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About the Web site: The online collection consists of two short industrial films made by the Georgia Marble Company in the 1950s-1960s that document the company's history, operations, skilled laborers and craftspeople, and the widespread use of their marble, limestone and serpentine products. Georgia Marble Company's use of the industrial film medium served to promote its products by capturing in live action the skill and industry required to create "beauty in stone." The first film, New Face on Capitol Hill, depicts Georgia Marble Company's role in the reconstruction of the east façade of the U.S. Capitol building prior to John F. Kennedy's inauguration, and includes footage of president John F. Kennedy at his 1961 inauguration, the former vice president Richard M. Nixon, and Architect of the Capitol J. George Stewart. The second film, Producing America's Buried Treasures, focuses more closely on the company's overall history, its quarrying and finishing facilities in Georgia, Tennessee and Vermont, the breadth of applications for Georgia marble products and related limestone and serpentine industries in Alabama and Virginia. Unique to this film are its highlights of uses for processed marble in products that include roofing material, and turf marking for athletic fields. Both Producing America's Buried Treasure and the New Face on Capitol Hill feature the company's marble quarrying and finishing operations in Pickens County, Georgia; both include pictorial examples of marble-quarrying and marble-shaping machinery, of stone cutters working in the quarry, and of craftsmen sculpting the marble. Many beautiful high-quality products were produced by the Georgia Marble Company, and a number of well-known structures comprised of Georgia marble are interspersed throughout both films. Most notable are the statue Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial, and the façade of the U.S. Capitol Building, the centerpiece of New Face on Capitol Hill.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

  • Alabama Limestone Company (Russellville, Ala.)
  • Alberene Stone Corporation of Virginia
  • Capitols--Conservation and restoration
  • Crushed stone industry--Equipment and supplies
  • Crushed stone industry--Georgia--Pickens County
  • Crushing machinery--Georgia--Pickens County
  • Cutting machines--Georgia--Pickens County
  • Fitzsimmons, Henry T., 1802-1845
  • Georgia Marble Company--Employees
  • Georgia Marble Company--Equipment and supplies
  • Georgia Marble Company--Georgia--Pickens County
  • Georgia Marble Company--History
  • Georgia Marble Company--Machinery
  • Green Mountain Marble Company (West Rutland, Vt.)
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Historic sites--Washington (D.C.)
  • Hoisting machinery--Georgia--Pickens County
  • Industrial films--Georgia--Pickens County
  • Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963--Inauguration, 1961
  • Limestone industry--Alabama--Russellville
  • Limestone mines and mining--Alabama--Russellville
  • Limestone--Alabama--Russellville
  • Machinery in the workplace
  • Marble industry and trade--Equipment and supplies
  • Marble industry and trade--Georgia--Pickens County
  • Marble industry and trade--Machinery
  • Marble industry--Vermont--West Rutland
  • Marble--Georgia
  • Marble--Vermont--West Rutland
  • Presidents--United States--Inauguration
  • Public buildings--Washington (D.C.)
  • Quarries and quarrying--Equipment and supplies
  • Quarries and quarrying--Georgia--Pickens County
  • Quarries and quarrying--Machinery
  • Quarries and quarrying--Tennessee--Friendsville
  • Quarries and quarrying--Vermont--West Rutland
  • Saws--Georgia--Pickens County
  • Serpentine--Virginia--Alberene
  • Stone carvers--Georgia--Pickens County
  • Stone carving--Georgia--Pickens County
  • Stone carving--Washington (D.C.)
  • Stone-cutters--Georgia--Pickens County
  • Stone-cutting tools--Georgia--Pickens County
  • Surface preparation
  • Tennessee Marble Company
  • United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.)

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