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Letter: Centreville, [Alabama?] to Callie [King, 1856?]

author: King, Porter, 1824-1890
date: 1856?
extent: 3p
summary: Porter King, lawyer, future judge and Perry County representative to the Alabama legislature, writes a letter, possibly dated 1856, from Centreville, [Alabama?] to his wife Callie King, daughter of Joseph Henry Lumpkin, to tell her that he misses her. He also discusses a court case in which four slaves will be sentenced to death. Originally six slaves were tried, but two, belonging to Rickam, were acquitted. King tells his wife that he will try to get the Supreme Court to drop the charges against the other four slaves. Of the men still being held on charges, one belongs to Judge Graham, another belongs to Rickam, and the other two belong to McRenalls.


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Saturday Evening
My sweet wife,

The only leisure moment since I reached this place, has been seized upon to write you my darling I have never been so busy in my life, Col. [unclear text: Ira] having thrown the entire responsibility upon me -- the Solicitous office is no sinecure, I do assure you -- my health is very good -- Col. [unclear text: Ira] has been very unwell and is now quite feeble -- I know very few persons here and have been too much engaged with the Grand jury to make any acquaintances I had determined when I received you [your] sweet little note by John Smith, to return home from this place but Col. [unclear text: Ira] says I must go to [unclear text: Autauga] with him and that he hopes to go alone to Coosa, so if his

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health improves you may look for me about the 16th -- the time seems so long till [until] I'll again embrace my darling -- so slowly move the wheels of time, when away from my Callie -- Court is now being called --

Sat [Saturday] night 11 O'clock -- I have just returned from hearing sentence of death passed on four of the unfortunate Rickam negroes two belong to the McRenall boys, one to [unclear text: Judge Graham], one to Rickam, two of Rickam's were acquitted -- we will take the case of the four to the Supreme Court and hope to reverse -- their cases have taken up the entire time allotted for state's business I have written 24 Indictments, 3 for felonies I will do better, I will at all hazards write from Kingston and hope to return to the arms of her I love and who, I believe aye Know, loves me -- the reflection is so sweet so refreshing to my wearied spirits, that there is one who loves me supremely -- Dear Callie I have never loved you so tenderly, so fondly so devotedly, so supremely as this night, alone in

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the city of Centreville -- Callie we ought occasionally to leave home, to learn the secrets of how to appreciate the comforts of that delectable place -- but home is where the heart is -- and where now, my little canary, do you think your husband's heart is? nestled up close to his own little wife -- dearest how I do love you -- My candle is nearly out so darling good night -- think often of

your own
[Signed] Porter
Sunday morning, I leave in a few minutes for [unclear text: Autauga], with me immediately to Kingston, I am so anxious to hear from my little pet -- God bless and preserve my darling --

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