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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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a country which shows the effects of war. No houses - no fences and the road side strewn with dead mules & broken wagons. A cold & windy day. Retired early.

Sunday Nov 13th . 64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up at 4 AM. and breakfast at 5 Rec'd [Received] a mail this morning just before starting. Suppose it will be our last mail for sometime. Rec'd [Received] one letter from home - from "Sib" - We moved at 8 A.M. our Brigade having the [unclear: rear]. We passed over historic ground today Ackworth. Big Shanty. & Kennesaw Mt [Mountain] - they looked very familiar - the two former were entirely destroyed by fire which was done by the "Yankee vandals" The 14[unclear: th AC] were destroying the RR at Ackworth. - At Big Shanty we found the RR. completely destroyed - ties burnt and rails bent. We are now certain that we are entirely cut off from communication with the north and are an isolated command.

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We marched today in two ranks on each side of the train. Went into camp at the foot of Kennesaw Mt [Mounain] on the South side. About 1 mile from Marietta. Genl [General] Kilpatricks Cavalry was reviewed by Genl [General] Sherman at Marietta today and it is said they presented a fine appearance. Did not go up on Kennesaw Mt. those who did. say they can see burning buildings in every direction - even see Atlanta burning - . Marietta is all a "blaze" - We had a fine days march. - the country was entirely cut up with fortifications of every description - Seen [added the] grave[deleted: s] of many a brave hero who fell in the defence of his country.

Retired early.

Monday Nov 14th 1864. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Left camp at 8 o'clock - took the Atlanta road and marched on it. until we were within two mile of the "Chattahoochee" - when we took the road to "Turners Ferry" and marched for

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4 mile alongside a complete "chain" of Forts and works built by the enemy for the defence of Atlanta - It would have been impossible to have to run them by assault, and we can plainly see the reason of our flank movement "[unclear: era] " of Rosswell last July - At the "Ferry" were pontoons laid guarded by a Brigade of the 2d Div [Division] 15 A.C. The enemy had strong forts & works here defended by heavy guns. We went into camp on the south bank of the River. We are 5 mile from Atlanta.

Tuesday Nov 15th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up at 2 a.m. started at 4 on the Atlanta road. Our Brigade "escorted" the Div [Division] supply train into Atlanta.

On the way in we passed over some familiar ground - Where we laid 16 days last August under fire all the time. Saw the effects of our shots upon the timber in front of our line. We certainly must have

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made it very "warm" for the enemy. Their works in our front were very strong and we can now understand why we did not assault their works. We found a great many buildings burning in Atlanta. R.R. Depot torn down and the RR destroyed. made a detail to lead our "supply train" - A large quantity of Tobacco, bread and meat were issued to the Brig. [Brigade] - At the R.R. depot saw 13.64. Pounders which were rendered entirely worthless - About 3 P.M. the RR depot which contained a large quantity of shells was fired. and at times the the explosions were terrific but fortunately no one was hurt. A large quantity of clothing which we did not have transportation for was distributed to the troops and when we left town every man was loaded with clothing Rations & c. [et cetera] We left Atlanta at 4. P.M. on the "East Point road and by the time we were two mile

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from town it was dark and we beheld a grand sight - The burning of the "Gate City". All the principal buildings were on fire and the sight was indeed grand. We went into camp 2 mile north of East Point - has very much the appearance of rain this evening. This has indeed been a strange day - In the morning we passed over the ground where so many of our "brothers in arms" spilt their life blood and during the day seen the destruction of Atlanta. Such a day as this one seldom sees and it will not soon be forgotten but this wanton destruction of property would soon demoralize any army -- I think Sherman intends to devaste [devastate] the whole country as he goes. This day may be considered the beginning of the campaign - Today we joined our corps and the different divisions headed southward. While in Atlanta

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received an old mail. Rec'd [Received] one letter from Lizzie. Recd [Received] $50 today from R.W. Suttrell

Wednesday Nov 16th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to march at 6 1/2 oclock but did not get "underway" untill [until] an hour later -- Before we started. detailed Lt. [Lieutenant] Post & Co [Company] "D" as guards to ordinance trains [illegible] Recd [Received] the resignations of Capt [Captain] [illegible] Lt. [Lieutenant] Robinson and Dr Whittaker but as communication is destroyed am unable to send them to Nashville where they are. Our Brigade had the rear of the Division and we found it very hard marching as we had to march in two ranks on each side the wagon train and the road was very narrow. The country through which we passed was very poor - Nothing but oak woods with thick underbrush. We passed through Rough & Ready - We left Jonesboro

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