur and saddle (Motion picture : 1919)
Tent shows--Georgia--Valdosta
Texan's honor (Motion picture : 1929)
Theater management--Florida--Jacksonville
Theater management--Georgia--Macon
Theater management
Theater managers--Georgia--Macon
Theater organ--Georgia--Macon
Theaters--Equipment and supplies
Theaters--Inventory control
Theatre Owners Booking Association
Theatrical companies
Theatrical managers--Florida--Jacksonville
Thomaston (Ga.)
Thrillers (Motion pictures, television, etc.)--United States
Thundering through (Motion picture : 1925)
Tokio (Musical show : 1928)
Tom's gang (Motion picture : 1927)
Torrence, David, 1864-1951
Trick roping--Georgia--Macon
Try and get it (Motion picture : 1924)
Tucker, Lorenzo
Two fisted justice (Motion picture : 1924)
Tyler, Tom, 1903-1954

U-Y [return to top] [see subject index for U-Y]

Unholy night (Motion picture : 1929)
Upson County (Ga.)
Valdosta (Ga.)
Vanishing hoofs (Motion picture : 1926)
Vanishing pioneer (Motion picture : 1928)
Victoria Hotel (Norfolk, Va.)
Wages of sin (Motion picture : 1927)
Walker & Herron (Musical group)
Walthall, Henry B. (Henry Brazeale), 1878-1936
Washburn, Bryant, 1889-1963
Watts & Willis Stock Company
We're in the Navy now (Motion picture : 1926)
Webb, Spike
Westchester County (N.Y.)--Race relations
Westchester County (N.Y.)
Western Film Producing Company and Booking Exchange
Western films--Florida
Western films--Georgia--Macon
Western films--Georgia
Western films--United States
White Eagle, Chief
White tiger (Motion picture : 1923)
Wild Horse Harry
Wild west shows--Georgia--Macon
William Benbow Company
Williams, George, Jr.
Williams, Henry Palmer
Williams, Henry
Wills, Harry, 1892-1958
Wilson, Mae
Winning of Barbara Worth (Motion picture : 1926)
Women blues musicians--United States
Yukon Jake (Motion picture : 1924)