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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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3 mile to our right and went into camp 8 mile South East of Jonesboro at 8 oclock -- This has been the hardest days march we have had. Distance marched 22 mile. To - day [Today] we heard the first cannonading of the campaign - I suppose it was our cavalry skirmishing with the enemy.

Thursday Nov 17th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

We recd [received] orders to move before daylight for we had the advance of the Division We took the McDonough road and passed through a country never plouted [polluted] by the foot of a "Yankee". The country is more open today than it was yesterday and the marching much easier. than heretofore. We passed through McDonaugh. the county seat of Henry Co [County] which is a village of not much importance. near McDonaugh we passed 1st 2d and 3d Division of our Corps. Being in the advance we obtained plenty of

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Forage of every description - such as Pork Sweet potatoes Honey & c [et cetera] & c [et cetera] - We went into camp 3 mile from Jackson the county seat of Butts Co [County] in an oak grove. - Distance marched 19 mile - It is still a mystery where we are going. I think we will cross the Ocmulgee River tomorrow and then we will either go down the east bank of the River to Macon or go direct to Miledgeville - We can reach either place in 3 days - Along our route today we surprised the citizens very much they were not expecting us so soon. Had some splendid persimmons today - the best I ever ate - A fine day for marching.

Friday Nov 18th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up at an early hour and anxiously awaited order to move - but they were not acc'd until 5 oclock PM. - In the meantime [unclear: [deleted: ] ] "layed around"

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reading eating & sleeping. We lived on the fat of the land today. The Reg't [Regiment] had more Fresh Pork Sweet Potatoes & c [et cetera] than they could possibly use. Made a regular detail [added to] forage for the Regiment - We moved at 5 P.M and it was after dark when we passed through Jackson, which is an insignificant town. The C.H. was on fire when we passed through

The Brigade was very noisy this evening & Gen [General] Corse rides past and gave them his opinion of noisy [added and] boisterous soldiers. We had a nice road to [unclear travel] and we went about 6 mile and camped at 10 .PM. half way between Jackson & the ockmulgee River which we expect to cross tomorrow.

Saturday Nov 19th 64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Orders to march at 5 AM but it was seven oclock before we were under way. Has been a damp rainy

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day - We marched 4 mile to the ockmulgee River. at a point called the "7 Islands" - got there about 10 oclock and have been waiting for the 1st 2d and 3d Div. [Division] of our Corps to cross. - All the troops and wagons are over this evening except the 2d & 3d Brigades of our Div. [Division] Visited the "Ocmulgee Mills" and Factory this afternoon - both are very large and fine, especially the mill which is the finest I ever saw. Near the mill is a building containing 360 bales of cotton - suppose the Factory mill & cotton will be destroyed by our troops. There is quite a village here. Mostly women who were employed in the Factory. The "Ockmulgee" is nearly as large as the Chattahooche . is very rocky and Shallow. We have two pontoons to cross on. All surplus horses and mules are being taken to mount the 7th[unclear: lls.] No news nor no fighting today -- Plenty to eat and every one

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enjoying the Campaign finely - We expect to cross the river tomorrow morning and then Ho! for Macon or Milledgeville - Distance 4 mile

Sunday Nov 20th, 64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Crossed the "Ocmulgee" this morning and advanced on the Montcello road passing through a country abounding in Hogs Cattle Chickens &c. [et cetera] On account of the recent rains the roads were very heavy. When we were about 4 mile from the river. we heard brisk firing in our rear - we supposed to be skirmishing, but it proved to be the Killing of worthless horses & mules at the "Crossing". The Citizens living near supposed a fight was on hands, and they were badly frightened -- The Factory & cotton were destroyed -- In our route we find many "Contrabands" but very few Citizens -- We marched 10 mile and went into camp at 8 P.M. in a beautiful pine grove. about half

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mile west of Montcello the County seat of Jasper Co. [County] This has been a damp disagreeable day for marching -- Lost a very valuable ring today We are still in the dark as to our destination Rain in morning. Retired early.

Monday Nov 21st, 64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up at 4 o'clock and found it raining very hard. it rained nearly all last night. Had orders to move at 4[unclear: 1/2] am but did not move until 6.A.M. Brigade Hd. Qrs [Head Quarters] Were "behind time" this morning and had to start without breakfast -- Passed through Montcello a very pretty village. Saw some beautiful gardens -- full of roses and flowers in full bloom. -- "Red white & blue" -- it was indeed strange to see such colors in "Dixie land" - "Pontoon train" in our front which delayed us very much - roads very heavy - rained most of the day - This has been about the most disagreeable day we have seen lately.

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