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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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east of Irwinton at "Poplar Spring Church" - Nothing of interest happened today - distance marched 18 mile - Country broken and soil sandy - Procured a Macon paper today containing Gov [Governor] Browns message which was read by Capt [Captain] [unclear: Vanpelt] to a small knot of us around our camp fire at night.

Saturday Nov 26th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to march at 5 1/2 AM and we were on the road at that time. And reached the Oconee River about 12. M. [A. M.] at a point called "Morning Ferry" Where the Uches Creek empties into the River -- Before reaching the river we had to pass through a fine swamp 3 of 4 miles wide. When we reached the River the "pontoons" were not laid - in consequence of the "Johnnies" being on the opposite side - they were even dispersed and our Div [Division] was the first to cross. We halted a few minutes after giving our call then advanced on the same

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road with a Div [Division] of the 17th A.C. about a mile [unclear: [deleted: ] ] where we took different roads - Went into camp 10 mile from "Morning Ferry" and near a place called Irvine & Roads - distance marched 19 mile - Country this side of the river much better than what we have seen heretofore. We are now in Washington Co [County] about 4 mile from the R.R. - Saw plenty of "palm leaf" fans growing today. Also some beautiful "spanish moss" Saw Maj [Major] Woodhull this morning - There is no enemy in our front except a few cavalry - Haven't heard anything from the 14th & 20th corps -- Saw a Rebel paper which informs us that Lincoln has carried every state except 3(viz) Kentucky Delaware & New Jersey. - they also informed their readers that Hood has cut Sherman off from the North and he (Sherman) is now seeking for an "out let" and if

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10.000 resolute Georgians will only come to the rescue. Shermans whole army can be captured Let'em Come!

Sunday Nov 27th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Did not recd [receive] Orders to march this morning. Spent the forenoon in making Tri-Monthly Reports. Detailed Co [Company] 7 to go foraging for the Regiment Placed St Murphy in arrest by order of Col [Colonel] Adams for shooting off his Pistol on the Picket line 1st & 3d Brigades left at daylight this morning and went to station no. 13 on the Macon & Augusta RR and have spent the day in destroying RR. Our Brigade rec'd [received] orders to March at 2 P.M. 81st in center of the Division train. Marched 4 mile to Peacocke Cross Road and after waiting nearly an hour for the staff officers to determine if that was the place for us to camp - we went into camp -- 1st and 3d

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Brigade still at the R.R. and our Brigade guarding the supply train We are still in Washington Co [County] Capt. [Captain] Lockwood and his horse Zeb" meets with a narrow escape evening. Country level. Soil Sandy & productive - Had a good camp rails & water plenty.

Monday Nov 28. '64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Left camp at half past five o clock. Our Brigade having the advance. Passed through Wrightsville the county seat of Johnson Co. [County] - the most miserable looking town I ever saw -- Went into camp 11/2 mile east of Wrightsville at 1. O clock Our Brigade got on the wrong road today and this evening we find ourselves alone with the ordinance train six mile from any other force - The other two Brigades took the right road and are in camp six mile from Johnsonville. Genl [General] Howard & staff

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were with us untill [until] 4 .PM. when they started to find their Hd Qrs [Head Quarters] font color="#009900">[unclear: Corse] is with us To day [Today] we passed through a level pine country - mostly "pine woods pasture not very thickly settled - but as no troops had been on this route we found hogs cattle chickens & c [et cetera] in abundance. Quite a number of Horses & Mules were captured in the swamps today also some liquors - The Citizens to whom the animals belonged were hiding from the Yankees in the Swamps - some of them had come 30 mile from Sandersville .Several prisoners were captured today - Nothing but women are found at the houses we pass all the men folks having "skiddalded" .Cannot yet tell where we are going. but from the direction taken, think we will pass between Melton and Augusta. Cross the Savannah River near Jacksonboro on Mobleys

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Pond and threaten both Charleston and Savannah - reaching a base of supplies at Beaufort S.C. Plenty of Niggers & Mules hid away in these fine swamps. Distance marched 14 mile

Tuesday Nov 29 "64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up this morning at half past two and it is now as I write 10 P.M. - a very tiresome day -- We passed through pine barren country - nothing but pine timber -- Soil sandy very poor and covered with a thick growth of wild grass. very much like our northern blue grass in appearance but stock won't eat it. Only saw three houses to-day [today] and they were nothing but dilapidated log cabins inhabited by tall sallow complected Georgia damsels. Our marching was very slow. on account of the many swamps we had to cross - they forming the source of the Ohoopee Rivers - At 2 P.M. we

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