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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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Passed through Hillsboro. Which was an insignificant town. but it is in ashes now - Went in camp half a mile south of Hillsboro in an open field - No wood nor rails near and a cold piercing wind blowing - We had rails hauled and made ourselves comfortable for the night - We came 11 mile

Our Div [Division] seems to be marching on a road by itself. Have not seen anything of the other Corps or Divisions since we left the Ocmulgee. We are still uncertain whether we will go to Macon or Milledgeville

Tuesday Nov 22nd . 64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to march at 7.AM. but it was 10 before we left camp. Our Brigade had the rear of the Division - A very very cold [deleted: day ] morning and continues cold and windy throughout the day - We enjoyed a snow storm in Central Georgia this morning. Roads still very heavy - Pontoon train delayed us very much. Had to halt an hour

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three or four different times to allow them to get out of our way. & as it was very Cold, the fences along the road had to suffer. We passed the place where Genl. [General] Stoneman was captured last summer. It was the intention to reach Clinton today, but the "Pontoons" got stuck & froze in the mud and it was impossible to go any farther - So we had to halt and go in camp 3 mile from Clinton - It was nine oclock when we went in camp - very dark. ground frozen and very rough. - No rails to build fire with and all half frozen, trains scattered and in no shape, and every one in a bad humor - Wheelers Cavalry is all around us and if they knew our fix this evening we might see a little fun before morning. Had a cold time getting supplies. but when it was ready - I paid my "respects" to a "double ration" Fresh Pork Sweet Potatoes & c. [et cetera] - Distance marched 12 mile

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Wednesday, Nov 23rd 64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up early, still very cold. Did not get started untill [until] 10 am in consequence of the trains being so "mixed up" - Passed through Clinton County seat of Jones Co [County] - A muddy dirty, delapidated [dilapidated] Southern town -- Nearly all the citizens have left for parts "unknown". Here we were met by 55 fresh teams for the Pontoons and we got along first rate after that. - They were sent by Genl [General] Osterhaus - Roads are still very heavy though they are better than they were yesterday. - We heard of the capture of Milledgeville which fell into our hands the 20th without a fight. When we left Clinton did not take the Macon road but proceeded towards Gordon - so I suppose we will not see Macon - We are 15 mile in rear of everything and the order is for us to "hurry up" but we cannot on account of the pontoon train - The country is full of Rebel Cavalry -- At Clinton we

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found the 1st Brig [Brigade] 2d Div [Division] [illegible] line watching for the "Johnnies" - The train got stuck in the mud After night and the[illegible] . all but a guard. were ordered forward into camp. Near Wallace at 10. P.M Distance marched 11 mile Soil sandy & productive. Country broken.

Thursday Nov 24th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

"Thanksgiving Day" in Georgia. A most lovely day. Ordered to march at half past five and left at that time Our Brigade having the advance - After marching several mile we over took the "pontoon train". which was just "pulling out". but as they had fresh teams they did not delay us. When about 2 mile from Gordon we were surprised to hear cannonading in our rear and for a time we supposed we were attacked - A halt was ordered but it was only for a few minutes, as it was soon ascertained the

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enemy were not molesting our Column Did not hear what the cause of firing was. but suppose it was either Kilpatricks cavalry or the "blowing up" of an amunition [ammunition] wagon loaded with shell - which was left yesterday "stuck" in the mud - Passed through Gordon at 9.A.M and went in camp 2 mile south of this town about 10.A.M. occupying works which our forces threw up some days ago - distance marched 10 mile - Country level and soil very sandy. roads splendid. Gordon is the Junction of the Milledgeville RR and the Macon & Augusta RR - We found the RR & depot buildings entirely destroyed - Do not know how much of the RR is destroyed. Most of our Corps was here but left for Irwinton this morning - Yesterday Walcotts Brigade had a sharp fight with the enemy near Johnsonville - our loss was 80 killed

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and wounded. and the enemy left 300 Dead in the field - their loss was 1000. All the Rebel forces seem to be in Macon Awaiting our arrival but they will be sadly disappointed for we seem to be taking a direct route to Savannah. - All are anxious to hear from the "outer world". We had our "Thanksgiving dinner" at supper. Bill of fare. - Fresh Pork Sweet Potatoes Corn Cakes Honey & Coffee -- We are living like "Kings" - We all enjoyed our rest finally this afternoon. - We changed "our linen" and feel clean once more -- Was in Corinth Miss [Mississippi] one year ago today.

Friday Nov 25th 1864. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Left camp at half past five and took the Irwinton road which place we passed through about 10.a.m. It is the county seat of Wilkinson Co. - a small village - all the principal buildings have been burned. - Went into camp at Sundown 7 mile

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