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Letter: Athens, [Georgia] to Callie [Lumpkin King], 1851 Dec. 2

author: Lumpkin, Callender Grieve
date: December 2, 1851
extent: 4p
summary: In this letter dated December 2, 1851 from Athens, Georgia to Callie Lumpkin [King], her mother, Callender Cunningham Grieve Lumpkin writes about family matters, how much Callie is missed at home and Marion Cobb's illness. Lumpkin thinks Cobb's illness could be related to the recent death of Cobb's daughter, Lucy Cobb. Lumpkin relates items of interest such as Mrs. Howell Cobb's plans for Christmas entertainment and a trip to Kentucky taken by Colonel Fulton and his bride, Virginia, in order to pay a visit to Fulton's brother.

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collection: Joseph Henry Lumpkin family papers, 1821-1862 (bulk 1852-1857)
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Athens Dec [December] 2d, 1851
Dear Callie,

I was greatly gratified at receiving your letter last night with Miss [unclear text: Laurra's] note. You know that I have always been a little jealous -- because I thought you loved your Father best And Joseph haveing [having] written to him -- had you done the same. I should have felt slighted. -- so you have shown yourself in this -- as in more important matters -- a good and considerate child -- forebearing the happiness of others -- to the indulgence of any selfish feelings of your own. You seem to think that you are greatly blessed in your friends. -- we feel -- I assure you -- that we are no less so -- in our children.

James your pet -- and who deserves to be so -- for no one has suffered more from your absence -- leaves on Friday morning for Savannah by the way of Macon and Milledgeville -- He accompanies Mrs. Cobb and John to the latter place where he will attend the Governors levee this night week and then go on He promised you know to spend the Christmas holidays with the Barnards if left to his choice -- he would I verily

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believe -- prefer to run out to [document damaged] to you -- Mrs. Howell Cobb not knowing of your absence -- has sent up a great many kind messages for you to come down and assist at her entertainment -- The weather has been wretched eve [ever] since you left -- with scarcely a fair day. Yesterday the sun was shining to day [today] it is cloudy and rainy again -- we feel the abscence [absence] of you all the more on that account -- Marion continues to suffer from her head and heart and the chills which accompanies these attacks -- she will not consent that it is occasioned by the state of her mind and it may not be we hardly know what is best for her -- Your father and myself cordially approve of your excursion to Montgomery take pleasure while you can and whenever it is offered Life is short at best and the fountain of youth -- which is the only reason fitted for enjoyment still shortens Do not neglect Mrs. Ware -- On the contrary should she tender you cordially her hospitality manifest your appreciation of it we confer implicitly in your good sense in all matters

I hope Dear Muggie

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is better [unclear text: after her] cold -- How is dear Joe is he quite hearty? We miss him very much he is such a home body -- Little Bob has lost half his sprightliness since brother Joe is not [deleted text: home] [added text: here] to excite and enjoy it I want to see dear [unclear text: Lidd] and all very much I will forgive Mrs King for not coming by since your Pa says he did not urge her thinking upon the whole she had best return with the General and so I overlook the apparent slight of miss [unclear text: Docdaly] also hoping it was not her fault Now are I not a good Christian woman for being so forgiving? I must say however that I felt both his appointments very kindly

Write often as your letters from the west will constitute a large fraction of our enjoyment this winter -- John Cobb [unclear text: proposed] to Callie to give him the kiss you sent him But she refused saying "you are not my [unclear text: little] sister" Col [Colonel] Fulton has taken Virginia on a bridal tour to visit his his brother in Kentucky It is said that he has been elected Principal of the new Female College at Covington

With affectionate [unclear text: advances] to all

I am as always your loveing [loving] mother
[Signed] C C [Callender Cunningham Grieve Lumpkin] Lumpkin

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