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Letter: Athens, [Georgia] to [Porter King, Marion, Alabama], 1852 Apr. 25

author: Lumpkin, Callender Grieve
date: April 25, 1852
extent: 4p
summary: Callender Lumpkin writes a letter dated April 25, 1852 to Porter King, lawyer, future judge and Perry County representative to the Alabama legislature and relays to him that he is dear to her because Callie, her daughter, loves him. She informs Porter that Callie will be missed in Athens, Georgia by her family and friends as she starts her new life in Marion, Alabama. Callender reports that Judge [James Archibald] Meriwether, Speaker of the House of Representatives, had passed away suddenly, Judge Nesbet is very sick, and typhoid pneumonia took many lives over the past winter. Callender also reports that Porter is lacking the Savior in his life and she will constantly pray over this.

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Athens April 25th 1852
My Dear Son

When I address you by these appellations -- do not suppose that I use them in the common or usual sense -- As the husband of a beloved daughter -- I feel -- that you are indeed a son and the constantly increasing affection which she manifests toward you -- makes you deservedly dear -- to me -- to us all -- And pardon a Mothers [Mother's] partiality for declaring that I never was so proud of my child -- to see one so tenderly brought up so petted by us all -- turn her back upon the home of her youth devoted parents and attached family and friends -- with out [without] murmur or complaint and resolve from a sense of duty -- to apply herself diligently & faithfully -- to make herself a blessing & a comfort -- instead of an incumbrance -- as respects you & her new relatives -- We are rewarded for all our sacrifices past and present on her account. Had she been crowned Empress of the World we could no have felt more gratified

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I intend that several shall read her last letter to her father -- Appreciated as she was -- no one out of her immediate family -- Knew her real worth. -- By this time all your fears have vanished -- I have no doubt but you should find it difficult to reconcile her to her new home. -- And then we are so happy at the assurance which we have -- that she has a companion who is altogether worthy of her -- One who has no littleness in his nature -- but who will feel a manly pride -- in encouraging her on in the path of duty -- & then reward her by his approving love & smile -- woman's greatest earthly reward

Letters pass so frequently between the different members of the family -- that but little is left in the way of news to communicate -- Lizzy [unclear text: Craige] returned from Florida last week and among other saucy speeches to the old Gentleman -- who accompanied her from Atlanta -- she requested him to tell Callie when he next wrote that Joe Whitman's wife, one of her old [omitted word: friends] beause [because] had twins & lost them this winter Lizzy says she cannot get reconciled to Callie's marring [marrying] that Athens -- seems no longer Athens to her By the way Mrs Le Compte -- & many of her old acquaintances have made the

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same or similar flattering speeches -- the sudden death of Judge Meriwether Speaker of the House of Representatives causes quite a sensation in the public mind and makes many to feel that their own end is probably not far distant. -- Judge Nesbet too was very ill when last heard from -- He was unable to attend [unclear text: Case Court] -- Dr. Martin the clerk was confined to his room during the whole Session and [added text: did] not get into the Court House -- there has been great mortality during the past winter and spring in Georgia from typhoid numonia [pneumonia] -- the weather has continued cold down to the present time. Valley- corn was killed by frost in this neighborhood during the past week. Every thing [Everything] is in confusion over at Mr Cobbs, the Carpenters, Painters & Plasterers are all hard at work finishing off the House -- And then all his furniture is arriving which I suppose is very pretty -- although I have not seen any of it yet -- they are making their front yard too very handsome and filled with beautiful flowers and shrubbery -- tell Callie that both of her Antwerp lilies are putting up very vigorou [added text: s] ly -- and one of her Augusta roses has bloomed the

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[unclear text: Persian] Yellow -- and I never saw any thing [anything] richer Our front yard is litteraly [literally] covered with roses I am so sorry that they will be mostly out of bloom when you come I was delighted to hear that there was a protracted [unclear text: meeting] in Marion One thing you lack my Son & only one and that is -- to imbrace [embrace] the Saviour while he is so ready to receive you -- O how beautiful did the Gospel appear when I saw your [unclear text: Father] -- a brave man who [unclear text: hastened] undaunted in the fore front [forefront] of battle -- weep at the story of the Cross will you not tread in His footsteps? when he is called to his rest -- Will you not take his place in the Church of Christ? For this I shall never cease to pray. --

With a kiss for Callie and all my dear children love to all the friends I am

your affectionate mother
[Signed] C C [Callender Cunningham Grieve Lumpkin] Lumpkin

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